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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Jeg sendte en ny klage til JET

Gmail - Emails received from Mr Erik Ribsskog


Erik Ribsskog

Emails received from Mr Erik Ribsskog

Erik Ribsskog

Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 7:55 PM

"Birch, Gary" <>


well, my impression from Gill, Jet Walton, was that she wanted me to get one of those statements from Naric.

And if she wanted me to pay for it, she would have just given me the contact-information to Naric, I think.

But I have to speak with her about this then.

I've been to Jet job-bank, about a statement from Naric, twice, but I haven't been helped by Jet, to get one.

Also, I was at Jet job-bank, on a food hygiene course, last year, and we were told, by the teacher, that Kentrucky Fried Chicken only used the lowest quality of chicken, and that kebabs bought on town, was really a bit like 'dog'.

So I think your Jet Job-bank is a mafia-nest.

Mr. Pinada, went to see someone, a couple of times, during our meeting.

(To do some mafia-stuff).

We fist sat down, in a big meeting-room, at the ground-floor.

Mr. Pinada wanted me to leave all my degrees etc., in that room, if there wasn't anything of value.

Even so.

We didn't go back to that room.

We went to the Employability Team-office.

And then to another meeting-room, at the first floor.

Why did we have to have the meeting, in three rooms?

Why did Mr. Pinada interrupt the meeting twice, to speake to a collegue?

You don't fool me, you mafia-mobsters.

You are infected by mob big time, I'd say.

Please send this to your superior.

Erik Ribsskog

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 3:40 PM, Birch, Gary <> wrote:

Dear Mr Ribsskog,

My name is
Gary Birch and I am the manager with overall responsibility for the BME
Employability Team and as such have been forwarded your recent email exchanges
with both members of my team and the Liverpool JET Services.

I have requested
and received all background information regarding your enquiry, looked at the
accuracy of the information and advice you received and reviewed all relevant client
case notes. It is my opinion that the service you received was appropriate and
of a standard that we expect our Guidance Officers to meet during each and
every client intervention. I do appreciate that on occasion the signposting
process may lead to a destination were a cost implication is unavoidable and
that no suggested sources of funding may be forthcoming. However, these
circumstances in no way diminish the accuracy, relevance or quality of the
service provided. You are perfectly entitled to be dissatisfied with the
service you received and to disagree with my opinion. I therefore encourage you
to provide your honest comments, whether positive or negative, on the service as
part of our post contact evaluation process. I will ensure you are sent an
evaluation form in the next couple of days.

An issue of
greater concern to me is the references you make in your emails to both your ‘colour’
and that of the BME Employability Team members.
You appear to be suggesting that the service
provided to you was less than that offered to clients of other ethnic origins
and that this was because of the team’s ethnic mix
. If this is the case, I must point
out that the work of the BME Employability Team is held in the highest regard
and that they enjoy an enviable reputation in supporting the needs of all clients in the same professional
manner, no matter the race, creed, country of origin or religious beliefs of
the individual or group. Any evidence you have of discriminatory practices should
be forwarded to me immediately. I will then arrange to meet with you at the
earliest opportunity and I can guarantee you that all allegations will be fully

I do hope I have
made my position in this matter very clear but please do not hesitate to
contact me if you have any queries arising from this email.


Gary Birch


Adult Learning Service

1st Floor,
Clubmoor Childrens Centre

Utting Avenue East


L11 1DQ

Phone: 0151 233


Liverpool and England's
2018 World Cup Bid

Costello, Mary On Behalf Of JET

Sent: 16 August 2010 10:04

To: Birch,

Cc: Pineda, Carlos

Subject: FW: Complaint/Fwd: Is it
possible to convert Norwegian degrees/certificates to English
degrees/certificates?/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Complaint about Jet Employability
Team/Fwd: Update/Fwd: IT Manager

Please see email below


Mary Costello-Smith

Central JET Team

Liverpool JET Service

Neighbourhood Employment

2nd Floor Millennium

Victoria Street

Liverpool, L1 6JF

T: 0151 233 5462

F: 0151 233 8241

M: 07540 643100



2010 Year of
Health and Wellbeing

Erik Ribsskog []

Sent: 13 August 2010 17:12


Subject: Fwd: Complaint/Fwd: Is it
possible to convert Norwegian degrees/certificates to English degrees/certificates?/Fwd:
Update/Fwd: Complaint about Jet Employability Team/Fwd: Update/Fwd: IT Manager


I mean, is it because I'm not coloured, (not black).

