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Monday, 6 September 2010

Jeg fikk en e-post fra the Health Service Ombudsman

Gmail - (no subject)


Erik Ribsskog

(no subject)

Phso Enquiries

Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 3:25 PM

"" <>

Dear Mr Ribsskog

Our Ref: EN-70818 (please quote this reference in all
correspondence concerning this matter)

Thank you for your email of 27 August to the
Health Service Ombudsman. You ask whether we can de-register you
from Marybone Health Clinic.

The Ombudsman’s role is to look into complaints about poor
treatment or service provided by the NHS. However, she is independent from the
NHS and plays no part in it's day to day running, and is not able to assist you
in the way you ask.

However, from enquiries made to NHS Liverpool I understand
that you can contact PALS at the following email address or telephone number and
they will be able to arrange to de-register you from Marybone Health

Freephone: 0800 073

I hope I have understood your
email correctly and if you need any more help please do not hesitate to
contact me

Yours sincerely

Geeta Patel

Customer Services

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

24th Floor

Millbank Tower




Telephone: 0345 015

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Jeg fikk en ny e-post fra NAV

Gmail - VS: Pensjonspoeng opparbeidet da jeg bodde i Norge


Erik Ribsskog

VS: Pensjonspoeng opparbeidet da jeg bodde i Norge

(PK) NAV Post

Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 12:51 PM

"(PK) NAV Larvik" <>

"" <>


Vidresender din henvendelse
til NAV Larvik


Beate Nøst
NAV Servicesenter

Fra: Erik Ribsskog []

Sendt: 5. september 2010 09:49
Til: (PK) NAV
Emne: Pensjonspoeng opparbeidet da jeg bodde i


jeg har bodd i England, siden 2005.

Egentlig som flyktning, siden jeg overhørte i Oslo, i 2003, at jeg var
forfulgt av noe de kalte "mafia'n" der.

Nå virker det ikke som at politiet ønsker å etterforske dette, og et
drapsforsøk mot meg, i Kvelde i 2005.

Så jeg lurte på om jeg kan få sendt pensjonen min, som jeg har
opparbeidet meg, etter å ha jobbet i 15 år ihvertfall, i Norge.

For jeg er arbeidsledig i England, uten formue, så da kunne jeg ha hatt noe
kapital, å bruke for å starte opp et firma her, for eksempel.

Eller ha i reserve til jeg blir gammel da.

For britene begynner å tulle, og vil ikke betale meg
arbeidsledigshetstrygd nå, innimellom, pga. noen misforståelser med noen
møte-adresser, osv.

Så jeg ville bare forhørte meg litt mer om dette.

Hvordan er reglene rundt dette?

På forhånd takk for eventuelt svar!


Erik Ribsskog

Jeg sendte en ny e-post angående jobbsøking

Gmail - RE: Team Leader


Erik Ribsskog

RE: Team Leader

Erik Ribsskog

Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 9:46 PM

Sam Allen <>


yes, that sounds great!

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 2:14 PM, Sam Allen <> wrote:

Hi Erik

Thank you for taking the time to apply
for this vacancy and for sending your CV to me, unfortunately the role that you
applied for is now on hold.

If you are happy for me to do so, I will
save your CV to our database and I will contact you again if this vacancy
becomes available again, or when I have another suitable vacancy available for

In the mean time please feel free to
visit our website to check the latest vacancies at

Kind Regards


Samantha Allen

Simply Recruiting

5th Floor

Hanover House

Hanover Street


L1 3DZ

Tel 0151 285 3818

Fax 0151 285 3817

Recruitment... let's keep it simple

...Thankfully,there's now a simple way to find the right

What our clients

I have
received a second to none service from Simply Recruiting. They provide well
matched candidates for both permanent & short term temporary assignments.

What our candidates

I was extremely
impressed by the Professionalism and efficiency shown by Simply Recruiting.
They enabled me to secure a position that was perfectly suited to my skills and
qualifications. - I would recommend them highly.

Simply Recruiting Limited whose registered office is: 5th Floor
Hanover House, Hanover Street Liverpool L1 3DZ.

Registered in England & Wales. Registered No.5766147. VAT
Reg No.883637776

If you no longer wish to receive details from us about any of our
services or offers please click on the link below and type in the subject
line unsubscribe.

Erik Ribsskog []

Sent: 02 September 2010 16:31

To: Sam Allen

Subject: Team Leader


I found information about this vacancy, at Jobcentre Plus.

I have been working as a shop-manager in one of Norway's biggest retail-chains, Rimi, (now owned
by ICA).

I have been going to Upper Secondary Business-school, in Norway, with
good results.

I've also been working as self-employed, here in the UK.

I attach my CV, and hope to hear back from you!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

Jeg sendte en klage på the Jobcentre, (med kopi til den norske ambassaden i London, FN og CCCS)

Gmail - Complaint about the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq./Fwd: Problems with the Employment-zone meeting/Fwd: New review-meeting?


Erik Ribsskog

Complaint about the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq./Fwd: Problems with the Employment-zone meeting/Fwd: New review-meeting?

Erik Ribsskog

Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 8:32 PM


Sommerstad Gunn Karin <>



regarding this complaint, I have to explain what happened, at the Jobcentre, last Thursday.

I've been unemployed now, for two years here in the UK, and it has never happened anything similar, with me, earlier.

I went on the meeting, with Jenny there, and gave her a form, where I've written all the things I've done, to find work, since the last 'sign on'-meeting.

