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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Jeg lurer på hvilket miljø de her plageåndene mine egentlig tilhører. Jeg skjønner ikke hva jeg har gjort som får de svina her etter meg

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[22:07] <Adeler> I'm a refugee from Norway, after I overheard, that I was followed by the 'mafian', in Oslo, in 2003

[22:08] <moholt_> No shit (!)
[22:10] <Adeler> I don't get my rights. The government is just fucking me around
[22:10] <moholt_> Adeler: It's just getting bored now.

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01[22:28] <jc_away> adeler and moholt: you are just making fools of yourselves. stop harassing me, and leave me alone. go skiing or watch the olympics, or whatever you usually do

03[22:30] * *!*Holger@ is not in ignore list
[22:32] <moholt_> ja_away: what the hell are you talking about? am i harassing you? Get real.

01[22:33] <jc_away> get real? what are you doing on #london then. get real? the only reason you're on this channel is because you want to harass/follow me
[22:35] <moholt_> I like it here, and i don't give a shit what you think. Don't bother me anymore.

[22:35] <moholt_> I will put you on ignore if you don't stop whining. The world is not ALL about you.
01[22:36] <jc_away> get real? you're a lying piss-ant, you have been banned from my channel #blablabla, and now you're here pretending not to know who i am. get real? you are just making up stuff, and you aren't sincere. get real? you are the last person in the world, who should talk about getting real

[22:38] <moholt_> Don't bother me, i said.
01[22:39] <jc_away> get real? it's you who's following me. get real? you are the most phoney person in the world. get real? you disgust me, you lying, pretending b*stard

[22:39] <moholt_> Ignored.
01[22:45] <jc_away> it's like i've read that muslims are allowed to. they are allowed to lie, if they are in a country where muslims haven't got control. then they are allowed to lie, without going to hell, as a war-'trick'. That's the way moholt_ is acting, he is being phoney and is lying, but he doesn't seem to have any bad consience about it, is this the muslim kind of lie, as a way of conducting war, to get eg. get control of norway. ruthlessly lie, without getting bad consience, since it's permited religiously? is this what's going on? (no intended offence to anyone)

[22:47] <moholt_> Me too. I'm afraid.
01[22:48] <jc_away> <moholt_> I will tell the muslims you are talking shit about them.
01[22:48] <jc_away> now moholt_ sent me this message

01[22:48] <jc_away> and he wrote that he 'ignored' me, above
01[22:49] <jc_away> so that was just a lie
[22:49] <moholt_> jc_away: you are a liar. i never posted that.

01[22:49] <jc_away> ok, how did you see what i wrote then, haven't you put me on ignore?
01[22:50] <jc_away> moholt_ is so lowly
01[22:50] <jc_away> how can he live with himself lying this much and acting so lowly

[22:50] <moholt_> jc_away: how did the complain to Telenor go? :)
01[22:51] <jc_away> i didn't know we had these kind of lowlife-people in norway, where did they come from? how did they become like this?

[22:54] <moholt_> what a whiner.
01[22:54] <jc_away> yes, you are so low moholt_, yet you just go on, how can you live with yourself?
[22:55] <moholt_> jc_away: tell me about the complain to Telenor?

[22:55] <moholt_> what did they say?
01[22:56] <jc_away> moholt_: you are just cruel, who are you working for, normal people aren't this cruel
[22:56] <moholt_> im just curious

[22:56] <moholt_> im head of chief in norway
01[22:56] <jc_away> no, you're not, you just pretend that you are just curious. you are just lying and pretending, all the time
03[22:57] * Adeler is now known as BaronAdel

01[22:57] <jc_away> get real moholt_, noone want's to speak with you, you are the phoneyest person in the world
03[22:57] * BaronAdel is now known as johncons
[22:57] <johncons> Bullshit

[22:58] <moholt_> jc_away: you are cruel.
01[22:58] <jc_away> no, i'm just sincere
[22:58] <johncons> You're something one will find under a rock, Erik
01[22:58] <jc_away> you are cruel

[22:58] <moholt_> why do you talk shit to me?
[22:58] <johncons> You're a criminal
[22:58] <moholt_> why do you do this?
01[22:58] <jc_away> you are the people following me, remember

[22:58] <moholt_> im hurt
[22:58] <johncons> No
[22:59] <johncons> You are lying, JC
[22:59] <moholt_> i don't give a shit about you.
[22:59] <johncons> You are following us around

01[22:59] <jc_away> moholt_: piss off and leave me alone then, i'm not following you
01[22:59] <jc_away> i'm following you londoners around
[22:59] <johncons> No, you are followed by the 'mafia'

[22:59] <moholt_> you are talking shit to me, makes me feel like crap. where is your heart?
01[22:59] <jc_away> moholt_: you asked me to get real
[23:00] <moholt_> you said i was phoney

01[23:00] <jc_away> yes i did
[23:00] <moholt_> i have feelings, you know

01[23:00] <jc_away> the phoniest person in the world
01[23:01] <jc_away> moholt_: but you asked me to get real, don't you know what that means?
[23:01] <moholt_> i feel that you are trying to make a fool out of me, in front of everybody

01[23:02] <jc_away> well, you asked for it
[23:02] <johncons> You shouldn't do that, Erik
[23:02] <moholt_> raise above me, in a way
01[23:02] <jc_away> what do you expect, following me around

[23:02] <johncons> You're crazy
[23:02] <johncons> Why are you following us around?
01[23:02] <jc_away> moholt_: and you complain that i'm whiping
[23:02] <moholt_> i'm hurt. tell me sorry, please.

[23:02] <johncons> ok. sorry
01[23:03] <jc_away> moholt_: no i wont, please go kill yourself
01[23:03] <jc_away> stop following me
[23:03] <johncons> that's a threat!