Because in the first meeting, then they said there that they could sometimes
send to Naric, but not before companies asked for it.

And I've had problems with the Jobcentre giving me grief, so then I thought I
could ask to get about my qualifications clearified.

(And they didn't look at my Upper
Secondary school
qualifications in the first meeting).

So I think it's strange I have to pay the £40.

I feel a bit tricked by Mr. Carlos Pineda.

He didn't tell me that this involved a £40 bill.

I think he should have told me that, in the meeting at Jet job-bank, on

It's like he clouded it, about this, I think.

Therefore I think I was tricked, I think the normal procedure, in this, is that
this goes through JET.


Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 4:55 PM

Subject: Complaint/Fwd: Is it possible to convert Norwegian
degrees/certificates to English degrees/certificates?/Fwd: Update/Fwd:
Complaint about Jet Employability Team/Fwd: Update/Fwd: IT Manager



is it because I am not black, that I have to pay £40, for this?

Wouldn't Jet normally
have paid this?


Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded
message ----------

From: info <>

Date: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 9:42 AM

Subject: RE: Is it possible to convert Norwegian degrees/certificates to
English degrees/certificates?/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Complaint about Jet
Employability Team/Fwd: Update/Fwd: IT Manager

To: ""

Dear Erik Ribsskog,

Thank you for your email.

the National Agency responsible for providing information and advice about
vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from all over the
world. We provide information about the equivalency of qualifications and
skills from overseas to the UK's
national qualifications frameworks.

we are unable to comment on qualifications or institutions via email or provide
comparability statements by email.

If you would like to use our services you can call us on
(0044) (0)871 330 7033, Monday to Friday (between 9:00am and 5:00pm), to speak
to an information adviser and they will be happy to discuss this with you
further. Detailed information on our services and the various steps to
take can also be found here:

If you
require a written statement of comparability from us you can apply to our
organisation in two ways:

1) You can
apply online through our website:, where
you can fill in our online application form with your personal details and pay
by credit or debit card. You will receive a discount for applying online
and the total price will be £40.00 if you live outside of the EU or £40.00 +VAT
(£47.00) if you live within the EU. The fee is per Statement, which can include
multiple qualifications.

You then
need to forward us photocopies of all your academic documentation including
your final transcripts and final certificates. If these are not in
English, please include certified translations. You may send these to us
along with a print out of your online application form to our address which is:






GL50 1XP

you can also fax your documentation to us on (0044) (0)871 330 7005

2) If you do
not want to apply online you can also apply through the post. You need to
send us photocopies of all your academic documentation including your final
transcripts and final certificates (if these are not in English, please include
certified translations) along with a covering letter, with all your contact
details on it, including your name and address and a contact email address (if
you have one) and a contact telephone number. Your covering letter also needs
to contain a brief description of why you wish to apply to us.

If you apply
through the post this service will cost you £46.00 if you live outside the EU,
or £46.00 +VAT (£54.05) if you live within the EU.

The turnaround time
for the Statement of Comparability is 15 working days from the date of receipt
of all required documentation and payment. Please note that this timeframe does
not include delivery time and cannot be guaranteed. In some cases, such as
those requiring additional research, the process may take longer and the
applicant will be informed.

hope this information is of assistance to you. If you have any further
queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,


t: +44 (0)871 330 7033

f: +44 (0)871 330 7005


Oriel House, Oriel Road,
Cheltenham, GL50 1XP

From: Erik Ribsskog []

Sent: 11 August 2010 18:52

To: Customer Services


Subject: Is it possible to convert
Norwegian degrees/certificates to English degrees/certificates?/Fwd:
Update/Fwd: Complaint about Jet Employability Team/Fwd: Update/Fwd: IT Manager


I was at a meeting
at Jet Liverpool today, with Mr. Carlos Pineda, Guidance Officer, Adult Learning Service, Ethnic Minority Employability

We agreed, that
I'd contact Naric, regarding my degrees from Norway.