I also gave her two vacancy-files, from the Jobcentre-machine.

Then, Jenny pointet at the screen, and she said I had a sanction, so I wouldn't get money, on Tuesday, (last week).

I thought this was very unfair, because I don't think I've done anything wrong, to do with Sencia/Employment Zones.

(Which I'm going to write an appeal about, so I won't go into detail about this here).

But I was in a daze almost, since I was a bit tired, and since I've unemployed a long time, perhaps.

I got very angry, because I need those money, to pay my bills, and to pay for food.

I'm on a shoe-string budget, that I've set up, in co-operationg, with the CCCS.

So I depend on the Jobseekers Allowance, to have money, to pay for bills and food.

So when I was told, I wouldn't get the money, for two weeks, then I got very mad, and it was like my whole world fell apart.

Since I almost have no money.

And I have hard fought payment-plans, with creditors, that I know I can lose, (and get taken to court about), if I don't pay those bills.

So I thought this sanction was very disrespectful, and I don't think a thing like this, could ever have happened, in Norway, that people get punished like that, in a way, so that one risk running out of food.

This was very low-ly, I think.

So I got angy.

And on top of this, Jenny there, said I could write about my feelings, in an appeal.

But I thought that was just a provocation, to ridicule and harass me.

Because I would have wanted to write about facts, and write my thoughts and opinions.

But I wouldn't just write about my feelings.

That wouldn't have made any sense, to just write 'I want my money because I'm sad/angry'.

So I think I was very ridiculed, by Jenny there.

And each time I go to that Jobcentre, I have to write a new complaint, because they really mess with me there.

(Some mobsters or some mafia, or something).

Like I think you know, since I've sent you a large number of e-mails, about this, in the last months.

I thought I was so unfairly threated, so I lost my temper, (like the police said).

Or rather, I thought I had to protest, for being threated, in a way like this.

So while Jenny went to find the appeal-form.

I got up from my chair, and went further into the corner, of the Jobcentre there, on the First floor, and wondered how I could protest.

I thought, maybe I should throw Jennys computer out the window.

But I decided that that would have been a bit much.

So I decided not to do that.

But I was very angry.

(I don't think I've ever been this angry before.

Only if someone steal from me, then I sometimes get angry, if I'm tired etc.

But this isn't very often.

I'm 40 years old, and this has happened a couple of time only.

And the last time, was in the 90's, I think, when someone stole some orange-juice from me, in Oslo, and the house was full of people my sister had let in to our house, (Ungbo), then I got angry, and kicked a football, in the wall.

But, there wasn't a football at the Jobcentre, but I kicked a litter bin there.

Just to protest and get out my aggression.

It fell over and made a plump noise, and I saw that it had some documents inside it.

Then, I had got to protest and got my aggression out.

So then I was calm and quiet and fine.

But then, someone screamed at me.

A jobcentre-woman.

'Go out of this office now'.

Even if I was calm and quiet, I was just walking back to my chair.

Then I just tryed to get my files with me, from Jennys desk.

Before the screaming woman and a man, attacked me, I think I have to say.

They went so close behind me, (while they screamed at me, to get out), that when I tried to put my Attendance arrangement booklet, (that had been lying on Jennys desk), in my back-pocket, while I walked towards the exit-door, then my elbow thouched the blond job-centre woman, in her 40's, I think, 'tits', since she walked so close behind me.

And also a man walked this close to me.

So I think I have to say, that I was throuwn out of there, even if I was calm and quiet, and just wanted to protest.

They screamed at me several times, that they would call the Police, and that the Police would contact me, etc.

So I think this was a punishment, for my protest, that I was throwed out, and screamed at.

So I think I've already been punished, by the Jobcentre-staff for my protest there.

This was just to explain what happend, at the Jobcenter, on 26/8.

Now to my complaint.

Today I was at the Jobcentre, again, after receiving a letter, from the Jobcentre-manager, (for Williamson Sq. Jobcentre, Liverpool), telling me to come to the Jobcentre, today, at 9.30, for an extra meeting there.

I'll index the comlaints, since there are a lot.


I was thrown out of the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq., on 26/8, even if I was calm and quiet, and was no threat.

I just wanted to protest.

But after that, I was fine, calm and quiet.

Still I was thrown out, and screamed at, many times.

So I think I was a bit harassed then.

Just to also explain about this.


The Jobcentre-manager, tell me I distroyed a fan.

But I didn't see any fan.

And I think I would have heard it, if the litter-bin had fallen on a fan.

So I can't see, that the Jobcentre, has given evidence, that I distroyed the fan.

This Jobcentre, has messed with me a lot, I'd see, (see all my earlier complaints).

I suspect that this could have been a fabrication/plot, by someone at the Jobcentre.

And I'm not convinced, that I did this.

So therefore I don't think I've really distroyed anything there, and I think it's un-fair that I have to pay for repair-work, on a fan.

This was probably a fan, that didn't work from before, and therefore was put away in the corner, close to the litter-bin there.

So I think you should tell Mr. Winter, the Jobcentre-manager, that he has to give me evidence on, that I have distroyed a fan there, before I have to pay for any damage.

Because this with the fan, was a big surprise, for me, when I read the letter, from Mr. Winter, last week.

My senses are quite good.

So I think I would have seen or heard it, if a fan had been damaged, in connection with my protest there.

So I'm not convinced, that this was my fault, and I haven't got much money, and I don't want to pay £50, for a fan, that I'm not convinced that I've damaged.

