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Monday, 4 October 2010

Jeg sendte en ny klage, til the Jobcentre, og EU-kommisjonen

Gmail - Stage 3 Complaint, to the Jobcentre Plus Chief Executive/Fwd: Stage 2 Complaint, to the District Manager, for the Jobcentre, Williamsson Sq., Liverpool/Fwd: Complaint about the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq./Fwd: Problems with the Employment-zone meeting/


Erik Ribsskog

Stage 3 Complaint, to the Jobcentre Plus Chief Executive/Fwd: Stage 2 Complaint, to the District Manager, for the Jobcentre, Williamsson Sq., Liverpool/Fwd: Complaint about the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq./Fwd: Problems with the Employment-zone meeting/

Erik Ribsskog

Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 11:24 PM




I received a letter, the other day, regarding my stage 2-complaint, from the Senior Business Manager Gary Folkens.

(Even if it says in your complaint procedure, that the District Manager, should have answered it).

But anyway.

Mr. Folkens write, that the Jobcentre-manager, Mr. Winter, asked me when I wanted to have a meeting, regarding my complaint.

But that wasn't so.

I was grabbed hold of, at the Jobcentre, by Mr. Winter, when I went there, for a sign-on meeting.

(Like Mr. Winter have done a couple of times now).

I had to suggest to come back the next day, and Mr. Winter didn't suggest this.

I had to repeat myself, regarding that this was a surprise-meeting.

This was definately, a surprise-meeting.

So I still stand by my two new complaints.

And to be frank, I think a lot of what Mr. Folkens write, in the 16 points, (from what I could stand to read, without getting sick), is b*llshit, frankly.

(The reason I write a bit hars, is because I didn't like the tone of Mr. Folkens, from what I read.

It was decending, I think, towards me.

Like he writes, under point 1:

'It is not acceptable for you to regard this as a protest'.

But who's he to decide that.

Where does it say that I'm not allowed to regard this as a protest?

I think my action must be seen as a Freedom of Speech/Protest-act, really.

At least, I don't think he can decide how to view my act.

That is subjective.

And maybe a court could have decided it.

But Mr. Folkens isn't in a court, so he's not really allowed to jugde me.

He makes this in to a complaint about me, I think.

Where as we have already had several meeting, regarding my behaviour there.

So this isn't about me.

This is about the Jobcentre.

Where as Mr. Folkens makes this about me, like e.g. in the quote from point 1., that I wrote above).

So I'm not happy with Mr. Folkens answering-letter, unfortunately.

And I still stand by every word I wrote, in the 16 complaints.

Which I also wrote sincere.

I want to please escalate this, to stage 3, in your complaint-procedure.

So that the Jobcentre Plus Chief Executive, can answer the complaints, about the Jobcentre, without making this into something about me, because I'm at trial, in this complaint, like it seem's to me, isn't that clear, possibly, for Mr. Folkens.

I attach Mr. Folkens letter, with his answers, which I thought were a bit sickening really, in the way the thruth was threated, in his reply.

So I want to please try to get a better answer from you, therefore I escalate this.

My complaint also have 3-4 police-complaints in it, for reasons I've explained in the complaint.

I had an IPCC-case against the Merseyside Police, to do with how they treated me, regarding my employment-case against Bertelsmann Arvato.

The IPCC, have never replied to this complaint, so I've escalated to the Prime Ministers Office, when Mr. Brown was in Office.

But they sent it back, twice, to the Ministry of Justice/Home Office.

So then I've sent it to the UN.

So I also forward this to the UN, since that's where my police-complaint is now.

I'm also attatching the letter from Mr. Folkens.

Hope this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


I think it's my refugee-case, that's with the UN.

So I have to forward this to the EU-commission, where my Police-complaint is.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 4:00 PM
Subject: Stage 2 Complaint, to the District Manager, for the Jobcentre, Williamsson Sq., Liverpool/Fwd: Complaint about the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq./Fwd: Problems with the Employment-zone meeting/Fwd: New review-meeting?



I was at the Williamsson Sq. jobcentre today, regarding a regular sign-on meeting.

But, the Jobcentre Manager, Mr. Winther, surprised me, with an un-scheduled meeting.

He told me, he wanted to discuss, my complaint, from 6/9.

He started accusing me of always complaining, and tryed to make this to a complaint about me, instead about the jobcentre.

But, I told Mr. Winther, that I hadn't had time, to prepare, for a meeting like this.

I only went there, to have a sign-on meeting.

I would have needed to read through the complaint from 6/9 again, since I've been at Employment Zones, and dealt a lot with JET, etc., since then, to update my memory, about this complaint.