I have degrees at
both level 3 and level 5/6.

I send about this
in different e-mails, first about the level 3 degrees, then I think it's easier
to keep the overviev.

I went three years
on Upper Secondary
Business School,
in Norway,
from 1986 to 1989.

For all of these three years, I got a 'vitnemål', that's a (school leaving)

These I think must
be at National Diploma-level.

The first year, I graduated in 'Grunnleggende handels og kontorfag', which
means 'Basic commerce and office-knowledge'.

The second year, I
graduated, in 'Markedføring', that's Marketing.

The third year, I graduated in 'Informasjonsbehandling', that's Information

The third year, I
had an optional subject, 'Matematikk', that's Maths, (even if we had an a bit
un-structurised teacher, in that subject, I'd say, so I only got a 2, as a
grade, but that's still a pass).

So, since I passed
in maths, as an optional subject, then I got a qualification, called 'generell
studiekompetanse', earlier called 'examen artium', in Norway.

(I think this is
what you call A-levels, in the UK).

I didn't get this in writing, from my Upper Secondary School.

But I got matriculated, at the University
of Oslo, in 1991.

(Since I had a rest-year, from the Information
Management University
College, which I studied
on then, NHI.

And then I got a job in a shop, to save up money for further full time studies.

And then I wanted to try to use my mind a bit more as well, since I only sat in
the check out in the shop, and I was a bit curios about what 'Examen
Philosoficum' was, at the University of Oslo, so I studied there.

So the Univeristy of Oslo, can confirm that I have this qualificiation, (I'm
sending a copy of their letter), called 'generell studiekompetanse'/'examen

Which that I can study at (Norwegian) universities.

So these three years at Upper Secondary School in Norway, they gave me three
certificates/National Diplomas and one academic qualification, (examen
artium/generell studiekompetanse).

So I was wondering it I could then please get these transfered to English

Because I'm not sure that e.g. the Jobcentre, understand my Norwegian

(It would then be three National Diplomas I'd guess:

- One in Basic
Commerce and Office-knowledge/work.

- One in

- One in Information

- And also an
academic qualification, that means I can study at unversities, (A-levels?).

I hope you have
the chance to look at this!

Thank you very
much in advance, for any help!

I'm also going to send you another e-mail, about my level 5/6

But I send two different e-mails, about this, since I think it helps with
keeping the overview, regarding this.

Hopes this is alright!

I enclose scanned
copies of the three certificates, and the letter from the University of Oslo,
regarding the academic qualification, 'generell studiekompetanse'/A-levels(?).

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

Forwarded message ----------

From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 5:29 PM

Subject: Update/Fwd: Complaint about Jet Employability Team/Fwd: Update/Fwd: IT




I was at Jet
job-bank today, and spoke with Mr. Carlos Pineda, Guidance Officer, Adult Learning Service, Ethnic Minority Employabilitiy

We discussed my

And I explained that the Jobcentre gave me grief, because they say that my
degree from Norway,
is at level 4, while Jet and Direct Gov say it's at level 5.

So we agreed I'd
contact Naric, about this, (and to see if my grades from two University
Colleges in Norway
are enough to get a Bachelor Degree, etc).

I appolised for that I think I perhaps over-reacted a bit in my compaint.

It's just that I'm a bit stressed from being un-employed, and the Jobcentre are
giving me a bit grief regarding this and other issues.

So we agreed that
this complaint was now solved, with the new information I got the meeting

Thank you very much for your help with finding out which level my degrees from Norway

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

Forwarded message ----------

From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 6:22 PM

Subject: Complaint about Jet Employability Team/Fwd: Update/Fwd: IT Manager



I was sent by
Gill, from JET in Walton, to Jet employability team, last month.

They didn't want to transfer my degree, to a UK degree, so I now strugle, when I
apply for work, and the Jobcentre says I'm at level 4, when I'm really at level
5 or 6.