Like I told the Police, I didn't see any fan.

And then the Police desribed it, as an 'accident'.

And then I'm not sure, if I should.

I'm not sure if it was an accident, I think it could have been a fabrication, just to cause me problems, by some 'mafia', since I've overheard, in 2003, that I'm being followed, by the 'mafia', (who ever which mafia they meant).

And I have relatives in Norway, in the Order of St. John, whom I suspect, that also mess with me, through that crusader-organisation.


I was harassed by Jenny there.

She told me to write my 'feelings', on a form.

(On the sign-on meeting there, on 26/8).

But that form, is ment to be written 'thoughts' on.

So to describe my thoughts, as only 'feelings', that I think is to ridicule me, and to harass me.

So this was the last drop, from that Jobcentre.

They are horrible there, I think.

That's why I protested.

I wanted to escalate this complaint, from the Jobcentre-manager, Mr. Winter, who said today, he wouldn't go on with that complaint, in the meeting today.

But I think I can't accept being threated as degrading, as that, so I wanted to please escalate, that complaint.


I have been informed, by the Jobcentre, (by Jenny and Mr. Rimmer, at the Jobcentre Birkenhead), that I wouldn't get my Jobseekers Allowance, on 31/8.

Yet, I got it anyway.

(I thought that maybe the Jobcentre had understood, that they had made a bad desition or mistake.

And therefore let me have the money, anyway).

And now, Mr. Winter tells me, that now I'll lose the next payment, on 14/9 in stead.

So now, I've lost even more control, on my economy, since the Jobcentre change the sanction-date, all the time.

I think you shouldn't sanction me now, since you have 'messed' with the sanction-date.

And then, a sanction, would be even more unfair, against me, since this now has messed my economy, more up.

How am I supposed to keep track on my economy, when you change dates like this, all the time, more or less.

I think this is just silly.

I think you should stop 'messing' with my Jobseekers Allowance, and don't have a sanction at all, since you've messed with the dates, and completely ruined, more or less, my last weeks.


I'm also on a shoe-string budget, in co-operation, with the CCCS.

And my budget can't take sanctions on my job-seekers allowance, for two weeks.

I don't think it's healty to e.g. only eat rice og purridge, for two weeks.

What if this makes me lose my phone or electricity etc.

I live in my own flat, so you distroy a lot for me.

I isn't like I'm a teenager, who lives with his parents.

Then I could perhaps have understood a sanction like that.

But this is just ridicules I think, and iresponsible, I think, by the Jobcenter, to distroy peoples lives and mess with their economy, in a way like this.

So I hope you can please stop this mentioned sanction.

And please don't this again.

I don't think this is like a funny practical joke, or something like this.

I think the Jobcentre, show a lack of understanding, regarding how adult people are dependant on their regular income/allowance, (that they rely on), to be able to have control of their lives.

How can you expect people to keep control, and get their lifes sorted, in a way, that makes them able/fit for contributing, to society, when you mess with them like this?

This is just cruel/evin/silly, by the Jobcentre, I think.

So this I wanted to please complain about.


The letter from Mr. Rimmer, (the Jobcentre, Birkenhead), was sent, on 27/8, informing me about the mentioned sanction.

Yet, I was told about this, on 26/8, by Jenny, at the Jobcentre, Williamsson Sq.

That's why I lost my temper, since she said this, like lightning from clear sky, (like we say in Norway).

Why wasn't the letter from Mr. Rimmer, sent to me, before the meeting with Jenny, on 27/8.

I think this was a bit stupid almost, I think I have to say.

Like I told Mr. Winter, in the meeting today.

If I'd got the letter from Mr. Rimmer, before the sign-on meeting, last Thursday.

Then I would have just maybe hit the wall, at home, in anger, after un-fairly, (I think I have to say), losing my Jobseekers Allowance.

Why do you tell people about sanction-desitions face-to-face, rathing than sending a letter.

Wouldn't it be better to send the letter about this, before the face-to-face sign-on meeting?

I think that would have been better, so I wanted to please complain about this, as well.


Mr. Winter, today had four meetings set up for me, at the Jobcentre, in a row.

First a security-meeting, (held by himself).

Then a police-meeting, (where Mr. Winter also was present).

Then a sign-on meeting, (by a young man in his 20's, I think. Mr Winter wasn't present in this meeting. This was a meeting to replace the meeting, on Thursday 26/8, which really finished then, since I had signed on and all, I just didn't get the appeal-leaflet).

And then a final summarisation-meeting, by Mr. winter.

I think this is to many meetings, on a row.

I didn't have time, to prepare, for the Police-meeting.

And in the sign-on meeting, I didn't get to exlain, that I had really signed on, last Thursday.

Because I was really over-run, (or what it's called), with all these meeting, I think.

I think I should only go to one Jobcentre-meeting, at a time.

And not on three or four, like Mr. Winter arranged for me, today.

Because then it's hard to stay on top, through all these meetings.

And then I can get tired, and forget to make points, that would have helped my side/case, etc.

So I wanted to please complain about.


Mr. Winter, didn't tell me, in advance, that the Police would meet with me, today, at the Jobcentre.

When I was thrown out, last Thursday, they screamed at me, that the Police would visit me, at my address.

Williamsson Sq. Jobcentre, isn't my address.

I didn't have the chance to prepare for this.

And Mr. Winter, was present in this meeting.