[23:03] <moholt_> thats a threat for real.
06[23:03] * johncons skriver bloggpost om drapstrussel og online trakassering
01[23:03] <jc_away> moholt_: if you think that's a treath then you are a moron

01[23:04] <jc_away> sorry to say it
[23:04] <moholt_> i feel that way
[23:04] <moholt_> that you want to see me dead
[23:04] <moholt_> it hurts, you know

01[23:04] <jc_away> you are a lowest and phoniest moron in the world
[23:05] <moholt_> you are cruel
01[23:05] <jc_away> yes, i'd love to see you dead, then maybe i could be on irc, without being harassed, what do you expect?

01[23:05] <jc_away> no i'm just sincere, you're cruel
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[23:06] <moholt_> please, paste this on your site
[23:06] <johncons> No way!

03[23:06] * monkey sets mode: +l 35
[23:07] <moholt_> that you want to see me dead. so the world can see how cruel you are.
01[23:07] <jc_away> to want one's demons dead?
02[23:07] * dr_farhan (~handsum1@ Quit (Client Quit )

[23:07] <moholt_> calling me a demon?
[23:07] <svein> did ... someone forget to take their meds ... again?
01[23:07] <jc_away> that's not cruel, that's just to be a normal guy

[23:07] <moholt_> normal?
01[23:07] <jc_away> 'plageånd'
[23:07] <moholt_> you?
03[23:08] * monkey sets mode: +l 34
01[23:08] <jc_away> tormenting spirit

01[23:08] <jc_away> you are my 'plageånd'/tormenting spirit
[23:08] <moholt_> svein asked a question..
01[23:08] <jc_away> one of them
01[23:08] <jc_away> i'd love to see all of you my tormenting spririts dead

[23:08] <johncons> Risperdal!
[23:08] <johncons> you forgot your Risperdal, Erik
[23:08] <svein> jc_away: Congratulations, you're using a definition of the world "normal" that up until now was previously unheard of. Thanks for redefining "normal" this way, it means there are far more superhumans in the world.

01[23:08] <jc_away> maybe i could go on irc like a normal person
[23:09] <svein> word, "normal"
[23:09] <johncons> I've been in contact with the Merseyside Police, regarding that I've overheard that I've been followed by 'the mafia', in Norway, and that there have been problems, with people being the subject of organised harassment, and bullying/punishment, from managers, that the managers are trained to do, on Arvato Services Ltd's Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation, in Liverpool.

[23:09] <johncons> E-mail to the Queen.)
[23:10] <moholt_> hehe
01[23:10] <jc_away> i'm not saying that i'm going to kill you
[23:10] <svein> johncons: And you've been in contact with Amnesty International, and the ECHR because the police had issues taking you seriously, if I'm not mistaken?

[23:10] <moholt_> no, you just want to see me dead.
[23:10] <svein> sorry, the other jc.
01[23:10] <jc_away> but, i wouldn't mind, if all you my tormenting spirits had died right now

01[23:10] <jc_away> i would have been happy
[23:10] <moholt_> hehe
[23:11] <moholt_> whatever makes YOU happy
[23:11] <johncons> The Police have also been using phoney e-mail adresses, and have been harassing me, and sent me a letter, calling me 'Miss Erik Ribsskog'.

01[23:11] <jc_away> i want nothing from you, other than to leave me alone
[23:11] <svein> jc_away: Would you mind playing a little hypothetical play for a little while?
01[23:11] <jc_away> i'm wondering how far i have to go, to get you, my tormenting spirits, off my back

[23:12] <moholt_> jc_away: can you please poste this on your site?
[23:12] <johncons> I've also sent a letter, to the King of Norway, King Harald, regarding the problems in the royal-family in Norway.

[23:12] <svein> jc_away: suppose, just suppose, for a second that ... You're not right, and there REALLY were noone following you until you started making a fool of yourself and painted a HUGE bullseye on your back. Just suppose that for a moment. Would that explain why some medical professionals asked you to take your pills?

01[23:12] <jc_away> moholt_: stopp bugging me, and leave me alone
[23:12] <johncons> Also, the King, looked at me, in a mean way, I think I have to say, when I stood gard, during the opening of the Parlament, in Oslo, in 1992.

[23:13] <johncons> Hope this is alright, and thanks in advance for the help!

01[23:14] <jc_away> i think these must be the police-mob in norway, or something
01[23:14] <jc_away> even if i've never been a criminal, or anything like that
01[23:14] <jc_away> something like that

[23:14] <johncons> You are a criminal
[23:15] <svein> jc_away: The ones trying to get you receive preofessional help for your illness?=
01[23:15] <jc_away> police-officers shouldn't act like a mob

[23:15] <johncons> why not?
01[23:15] <jc_away> we have a justice-system in norway
[23:15] <johncons> so what?
[23:16] <svein> johncons: "criminally insane" isn't "criminal" per se, unless you count that not chlorinating it from the gene-pool is a crime against humanity.

01[23:16] <jc_away> this kind of behaviour isn't written about in the norwegian constitution
[23:16] <johncons> so what?
03[23:16] * johncons is now known as NickEwans

01[23:17] <jc_away> i don't really care who you are, i'm going to do as far as i have to, to get you off my back
01[23:18] <jc_away> i'm in the norwegian home-defence and all, you know

01[23:18] <jc_away> you should be carefull
[23:18] <NickEwans> no, your're not any longer
[23:18] <svein> NickEwans: It's safer that way. He ... tried going into an oper-infested area complaining about "nick-theft" the other day. On EFNet. He even managed to survive not being /kill'ed for almost 9 hours afterwards.

01[23:19] <jc_away> bbl
[23:20] <NickEwans> me too
[23:20] <moholt_> seek.
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