I think I really have a level 6, (bachelor), degree.

But Jet Employability Team, didn't want to look at my files thorowly, but were
almost hostile, I think, (maybe because I'm white, since all of the people in
that office were coloured).

And they didn't want to transfer my degrees from Upper Secondary School

They only wanted
to look at one file, and that was it.

But I also have a file from another University
College, where I almost
got a degree.

So I think this really-really is like a Bachelor-degree.

But I don't think the person at Jet employability team, seemed qualified to
judge this.

It seemed like he had enough with finding Norway on the screen.

Is it any way I could get this looked at properly?

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

Forwarded message ----------

From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Wed, Jul 28,
2010 at 5:47 PM

Subject: Update/Fwd: IT Manager



sorry that I'm
sending this many e-mails.

But you see, I'm from Norway,
so I'm not used with 'fancy' sections on the CV, called things like 'Personal
Profile', and 'Skills'.

So it could be that I get my CV a bit wrong now.

And the Jobcentre, Working Links etc., they tell me things like to have those
sections, and that the CV shouldn't be more than two pages, and to only write
work-experience from the last 10-15 years.

So I've changed the CV a lot of times now.

But I think it's
maybe best for me, to just have a very basic style of CV, like I've learned in Norway.

Since CV really means Curriculum Vitea, which means a description of how one
have lived ones life.

As far as I understand.

So really, I'm not sure if the 'fancy' sections should be on the CV,

And to cut out pieses
of one's work-experience, on one's CV, isn't really true to the original nature
of a CV, which means a descripiton of what one have done, in one's life.

So I think the Jobcentre, and Working-links are a bit silly, perhaps.

But you have given me valueable feed-back.

Thank you very much for the feed-back!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

Forwarded message ----------

From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Wed, Jul 28,
2010 at 5:05 PM

Subject: Re: IT Manager

To: Lesley Sloan <>


well, I've studied
IT for four and a half years at university-level, so I think I have some

I've also worked with system development, in 1993, even if maybe that isn't on
my CV, since it's many years ago.

But thank you anyway for your reply.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

On Wed, Jul 28,
2010 at 4:54 PM, Lesley Sloan <> wrote:

Dear Erik

Thank you
for your application for the position of IT Manger at Alfa Aesar, Heysham.

your skills and experience do not meet our specifications and therefore we will
not be pursuing your application further.

In the
meantime I would like to thank you for your interest in the position and indeed
Alfa Aesar and I wish you every success in securing suitable employment in the



HR Manager

Alfa Aesar

A Johnson
Matthey Company

Shore Road

Port of Heysham Industrial Park




Phone 01524 862241


At Johnson
Matthey, sustainability is key to our success.

Social -
Environment - Health & Safety

>>> Erik Ribsskog <> 28/07/2010 15:59 >>>


I read
about this vacancy, on the Jobcentre Plus website.

I have a degree from Norway,
in IT, from 2009, which is comparable with a Higher National Diploma, here in
the UK, and I've also
studied Information Management, at university-level in Norway, for two years, in addition
to this.

I also
have degrees from Upper Secondary Business-school, in Norway, in Basic Commerce and
Office-work, Marketing and Information Management, which are comparable with
National Diplomas here.

I've also worked as a manager, in Norway,
for ten years, in one of Norways
biggest food shop-chains, Rimi, (owned by ICA),
so I'm used with working with management and customer support.

I attach
my CV, and hope to hear back from you!



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Jeg sendte en ny e-post til University of Sunderland

Gmail - Reunion


Erik Ribsskog


Erik Ribsskog

Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 7:44 PM

Sheila Havelock <>


this isn't really about this feelings, this is about facts.

The univeristy don't send me my files.

And your office, wouldn't insisted I had to live at the Forge, in 2004.

Etc., etc.

I had a lot on my mind, when I sent the first e-mail.

But when I think it through, then I don't think it's smart of me, to have anything to do with the University of Sunderland, untill my complaint is resolved.