Which I think, was really between me, and the Police.

Why didn't the Police go to my address, if they wanted to speak with me?

I have an IPCC-case, against the Merseyside police, (to do with an employment-case, against Arvato, etc), and I thought I recognised Mr. O'Brian, from that complaint(?).

Why are the Police and the Jobcentre, having secret Police-meetings at the Williamsson Sq. Jobcentre.

I find it hard to trust Mr. Winter after this surprise.

Why didn't he prepare me for that the police would be there.

Mr. Winter told me, after the security-meeting, to prepare for a sign-on meeting.

And suddently, to Police-officers, in white shirts and black wests, shows up, to speak with me.

Then I have to go upstairs, with Mr. Winter in front, and the two Police-officers behind.

In front of all the people at the Jobcentre.

I thought this was embarrasing.

Just because I wanted to protest, doesn't make me a criminal.

Is there a secret police, in the UK, I'm wondering.

Shouldn't there be opennes, in society.

Why wasn't I told that the Police would be present, in today's meeting.

This I want to please complain about.


Mr.Winter said I had been using violence there.

But, I don't think one can call kicking a litter-bin over, (as a protest), for violence.

Violence, as far as I understand it, is if you kick og hit a person or an animal.

So I can't say I've done violence.

Just protest, I'd call it.

I don't think I was violent there, since a plastic wheelie litter-bin, doesn't get damaged by a kick like that.

So this was very unfair I think.

So this I wanted to please complain about.


I remember that I signed on, (in the meeting with Jenny), on 26/8.

Why did I have to sign on, for the two weeks commencing 26/8 again today?

This makes no sense.

How could you lose that form, that I signed on, on 26/8.

This I wanted to please complain about.


In the meeting today, I was writing down notes.

But the Police, (the officer in his 20's, I think, with brown eyes. (he ordered me to look in his eyes, that's why I remember)), ordered me, not to write notes.

Is this civil?

Are the Police at war?

This was very out of line I think.

What has this go to, with civilised behaviour, to order people not to write notes, in a meeting, with the Police.

What was it that the Police wanted to cover up.

Why do the Merseyside Police act like we are living in a police/fascist-state?

Is there a war I don't know about?

This I wanted to please complain about.


The Police, (the officer in his 20's, I think, with brown eyes), in todays meeting, threatened my, that they would arrest me.

If I escalated the complaint, against Jenny there.

How can the Police mix cases like this?

This seems corrupt and dirty to me.

Are they allowed to make threats?

I don't think so.

So this I want to please complain about.


The police accused me of 'Criminal damage' on a fan there, at the Jobcentre.

But, I haven't even touched a fan there.

He then changed it to 'accident'.

But I think something is wrong, how can he accuse me of this, when I haven't done it.

Someone must have lied there.

At worst it was an accident.

Then how could he get it to 'criminal damage'.

Someone must have lied at the Jobcentre, I reackon.

So this I please want to complain about.


The Police didn't interduce themselves, to me, in today's meeting.

This I think, isn't good behaviour.

So this I wanted to please complain about.


After the sign-on meeting, on 26/8, when I kicked the litter-bin, as a protest.

Then I sent two e-mails, to this e-mail address.

One with an explanation, and an update later, where I apologised.

Mr. Winter hadn't received the e-mail where I apologised, (he told me in the security-part of the meeting, today).

I also remember, from a meeting with the former Jobcentre Manager, Mrs. Hart, that she also didn't get e-mails sent to her, from you at the Contact-us department, I think it was.

So this I wanted to please complain about, that your system for giving your managers e-mails, doesn't seem to work, at the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq.

So this I wanted to please complain about.


In the letter, from Mr. Brimmer, (from the Jobcentre, Birkenhead), from 27/8.

It says something that doesn't make any sense, really.

It first says, (to do with the mentioned sanction):

'We can't pay you Jobseekers Allowance from 27 August 2010'.

Adn then:

'We can't pay you Jobseekers Allowance from 10 September 2010'.

This I don't think makes any sense at all.

Why have you written two different dates?

This I please wanted to compain about, that looks confusing.

Why do you want to confuse your clients.

This I want to please complain about.

I send a copy of this e-mail, to the Norwegian Embassy, (since they are involved in the Arvato-case, which I've mentioned), to the UN, (since the IPCC and other British Government, don't answer my correspondance, and don't accept me as a refugee, after I've run to the UK, after I overheard, in Oslo that I was followed by "the mafia'n", and after I was attemped killed, in Kvelde, near Larvik, in 2005, and then went here to Liverpool, and has stayed here since), also I send a copy to the CCCS, since I have co-operated, and gotten a lot of advice, from them, with setting up a budget, that I can live with, while I'm unemployed.

So I guess you can't answer the complaints about the Police, at the Jobcentre.

So please just ignore the complaints about Police-officers.

Those are really for IPCC, but they don't reply to my correspondence, so those complaints are really to the UN.

I just write them here, since the Police was at the meeting at the Jobcentre.

So they fit in, in this complaint, I think, due to this.

To get the whole picture and better overview.

But please just ignore answering the compaints about the Police, that you at the Jobcentre, really can't answer, since you don't control the Police.

This I understand, I just thought those complaints, belonged in this complained, since the Police and the Jobcentre, where so closely 'knitted', at least from my point of view, in this case, to do with my protest at the Jobcentre.

Again, I apologise, that I kicked the litter-bin.

I'm not going to that again.