So we agreed, that I would read up, and go back there tomorrow, at 10 AM.

But, now I'm reading up here, at home, and I'm going through the Jobcenter-folder, that's called 'Our service standards', which among other subjects, also contains your complaint-procedure.

And it says there, for 'Stage 1', that I would be sent a written answer.

But I haven't been sent that.

So I think the Jobcentre has failed, with Stage 1, and that this complaint now is at Stage 2, in the Jobcentre complaint-procedure.

I would also have liked, to make a new complaint, today.

And that's these complaints:


Mr. Winther didn't inform me, in advance, that we had a complaint-meeting, today.

This was an indexed complaint, with 16 complaints in it, so I would have needed to prepare myself, for å meeting like this, I think.


Mr. Winther, didn't do it like it says in the Jobcentre Complaint Procedure, in the folder, 'Out service standards'.

From what I understand, from the Complaint Procedure, on page 14, in that folder, I should have received an answer to complaint.

It says 'We will aim to send you a full reply within 10 working days'

Today it seemed to me, that Mr. Winther wanted to argue with me almost.

And he started blaiming me for the problems, by accusing me of complaining more than other clients there.

But, I wasn't the one, who my complaint was about.

So I thought Mr. Winther started mixing things up.

And it could be, he wanted to trick me, I suspect, since he rather wanted to deal with the 16 complaints, from 6/9, in an un-scheduled meeting.

Rather than sending documents in the post, like I understand he is meant to do, from your Standard of services-folder.

So now, I'm just trying to escalate this, to Stage 2, in your Complaint Procedure.

Since Stage 1, didn't work at all, according to the Complaint Procedure, I think.

And it's now 17 days, since I sent the complaint, so I think I should have received a written answer, on Stage 1, by now.

Hope you agree with this.

And now I found it most reasonable, to take this from here.

So if you could please inform Mr. Winther about this, so that he doesn't expect me, to be on the meeting, at the Jobcentre tomorrow.

Since I wanted to make sure about these things first.

Hope this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 8:32 PM

Subject: Complaint about the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq./Fwd: Problems with the Employment-zone meeting/Fwd: New review-meeting?

Cc: Sommerstad Gunn Karin <>


regarding this complaint, I have to explain what happened, at the Jobcentre, last Thursday.

I've been unemployed now, for two years here in the UK, and it has never happened anything similar, with me, earlier.

I went on the meeting, with Jenny there, and gave her a form, where I've written all the things I've done, to find work, since the last 'sign on'-meeting.

I also gave her two vacancy-files, from the Jobcentre-machine.

Then, Jenny pointet at the screen, and she said I had a sanction, so I wouldn't get money, on Tuesday, (last week).

I thought this was very unfair, because I don't think I've done anything wrong, to do with Sencia/Employment Zones.

(Which I'm going to write an appeal about, so I won't go into detail about this here).

But I was in a daze almost, since I was a bit tired, and since I've unemployed a long time, perhaps.

I got very angry, because I need those money, to pay my bills, and to pay for food.

I'm on a shoe-string budget, that I've set up, in co-operationg, with the CCCS.

So I depend on the Jobseekers Allowance, to have money, to pay for bills and food.

So when I was told, I wouldn't get the money, for two weeks, then I got very mad, and it was like my whole world fell apart.

Since I almost have no money.

And I have hard fought payment-plans, with creditors, that I know I can lose, (and get taken to court about), if I don't pay those bills.

So I thought this sanction was very disrespectful, and I don't think a thing like this, could ever have happened, in Norway, that people get punished like that, in a way, so that one risk running out of food.

This was very low-ly, I think.

So I got angy.

And on top of this, Jenny there, said I could write about my feelings, in an appeal.

But I thought that was just a provocation, to ridicule and harass me.

Because I would have wanted to write about facts, and write my thoughts and opinions.

But I wouldn't just write about my feelings.

That wouldn't have made any sense, to just write 'I want my money because I'm sad/angry'.

So I think I was very ridiculed, by Jenny there.

And each time I go to that Jobcentre, I have to write a new complaint, because they really mess with me there.

(Some mobsters or some mafia, or something).

Like I think you know, since I've sent you a large number of e-mails, about this, in the last months.

I thought I was so unfairly threated, so I lost my temper, (like the police said).

Or rather, I thought I had to protest, for being threated, in a way like this.

So while Jenny went to find the appeal-form.

I got up from my chair, and went further into the corner, of the Jobcentre there, on the First floor, and wondered how I could protest.