Erik Ribsskog

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:15 AM, Sheila Havelock <> wrote:

I'm sorry that you feel this way but I always need to check room availability before I am able to book students in.



Erik Ribsskog wrote:


no, I've had a re-think now.

And I'm not going to go to the re-union.

Because the University is messing with me, and isn't sending me my files.

And you at the Residential Office, you messed with me, in 2004, and wouldn't let me have my own appartment in Sunderland, but insisted I had to live at the Forge.

I think you group people together, in a certain way there, after planning, to let the male illuminati-students have whores there.

Like Iwo and Dorothy, both from Germany, in 'my' flat, at the Forge.

And when they went back to Germany, mid-year, then I and the two young women from Italy and Spain, had to move to another flat at the Forge.

Something that almost broke the Spanish girl down.

And I thought it was a disruption.

Because I was delayed with my studies, since my sister wanted to visit me all Christimas and New Year, from Norway, with her female friend, and their two kids.

(They couldn't afford to live at Travellodge, wich you at the Residental-office adviced me to tell them.

Since they couldn't have the rooms I initially wanted to rent one of now, since you didn't permit kids there).

And now you waited a long time, to let me have a room.

I think you must have tried to use me in some way, in some illuminati-plot, and therefore used a long time, to respond to my enquiery.

So this has a smell to it I think.

So I'm going to stay at home.

Good luck with your plots!

Erik Ribsskog

On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 11:09 AM, sheila havelock < <>> wrote:

Are you still wanting a room with us or have you decided to go



Sheila Havelock

Erik Ribsskog wrote:


maybe I should rather check with Travellodge?

How can this be so complicated?

I see that you can't afford to replace your old computers,

when the keys get distroyed.

So I don't think those rooms you have are that fine anyway.

I think it must be something wrong when you have to do

room-reservations in two operations.


Erik Ribsskog

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:18 AM, Accommodation




<>>> wrote:

I will check the room availability at that time and get

back to you


Sheila Havelock

Erik Ribsskog wrote:


I was a student at the University of Sunderland, in


I was just wondering if I could please book

accomodation, for

myself, for the reunion, on 11. September.

If you still have free rooms for that, I mean.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

Jeg skrev en ny e-post til Larvik Kirkekontor

Gmail - Vedr.: Bekymringsmelding


Erik Ribsskog

Vedr.: Bekymringsmelding

Erik Ribsskog

Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 7:33 PM

Ludvig Levinsen <>


ok, jeg syntes bare ikke det virka så artig at denne kirkegårdsarbeideren deres, skulle være i nærheten av min døde mormor, for å si det sånn, i marijuana-rus, og det som var.

Han der er vel troende til det meste, vil jeg tro.

Men men.

Takk for svar ihvertfall!


Erik Ribsskog


Dere kan kanskje høre med min tante, Ellen Ribsskog Savoldelli, (samboer med Diderik Beichmann i Stavern).

Vi er ikke på talemot.

Og min mormor, Ingeborg Ribsskog, døde jo ifjor sommer.

Ingeborg var fra danske adelsfamilier, og hun hadde verdifulle malerier fra Højriis slott, i Danmark, mm.

Min mor døde i 1999, så jeg skulle hatt 1/3, av min mors arv, etter min mormor da.

Men, det er nå mer enn et år siden min mormor døde, og jeg har fortsatt ikke fått noe arv fra Norge.

Jeg sa til Larvik Tingrett, at jeg ikke er på talefot med min onkel og tante og søster og bror, etter et likvideringsforsøk, mot meg, fra onkel Martin Ribsskog og han kirkegraveren deres Borgesen, antagelig, på Løvås, i Kvelde, i 2005.

Etter det, så rømte jeg til England, og politiet gir ingen hjelp.

Men kanskje dere i kirken kan høre hva som feiler min tante.

Etter dette, så ville jeg ikke ha mer med Martin å gjøre.

Så jeg prøvde å ta det med hans søster, min tante Ellen, etter at hu flytta til Larvik-området, og også bodde hos Martin, i en del måneder.

Men hun ville ikke gå imellom meg og Martin.