But I think that Jobcentre threat me in a horrible way, unfortunatly.

I hope you have the chance to look at this complaint.

And I hope you don't think I'm inpolite, since I complain so much.

I really hope I wouldn't have to write complaints like this.

So I'm sorry that I have to.

Hope this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 1:57 PM
Subject: Problems with the Employment-zone meeting/Fwd: New review-meeting?


now I was at Sencia, in Pall Mall, for the Employment-zone meeting, at 1.30 pm.

The only problem was, that while I tried to get the calling to work, in that building, in Pall Mall 30-32, then someone told me, that they've moved, to Hanover St.

Then I called Sencia, on 0151 236 1204.

And they told me, that the inductions would start in 5 minuttes, and that it would probably take me 10-15 minuttes, to get to their new address.

So Sencia told me to contact the Jobcentre, and get a new appointment.

So that's why I'm sending this e-mail.

And to complain about that your Employment-zone information-pack litterature, should be up to date.

I remember telling Mrs. Smart, at Jobcentre, Williamsson Sq., that I chose Sencia, among other things, that they were close to my address, (in Leather Lane).

So I wasn't given the information about the new Sencia-address, by Mrs. Smart eighter.

So this is a new complaint in the long line of complaints, that I've had to send about Williamson Sq. Jobcentre.

Can you please explain how you can not have up to date litterature, in you information-packs, about Employment-zones, after you didn't give me the right information at first eighter, (like I've also complained about, to this e-mail address, on 20/5).


Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 11:22 AM
Subject: New review-meeting?


almost a year ago, I received my university-level degree in IT, from my 'home-university', Oslo University College.

And I've mentioned this, from time to time, in sign-on meetings, at the job-centre, (Williamson Sq.).

But, I was wondering.

Should one have a new review-meeting, if one get a new university-level degree, (and a new jobseekers-agreement).

Also, I was wondering.

I have the internet at home.

Do I still have to use the machines at the Jobcentre, for the job-search?

(I think it's better to do at home, because then there's less noise, etc.).

I haven't got a regular contact-person, at the Jobcentre, so I thought I could try to send an e-mail about this.

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

Yours Sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

Her kan man se det, at den tiden jeg jobbet som butikksjef i Rimi, var en veldig turbulent tid, for firmaet, med nye eiere osv.

tiden jeg var butikksjef i rimi


Det var nye eiere, og desperasjonen, etter å klare de nye, høye lønnsomhetskravene, fra Ahold, spredde frykt og kaos, og det som var, gjennom hele firmaet, må man vel nesten si.

Og det var forrandringer hele tida, i kjedenavn, og måten vi skulle drive på.

Og nesten fullstendig kaos da.

På toppen av det, så ble jeg fanget i noe jeg har kalt for 'Rimi-fella', av noen distriktsjefer osv., (Per Øivind Fjellhøy, osv.), som jeg har skrevet om på bloggen tidligere.

Det virket som at jeg ble fanget i en slags krig, mellom forskjellige politiske(?) fraksjoner, som var representert, (som spioner?), i Rimi?

Var det Johanniterordenen eller CIA eller muslimsk mafia kanskje?

Hvem vet.

Det virka som at jeg ble fanga mellom to sånne grupperinger ihvertfall.

(Det var ihvertfall sånn det virka som for meg).

Så etterhvert, så syntes jeg ikke at jeg ville fått så mye ut av livet mitt.

Annet enn å bli veldig sliten og overarbeida.

Hvis jeg hadde blitt i Rimi.

Så det var ikke noe fremtid, for meg, syntes jeg.

Så derfor begynte jeg å studere igjen, på bachelor i IT, på HiO IU, høsten 2002, etter å ha jobbet bare fire år, som butikksjef.

Så sånn var det.

Men dette var nok ikke så lett, for folk i min omgangskrets, som familie og venner, å skjønne.

Hvor mye kaos og krig, som det var i Rimi.

Og hvor tøft det var, for en selvstendig person, (uten tilknytning til noen politisk spion-fraksjon), å bare jobbe som vanlig butikksjef, i det firmaet.

Så det ble litt tøft for meg å slutte.

Siden jeg ikke trodde at jeg klarte å forklare ordentlig, hvorfor jeg slutta som butikksjef, til familie og venner.

For da måtte de nesten ha kjent bra til hvordan det egentlig stod til i Rimi.

Og visst at Rimi egentlig var pil råttent.

Ihvertfall sånn som jeg oppfattet det.

Så sånn var det.

Så vi får se hva som skjer.

Vi får se.


Erik Ribsskog

PS 2.

Her er mer om dette:

Nå var jeg på et møte, på the Jobcentre

Photo 1484 4

Photo 1485

Photo 1486

Photo 1487

Photo 1488

Photo 1489

Photo 1490

Photo 1491

Photo 1492

Photo 1493


Grunnen til at jeg måtte dra på the Jobcentre, på en mandag, og ikke på en torsdag, som disse møtene vanligvis er, det var fordi jeg fikk et brev fra Mr. Winter, (sjefen på the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq.), som jeg også har postet om, på bloggen tidligere:



PS 2.

Her er notatene mine, fra det møtet, som var i første etasjen, (og ikke i andre etasjen, som vanligvis), på the Jobcentre:





PS 3.

Jeg hadde tatt med to ark, for å notere på.

Men det var ikke nok, for det første møtet, var et langt møte.

Så det holdt ikke med fire sider.