I thought, maybe I should throw Jennys computer out the window.

But I decided that that would have been a bit much.

So I decided not to do that.

But I was very angry.

(I don't think I've ever been this angry before.

Only if someone steal from me, then I sometimes get angry, if I'm tired etc.

But this isn't very often.

I'm 40 years old, and this has happened a couple of time only.

And the last time, was in the 90's, I think, when someone stole some orange-juice from me, in Oslo, and the house was full of people my sister had let in to our house, (Ungbo), then I got angry, and kicked a football, in the wall.

But, there wasn't a football at the Jobcentre, but I kicked a litter bin there.

Just to protest and get out my aggression.

It fell over and made a plump noise, and I saw that it had some documents inside it.

Then, I had got to protest and got my aggression out.

So then I was calm and quiet and fine.

But then, someone screamed at me.

A jobcentre-woman.

'Go out of this office now'.

Even if I was calm and quiet, I was just walking back to my chair.

Then I just tryed to get my files with me, from Jennys desk.

Before the screaming woman and a man, attacked me, I think I have to say.

They went so close behind me, (while they screamed at me, to get out), that when I tried to put my Attendance arrangement booklet, (that had been lying on Jennys desk), in my back-pocket, while I walked towards the exit-door, then my elbow thouched the blond job-centre woman, in her 40's, I think, 'tits', since she walked so close behind me.

And also a man walked this close to me.

So I think I have to say, that I was throuwn out of there, even if I was calm and quiet, and just wanted to protest.

They screamed at me several times, that they would call the Police, and that the Police would contact me, etc.

So I think this was a punishment, for my protest, that I was throwed out, and screamed at.

So I think I've already been punished, by the Jobcentre-staff for my protest there.

This was just to explain what happend, at the Jobcenter, on 26/8.

Now to my complaint.

Today I was at the Jobcentre, again, after receiving a letter, from the Jobcentre-manager, (for Williamson Sq. Jobcentre, Liverpool), telling me to come to the Jobcentre, today, at 9.30, for an extra meeting there.

I'll index the comlaints, since there are a lot.


I was thrown out of the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq., on 26/8, even if I was calm and quiet, and was no threat.

I just wanted to protest.

But after that, I was fine, calm and quiet.

Still I was thrown out, and screamed at, many times.

So I think I was a bit harassed then.

Just to also explain about this.


The Jobcentre-manager, tell me I distroyed a fan.

But I didn't see any fan.

And I think I would have heard it, if the litter-bin had fallen on a fan.

So I can't see, that the Jobcentre, has given evidence, that I distroyed the fan.

This Jobcentre, has messed with me a lot, I'd see, (see all my earlier complaints).

I suspect that this could have been a fabrication/plot, by someone at the Jobcentre.

And I'm not convinced, that I did this.

So therefore I don't think I've really distroyed anything there, and I think it's un-fair that I have to pay for repair-work, on a fan.

This was probably a fan, that didn't work from before, and therefore was put away in the corner, close to the litter-bin there.

So I think you should tell Mr. Winter, the Jobcentre-manager, that he has to give me evidence on, that I have distroyed a fan there, before I have to pay for any damage.

Because this with the fan, was a big surprise, for me, when I read the letter, from Mr. Winter, last week.

My senses are quite good.

So I think I would have seen or heard it, if a fan had been damaged, in connection with my protest there.

So I'm not convinced, that this was my fault, and I haven't got much money, and I don't want to pay £50, for a fan, that I'm not convinced that I've damaged.

Like I told the Police, I didn't see any fan.

And then the Police desribed it, as an 'accident'.

And then I'm not sure, if I should.

I'm not sure if it was an accident, I think it could have been a fabrication, just to cause me problems, by some 'mafia', since I've overheard, in 2003, that I'm being followed, by the 'mafia', (who ever which mafia they meant).

And I have relatives in Norway, in the Order of St. John, whom I suspect, that also mess with me, through that crusader-organisation.


I was harassed by Jenny there.

She told me to write my 'feelings', on a form.

(On the sign-on meeting there, on 26/8).

But that form, is ment to be written 'thoughts' on.

So to describe my thoughts, as only 'feelings', that I think is to ridicule me, and to harass me.

So this was the last drop, from that Jobcentre.

They are horrible there, I think.

That's why I protested.

I wanted to escalate this complaint, from the Jobcentre-manager, Mr. Winter, who said today, he wouldn't go on with that complaint, in the meeting today.

But I think I can't accept being threated as degrading, as that, so I wanted to please escalate, that complaint.