For tingene mine, de ligger på gården til Martin, men Ellen ville ikke hjelpe meg, å få sendt de tingene, til meg i England.

(Klær og vitnemål, osv).

Hun bare henviser meg til sin bror Martin, som jeg ikke vil ha noe mer med å gjøre, etter det drapsforsøket.

Så derfor kutta jeg også ut Ellen, siden hun ikke ville hjelpe meg.

Og nå, så tuller de med arven min, etter min mormor, (og deres mor), Ingeborg Ribsskog.

Og jeg får ikke Fri Rettshjelp, eller noen ting, fra myndighetene i Norge.

Her kan man se det, at min tante ikke ville hjelpe, (derfor har jeg nå kuttet henne ut):

RE: ‏

From: Erik Ribsskog (
Sent: 30 October 2008 02:09:56


tror du jeg spørr om det for morro skyld da?

Hvis noen spørr om klærna sine og vitnemål osv., så skjønner man vel av seg selv, at det er noe man

Jeg har fått ny e-post adresse nå:

Jeg sjekker ikke hotmail-adressen så ofte.

Men, nå har jeg vel forklart alle i familien, at jeg ble jaget fra gården til Martin og Grethe, i 2005,
uten annet enn klærna jeg hadde på meg.

Og jeg har prøvd å ringe Martin, to ganger vel, men han svarer ikke på mobil.

Og jeg klarte ikke å finne på telefonkatalogen online, at han har fasttelefon.

Og han var også med på det greiene, at jeg ble jaget vekk, eller forsøkt drept der,
på 35-årsdagen min, i juli 2005.

Men det er greit, jeg driter i de tingene.

Men bare la meg være snill å slippe å høre at familien i Norge savner meg, når de ikke bryr seg
om å sende klærna ens engang.

Så jeg tror det er best at jeg bare kutter båndene, til familien i Norge.

For som jeg skrev på Rahels Facebook-side, så er det å gi støtte, og å bry seg osv., det er ment å
gå begge veier, og ikke bare fra en person.

Så jeg orker ikke mer av det tullet med familien i Norge, som ikke klarer å sende klærna til folk i

familien engang.

Så jeg sier takk for meg.

Så får dere ha fortsatt lykke til.

Med vennlig hilsen

Erik Ribsskog

> Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 20:54:56 +0000
> From:

> To:
> Subject:
> har du bedt meg sende noe til deg? det skjønner jeg ikke. du spurte om kofferten din var på låven hos martin,og det

> visste jeg ikke. du får spørre ham. n

PS 2.

Man kan se det, at Ellen, hun undertegner med en 'n'.

Enda hun heter Ellen Ribsskog Savoldelli.

Da er noe galt, mener jeg.

Mon tro om de ikke også drepte Ingeborg, sånn som de prøvde å drepe meg, i 2005, lurer jeg.

Men men, dere får se på det hvis dere har tid.

Politiet har sviktet, så de er det ingen hjelp for meg å få fra.

Så sånn er det.

Så dere får se på det hvis dere har tid, eventuelt.

2010/8/17 Ludvig Levinsen <>

Jeg viser til
mottatt brev og mail fra deg tidligere vedr. forhold rundt kirkegårdsarbeider
Tor Borgesen. Jeg har undersøkt med vedkommende selv samt andre
referansepersoner og saken er herved avsluttet fra vår side.

Med vennlig hilsen




tlf. dir. 33 17 30 05, mob. 982 53

Jeg sendte en e-post til Deichmanske Bibliotek

Gmail - Arbeiderbladet, fra mandag 24. mai 1993


Erik Ribsskog

Arbeiderbladet, fra mandag 24. mai 1993

Erik Ribsskog

Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 6:40 PM



i 1993, så var jeg med i Osloløpet, (med Rimi Munkelia).

Jeg lurer på hvor fort jeg løp, (for jeg var i infanteriet, fram til juli det året), så jeg lurte på om dere hadde mulighet til å sjekke det for meg.

Jeg er i England nemlig, (for jeg overhørte i Oslo, i 2003, at jeg var forfulgt av noe de kalte 'mafian').