Så jeg måtte også skrive en femte side, fra det møtet, (på baksiden av et annet ark, som jeg hadde i arkivmappa mi tilfeldigvis, angående noe andre Jobcentre-greier da):


PS 4.

Og etter dette møtet, hvor jeg forklarte ting som at:

- Jeg syntes jeg ble patronisert og latterliggjort, av medarbeider Jenny, da hun ba meg skrive om mine 'feelings', på appell-skjemaet.

Jeg syntes ikke dette var om 'følelser'.

Det er liksom sånn latterliggjøring, synes jeg.

Jeg syntes dette var om fakta, og om mine tanker og meninger.

Og ikke om følelser.

Så jeg syntes at hun Jenny, liksom tulla litt med meg der, med vilje, virka det som for meg.

Men men.

Jeg forklarte også, at jeg ikke hadde sett noen vifte der.

Jeg så bare den søppelkassa.

Og jeg var ikke sikkert på det, at jeg hadde gjort noe 'vold'.

For det var jo ikke mot noen mennesker, (eller noe levende).

Det var jo bare mot en ting, altså en søppelkasse.

Så jeg var ikke sikkert på om det da skulle bli kalt 'vold'.

Men jeg forklarte også det, at jeg ikke var noe ekspert på vold.

Jeg forklarte at jeg hadde gått der i to år nå, og at det ikke hadde skjedd noe lignende, som dette, tidligere.

(Og at jeg ikke pleide å gjøre sånne ting, som å sparke søppelbøtter, osv).

Jeg forklarte også at jeg ikke var så helt sikker på hva forskjellen på 'appeal' og 'complaint' var, for jeg hadde ikke jobbet i myndighetene, eller lignende.

Men men.

Så han sjefen på the Jobcentre, Mr. Winter, prøvde å forklare meg det da.

Men men.

Jeg sa også det, at jeg skulle bestemme meg, når jeg kom hjem, om jeg skulle eskalere klagen på hun Jenny der da.

For den kom ikke han sjefen på the Jobcentre, Mr. Winter, til å gå videre med, sa han.

Men men.

PS 5.

Så skjedde det noe rart.

For da skulle jeg bare sitte ned, og vente på, at en Jobcentre-medarbeider, skulle dukke opp der.

For de ville at jeg skulle signere, på et skjema, for at jeg hadde møtt der, på torsdag.

(Enda jeg signerte på et sånt skjema, på torsdag, husker jeg.

Men det må ha skjedd noe med det skjemaet da).

Men det som skjedde, var at da, så dukka politiet opp der, på the Jobcentre.

Og så måtte jeg følge etter Mr. Winter, med to politibetjenter bak meg, (som hadde hvite skjorter og svarte vester, var det vel), opp på et annet kontor, i første etasje der, (av en eller annen grunn).

Jeg skal se om jeg finner notatet fra det møtet.

Vi får se.


Erik Ribsskog

PS 6.

Her er først en sånn 'appeal'-brosjyre, som jeg fikk av Mr. Winter, i det første møtet der:


PS 7.

Her er det notatet jeg skrev, fra møtet med Politiet, i første etasjen, hos the Jobcentre der.

(Et møte som fulgte kanskje fem minutter, (eller noe), etter det første møtet.

Og jeg ble ikke forberedt på det, at jeg skulle ha noe møte med politiet der, idag.

Men men).

Her er mer om dette:


PS 8.

Grunnen til at det ikke står så mye, på det notatet, fra møtet, som jeg hadde med politiet, på the Jobcentre idag.

Det var fordi, at han politibetjenten, (en med brune øyne, som ligna litt på sersjant O'Brian kanskje, selv om jeg ikke la merke til, at de politifolka, sa noen navn der, idag).

Det var fordi, at han O'Brian, eller 'O'Brian'.

Han beordret meg, til å ikke skrive notater.

(Han ville at jeg ikke skulle skrive noe, men kun se han i øynene, mens vi pratet.

For ellers var jeg uhøflig, sa han.

Men men.

Og man må vel nesten gjøre som politiet sier, så derfor skrev jeg ikke noe mer da.

Når han kom med det utbruddet, eller hva man skal kalle det).

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Så vi får se hva som skjer.

Vi får se.

PS 9.

O'Brian, eller 'O'Brian', sa at jeg hadde ødelagt en vifte, og at det var 'criminal damage'.

Jeg sa det, at jeg ikke hadde sett noen vifte.

Og at det var en overraskelse for meg, da jeg leste om at en vifte skulle ha blitt ødelagt der, i det brevet til Mr. Winter, som jeg fikk i posten her, i forrige uke, var det vel.

Så da sa O'Brian, at det med vifta, det var en 'accident'.

Så sånn var det.

Han sa også at noen av damene, på the Jobcentre, hadde sagt det, at de følte seg 'intimidated', altså 'truet', av meg, (til politiet da).

Men det har ingen sagt noe om til meg før, ihvertfall.

Og det syntes jeg også hørtes rart ut.

Så jeg bare forklarte det, at jeg hadde gått der i to år nå, og at noe lignende, (av at jeg hadde sparka ned en søppelbøtte), ikke hadde skjedd der før.

(Så det skjønte jeg ikke helt, skal jeg være ærlig, det med 'intimidated'.

Men men).

Han sa, at han skjønte det sånn, at jeg hadde 'lost my temper'.

Jeg sa at det stemte.

Jeg viste han den lappen, hvor det stod at jeg hadde fått en 'sanction', på min arbeidsledighetstrygd.