I have been informed, by the Jobcentre, (by Jenny and Mr. Rimmer, at the Jobcentre Birkenhead), that I wouldn't get my Jobseekers Allowance, on 31/8.

Yet, I got it anyway.

(I thought that maybe the Jobcentre had understood, that they had made a bad desition or mistake.

And therefore let me have the money, anyway).

And now, Mr. Winter tells me, that now I'll lose the next payment, on 14/9 in stead.

So now, I've lost even more control, on my economy, since the Jobcentre change the sanction-date, all the time.

I think you shouldn't sanction me now, since you have 'messed' with the sanction-date.

And then, a sanction, would be even more unfair, against me, since this now has messed my economy, more up.

How am I supposed to keep track on my economy, when you change dates like this, all the time, more or less.

I think this is just silly.

I think you should stop 'messing' with my Jobseekers Allowance, and don't have a sanction at all, since you've messed with the dates, and completely ruined, more or less, my last weeks.


I'm also on a shoe-string budget, in co-operation, with the CCCS.

And my budget can't take sanctions on my job-seekers allowance, for two weeks.

I don't think it's healty to e.g. only eat rice og purridge, for two weeks.

What if this makes me lose my phone or electricity etc.

I live in my own flat, so you distroy a lot for me.

I isn't like I'm a teenager, who lives with his parents.

Then I could perhaps have understood a sanction like that.

But this is just ridicules I think, and iresponsible, I think, by the Jobcenter, to distroy peoples lives and mess with their economy, in a way like this.

So I hope you can please stop this mentioned sanction.

And please don't this again.

I don't think this is like a funny practical joke, or something like this.

I think the Jobcentre, show a lack of understanding, regarding how adult people are dependant on their regular income/allowance, (that they rely on), to be able to have control of their lives.

How can you expect people to keep control, and get their lifes sorted, in a way, that makes them able/fit for contributing, to society, when you mess with them like this?

This is just cruel/evin/silly, by the Jobcentre, I think.

So this I wanted to please complain about.


The letter from Mr. Rimmer, (the Jobcentre, Birkenhead), was sent, on 27/8, informing me about the mentioned sanction.

Yet, I was told about this, on 26/8, by Jenny, at the Jobcentre, Williamsson Sq.

That's why I lost my temper, since she said this, like lightning from clear sky, (like we say in Norway).

Why wasn't the letter from Mr. Rimmer, sent to me, before the meeting with Jenny, on 27/8.

I think this was a bit stupid almost, I think I have to say.

Like I told Mr. Winter, in the meeting today.

If I'd got the letter from Mr. Rimmer, before the sign-on meeting, last Thursday.

Then I would have just maybe hit the wall, at home, in anger, after un-fairly, (I think I have to say), losing my Jobseekers Allowance.

Why do you tell people about sanction-desitions face-to-face, rathing than sending a letter.

Wouldn't it be better to send the letter about this, before the face-to-face sign-on meeting?

I think that would have been better, so I wanted to please complain about this, as well.


Mr. Winter, today had four meetings set up for me, at the Jobcentre, in a row.

First a security-meeting, (held by himself).

Then a police-meeting, (where Mr. Winter also was present).

Then a sign-on meeting, (by a young man in his 20's, I think. Mr Winter wasn't present in this meeting. This was a meeting to replace the meeting, on Thursday 26/8, which really finished then, since I had signed on and all, I just didn't get the appeal-leaflet).

And then a final summarisation-meeting, by Mr. winter.

I think this is to many meetings, on a row.

I didn't have time, to prepare, for the Police-meeting.

And in the sign-on meeting, I didn't get to exlain, that I had really signed on, last Thursday.

Because I was really over-run, (or what it's called), with all these meeting, I think.

I think I should only go to one Jobcentre-meeting, at a time.

And not on three or four, like Mr. Winter arranged for me, today.

Because then it's hard to stay on top, through all these meetings.

And then I can get tired, and forget to make points, that would have helped my side/case, etc.

So I wanted to please complain about.


Mr. Winter, didn't tell me, in advance, that the Police would meet with me, today, at the Jobcentre.

When I was thrown out, last Thursday, they screamed at me, that the Police would visit me, at my address.

Williamsson Sq. Jobcentre, isn't my address.

I didn't have the chance to prepare for this.

And Mr. Winter, was present in this meeting.

Which I think, was really between me, and the Police.

Why didn't the Police go to my address, if they wanted to speak with me?

I have an IPCC-case, against the Merseyside police, (to do with an employment-case, against Arvato, etc), and I thought I recognised Mr. O'Brian, from that complaint(?).