Jeg driver også å skrive noe slags memoarer, ettersom jeg har overhørt at jeg er forfulgt da, (selv om jeg bare er 40 år).

Det siste jeg lånte hos dere, var vel noe kunstbøker, av noe slag vel.

Men det var for en ung dame jeg traff på byen, som jobba på en Rimi, i Oslo Vest eller Bærum vel.

Jeg jobba som assisterende butikksjef, på Rimi Bjørndal, fra 1996 til 98.

Distriktsjef Anne Katrine Skodvin, ville absolutt ansette David Hjort, enda han virka litt sånn aggresiv, fra søknaden sin, syntes jeg.

Men jeg var jo bare assisterende butikksjef, så jeg vet ikke hvor hun spurte, når hun hørte på hva jeg sa, uansett.

Men men.

Jeg fikk nå en sånn aggressiv kar der, i butikken, og det var en butikk, som var vanskelig å drive, pga. lav snitthandel og høy flaskepant.

Så jeg så på han Hjort, som en som kunne skape opprør der, for han var flink med de unge damene, som butikksjef Kristian Kvehaugen, hadde ansatt.

Kvehaugen ga meg billetter til juleøl-smaking, i Stortingsgata, fra Mack, jula 1997, må vel det ha vært.

Og jeg kunne jo umulig rekke det.

Så jeg ga billettene til nyansatte Hjort, for han var heltidsansatt og kom etter meg i rang da, sånn som jeg tolka det.

Og da inviterte han meg dit, så skulle han spare en øl til meg, sa han.

Hvis jeg dro dit etter jobben.

Og det kunne jeg nesten ikke nekte på, for jeg bodde i sentrum, på St. Hanshaugen, og måtte ned dit etter jobb uansett.

Men men.

Hjort var der med dama, som het Heidi, og han plukka lett opp ei annen jente, som jobba på en Rimi i Oslo Vest/Bærum, og de hadde gått ut fra juleølsmakinga, så Hjort dro oss med på Valentinos, istedet.

Og det endte med at hu unge Rimi-dama, fra Oslo Vest/Bærum, ble med meg hjem, for vi ble litt pussa.

Så hu var nesten dama mi.

Men hu var litt ung, og ikke så fin, så jeg var litt flau over henne.

Det var ikke så seriøst da, for å si det sånn.

(Men jeg var bare glad for å få meg et nummer, for å si det sånn, for jeg hadde ikke dame).

Og hu ringte meg og hørte om jeg kunne låne noen kunst-bøker for henne, for noe skoleoppgave, eller noe.

Så hu gikk vel fortsatt på VGS., tror jeg.

Noe sånt.

Men men, det var som sagt ikke noe seriøst, mest bare noe fylle-greier.

Men men.

Men hu dama kom aldri for å hente de bøkene sine.

Og jeg tror jeg leverte de tilbake.

Hadde det vært mulig å fått en liste over bøker jeg har lånt av dere, opp gjennom åra jeg bodde i Oslo, fra 1989 til 2004?

Det hadde vært veldig artig isåfall.

For jeg er ganske litteraturinteressert, og et av de få konkrete målene jeg har hatt i livet, det er å samle bøker, å få meg et (lite) bibliotek, sånn som min onkel, Runar Mogan Olsen, som er tannlege i Ås, har i villaen sin i Son.

Så jeg samlet bøker, da jeg bodde i Oslo.

Og har, (eller hadde), mange kasser med bøker, hos City Self-Storage, i Oslo.

Men de har visst gitt bort disse bøkene og mange fine antikviteter etter danskekongen og min mormor.

Og treskjæring som var det eneste jeg hadde etter min morfar.

Og en minnemynt, som var det eneste jeg hadde etter min farfar.

Og ting fra HV.

Det har City Self-Storage gitt bort, på en eller annen måte, virker det som.

Enda jeg har holdt de løpende oppdatert om min situasjon hele tiden.

Så det hadde vært artig, hvis jeg kunne fått en sånn oversikt, eventuelt, over hvilke bøker jeg har lånt av dere.

På forhånd takk for eventuell hjelp!


Erik Ribsskog

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