Jeg forklarte det, at jeg var avhengig av de pengene, for å ha penger til regninger og mat.

O'Brian, sa det, at de ville ikke gjøre noen stor sak av dette.

For jeg virka som en grei kar, sa han.

Noe sånt.

Og han mente det, at det fantes så mye annet, der ute, som politiet kunne bruke pengene sine på.

Så han ville ikke gjøre noen sak ut av dette, som hadde skjedd på the Jobcentre.

Så han lurte på om jeg var ferdig med saken selv da.

Jeg fortalte det, at jeg hadde sagt 'unnskyld', til the Jobcentre, og til Mr. Winter.

Og jeg sa 'unnskyld', en tredje gang, mens politiet var der.

Jeg fortalte også det, at jeg syntes jeg hadde blitt latterliggjort og patronisert, av Jenny der, når hu ba meg skrive, om mine 'feelings', (og ikke tanker/meninger eller fakta), på det appel-skjemaet da.

Og da sa O'Brian, (hvis det var han), at hvis jeg klagde på hun Jenny der, så ville han arrestere meg.

Så da sa jeg det, at da droppet jeg den klagen.

For jeg skjønte jo det, at det var andre ting som var viktigere, enn det med at politiet skulle bruke tid på det med den søppelbøtta osv.

(Jeg hadde ikke noe lyst til å bli arrestert, for å si det sånn).

De spurte om jeg hadde hatt problemer med politiet tidligere.

Og forklarte det, at jeg hadde vært på St. Ann's Street politistasjon, og den i Walton, hele tida.

Ettersom at jeg hadde overhørt, i Oslo, i 2003, at jeg var forfulgt av noe mafia.

Og ettersom at jeg hadde hatt en arbeids/mafia-sak, mot Arvato.

(Jeg glemte å fortelle om det, at jeg hadde ødelagt på det monumentet, nede ved the Cunard Building der, i 2007, ved der Arvato holdt til, i anfall av sjokk og desperasjon, fordi jeg ikke får rettighetene mine, hverken her i England, eller Norge da.

Noe sånt).

Men det er vel over tre år siden nå og da, at det skjedde, det med det monumentet, utafor the Cunard Building.

Hvis jeg ikke tar helt feil.

Noe sånt.

Så sånn var det.

Så vi får se hva som skjer.

Vi får se.

PS 10.

Og ikke nok med at det var sikkerhets-møte og politi-møte.


Så skulle det være 'sign on'-møte.

Enda jeg signerte, på torsdag, for en og en halv uke siden da.

(Det husker jeg i hue enda).

Så hva som har skjedd med det dokumentet jeg skrev under på, det vet jeg ikke.

Men jeg la merke til det, at det dokumentet jeg skrev under på idag.

Det var et helt nytt sånn skjema.

Mens det på torsdag, for en og en halv uke siden.

Det hadde jeg skrevet under, en sånn 5-6-7 ganger på, fra tidligere 'sign on'-møter da, mener jeg.

Så sånn var det.

Jeg hadde heller ikke det skjemaet, hvor jeg har skrevet på, hvilke jobber jeg har søkt på, osv.

Det tror jeg, at muligens har ligget igjen, på the Jobcentre, den dagen, som jeg sparka søppelkassa da.

Så sånn var kanskje det.

Det var en kar i 20-30 årene vel, som hadde det 'sign on'-møtet.

Han spurte om jeg ville ha et nytt sånn skjema, å skrive på.

(Jeg vet ikke om jeg egentlig må ha med det skjemaet.

Jeg har ikke sett det, at andre folk har med et sånn skjema, på the Jobcentre.

Men men).

Men jeg sa at jeg trengte ikke det, for jeg gikk gjennom papirene mine, og viste at jeg hadde et sånt ark da.

Så sånn var det.

Han puncha også inn to jobber, som jeg fant på maskinen dems, på torsdag for en og en halv uke siden da.

Jeg hadde en kladd bare, over ting jeg gjorde, før det møtet, for en og en halv uke siden.

Jeg skal se om jeg finner de papirene.

Vi får se om jeg klarer det.

Vi får se.

PS 11.

Her er de papirene, fra the 'sign on'-møtet, på the Jobcentre, idag, (som var etter sikkerhets-møte og etter politi-møte):





PS 12.

Og som om det ikke var nok, med tre møter.

Så var det også et fjerde møte, nemlig et slags 'avslutningsmøte', med Mr. Winter.

Her er mer om dette:

img024 paint

PS 13.

The Jobcentre, vil at jeg skal betale, for å reparere en vifte.

Som de mener befant seg under, den søppelkassa, som jeg sparka til da, sånn at den velta.

(Da jeg ikke fikk arbeidsledighetstrygden min, og etter at jeg ble latterliggjort/trakassert/provosert der da, av medarbeider Jenny.

Men men).

Jobcentre-sjefen, Mr. Winter, ville også at jeg skulle ta med et brev, som jeg fikk fra Mr. Rimmer, på the Jobcentre, i Birkenhead.

Når jeg skal dit neste gang, på torsdag.

Vi får se om jeg husker det.

Jeg sa også det, at jeg skulle prøve å klare det, å få skrevet ferdig den 'appeal'-en, ettersom jeg mister arbeidsledighetstrygden, for to uker nå da, grunnet det rotet, med det Sencia-møtet, tidligere i sommer.

Så sånn var det.

Her er mer om dette:

Photo 1497

PS 14.

Her er en link, til det brevet, fra Mr. Rimmer, (fra the Jobcentre, Birkenhead), som Mr. Winter, vil at jeg skal ta med, til the Jobcentre, på torsdag.

Selv om jeg ikke vet helt hva Mr. Winter skal med det brevet.

Men jeg får vel ta det med da.

Siden jeg har avtalt det, mener jeg.

(Det ble kanskje litt mange møter idag.

Det var en del ting, som jeg ikke fikk ordna, på den måten jeg helst skulle.

Når jeg tenker tilbake på det nå, mener jeg.

Men men).

Så vi får se hva som skjer.

Vi får se.

Her er mer om dette:

PS 15.

En ting til, som jeg kom på.

Og det var det, at Mr. Winter, (leder for the Jobcenter, Williamson Sq).

Han spurte politiet, som han skulle være med, på politi-delen av møtet.

Og det sa politiet at han kunne da.

(Selv om jeg ikke hørte hva som ble svart, nøyaktig).

Så på 'politi-delen', av det møtet, så var det to politifolk, meg og Mr. Winter da.

Så sånn var det.

Så det var vel kanskje litt spesielt, at politiet kom for å møte meg, på the Jobcentre.

Det er jo ikke akkurat adressen min men.

Men men.

Jeg kan vel kanskje ikke skjønne alt her borte.

Men vi får se hva jeg gjør med alt det her.

Vi får se.

Men jeg må innrømme at jeg 'brygger på' en klage, (eller fler), i huet mitt nå.

Men vi får se hva som skjer.

Vi får se.

PS 16.

Og i 'sign-on' delen, av møtet.

Så mener jeg at det ble sagt, enten fra Mr. Winter, (like før den delen, av møtet), eller i 'sign-on' delen av møtet, (av han 20-30 år gamle karen).

At det er det samme, for the Jobcentre, om jeg skriver hva jeg har gjort.

På et A4-ark, eller på et sånt Jobcentre 'booklet'-skjema.

Så da tror jeg bare at jeg kutter ut de skjemaene.

For da sparer jeg litt tid på det.

Sånn at jeg ikke behøver å føre inn på et sånt skjema, før hvert 'sign-on' møte, på the Jobcentre.

Så sparer jeg litt tid på det, ihvertfall.

For jeg har jo egentlig nok av andre ting jeg skulle ha gjort, også.

Så vi får se om dette er mulig å få til.

Vi får se.

Magne Winnem ville til Island, for å jakte damer

Det første året jeg bodde i Oslo.

(Skoleåret 1989/90).

Så pleide jeg og Magne Winnem, å gå ut på diskoteker osv. der, i helgene, for å drikke litt øl og sjekke damer osv.

Men det ble vel med litt blandede resultater.

Winnem var nesten to meter høy vel, og jeg var 1.85, så damene syntes kanskje at Winnem var for høy.

Så jeg fikk faktisk mesteparten, av de få damene vi klarte å sjekke opp, på den tida.

Men men.

Men Winnem ville ta fly til Island, for å sjekke damer.

For i Reykjavik, eller hvordan det var, så var det mange fler damer, enn menn, fortalte Winnem.

Jeg syntes det ble litt drøyt, (og litt desperat), å dra til Island, for å få seg et nummer.

Så det gadd jeg ikke, dessverre.

Det bød meg litt imot da, for å si det sånn.

Det var jo masse damer i Oslo, så det burde jo ha vært mulig, å heller sjekket opp noen av dem, mente jeg da.

Men men.

Bare noe jeg kom på.

Så det er rart med det, hvor langt noen er villige til å gå, for å få seg et nummer.

Men det er kanskje bare jeg, som er litt laid-back?

Det er vel kanskje derfor mange damer osv., drar til Syden osv.

Og på trommekurs osv., i afrikansk trommedans da, eller hva det heter.

Så det er kanskje bare meg som er lat, som ikke gidder å gjøre sånt, for å finne en dame.

Magne Winnem ville også at vi skulle bli medlem i en kristen menighet, på Majorstua, hvor noen damer, spurte om vi ville være med i en kristen gruppe der da.

For i sånne kristne miljøer, så var det lett å finne dame, mente Winnem.

Men jeg var jo ikke kristen.

Og Magne sa jo også det, at han ikke var kristen, og at han ville ut av det kristne miljøet, som var i slekta hans osv.

Men men.

Så det er kanskje bare meg som er rar.

Som ikke gidder å gjøre masse forskjellige rare ting, og late som jeg har interesse, for noe jeg egentlig ikke har interesse for.

Bare for å finne meg en dame.

Det hadde sikkert vært greit det, noen ganger, å funnet en dame.

Men, skal man kompromisse med seg selv, og gjøre noe man egentlig ikke har interesse for, og som koster mye penger kanskje, og tar mye tid, for å komme seg i en situasjon, hvor det er enkelt å finne dame.

Det blir litt falskt, synes jeg.

Så derfor har jeg ikke holdt på så mye sånn, som Magne Winnem og skilte kvinner i 40-års alderen, som drar på afrikansk trommekurs, osv., med å spekulere nesten, i hvilke ting jeg burde 'interessere' meg for, og bruke penger på, for å finne damer.

Men så er jo jeg singel og da.

Så kanskje det er en sammenheng der.

Hvem vet.

Vi får se hva som skjer.

Vi får se.


Erik Ribsskog

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