Why are the Police and the Jobcentre, having secret Police-meetings at the Williamsson Sq. Jobcentre.

I find it hard to trust Mr. Winter after this surprise.

Why didn't he prepare me for that the police would be there.

Mr. Winter told me, after the security-meeting, to prepare for a sign-on meeting.

And suddently, to Police-officers, in white shirts and black wests, shows up, to speak with me.

Then I have to go upstairs, with Mr. Winter in front, and the two Police-officers behind.

In front of all the people at the Jobcentre.

I thought this was embarrasing.

Just because I wanted to protest, doesn't make me a criminal.

Is there a secret police, in the UK, I'm wondering.

Shouldn't there be opennes, in society.

Why wasn't I told that the Police would be present, in today's meeting.

This I want to please complain about.


Mr.Winter said I had been using violence there.

But, I don't think one can call kicking a litter-bin over, (as a protest), for violence.

Violence, as far as I understand it, is if you kick og hit a person or an animal.

So I can't say I've done violence.

Just protest, I'd call it.

I don't think I was violent there, since a plastic wheelie litter-bin, doesn't get damaged by a kick like that.

So this was very unfair I think.

So this I wanted to please complain about.


I remember that I signed on, (in the meeting with Jenny), on 26/8.

Why did I have to sign on, for the two weeks commencing 26/8 again today?

This makes no sense.

How could you lose that form, that I signed on, on 26/8.

This I wanted to please complain about.


In the meeting today, I was writing down notes.

But the Police, (the officer in his 20's, I think, with brown eyes. (he ordered me to look in his eyes, that's why I remember)), ordered me, not to write notes.

Is this civil?

Are the Police at war?

This was very out of line I think.

What has this go to, with civilised behaviour, to order people not to write notes, in a meeting, with the Police.

What was it that the Police wanted to cover up.

Why do the Merseyside Police act like we are living in a police/fascist-state?

Is there a war I don't know about?

This I wanted to please complain about.


The Police, (the officer in his 20's, I think, with brown eyes), in todays meeting, threatened my, that they would arrest me.

If I escalated the complaint, against Jenny there.

How can the Police mix cases like this?

This seems corrupt and dirty to me.

Are they allowed to make threats?

I don't think so.

So this I want to please complain about.


The police accused me of 'Criminal damage' on a fan there, at the Jobcentre.

But, I haven't even touched a fan there.

He then changed it to 'accident'.

But I think something is wrong, how can he accuse me of this, when I haven't done it.

Someone must have lied there.

At worst it was an accident.

Then how could he get it to 'criminal damage'.

Someone must have lied at the Jobcentre, I reackon.

So this I please want to complain about.


The Police didn't interduce themselves, to me, in today's meeting.

This I think, isn't good behaviour.

So this I wanted to please complain about.


After the sign-on meeting, on 26/8, when I kicked the litter-bin, as a protest.

Then I sent two e-mails, to this e-mail address.

One with an explanation, and an update later, where I apologised.

Mr. Winter hadn't received the e-mail where I apologised, (he told me in the security-part of the meeting, today).

I also remember, from a meeting with the former Jobcentre Manager, Mrs. Hart, that she also didn't get e-mails sent to her, from you at the Contact-us department, I think it was.

So this I wanted to please complain about, that your system for giving your managers e-mails, doesn't seem to work, at the Jobcentre, Williamson Sq.

So this I wanted to please complain about.


In the letter, from Mr. Brimmer, (from the Jobcentre, Birkenhead), from 27/8.

It says something that doesn't make any sense, really.

It first says, (to do with the mentioned sanction):

'We can't pay you Jobseekers Allowance from 27 August 2010'.

Adn then:

'We can't pay you Jobseekers Allowance from 10 September 2010'.

This I don't think makes any sense at all.

Why have you written two different dates?

This I please wanted to compain about, that looks confusing.

Why do you want to confuse your clients.

This I want to please complain about.

I send a copy of this e-mail, to the Norwegian Embassy, (since they are involved in the Arvato-case, which I've mentioned), to the UN, (since the IPCC and other British Government, don't answer my correspondance, and don't accept me as a refugee, after I've run to the UK, after I overheard, in Oslo that I was followed by "the mafia'n", and after I was attemped killed, in Kvelde, near Larvik, in 2005, and then went here to Liverpool, and has stayed here since), also I send a copy to the CCCS, since I have co-operated, and gotten a lot of advice, from them, with setting up a budget, that I can live with, while I'm unemployed.

So I guess you can't answer the complaints about the Police, at the Jobcentre.

So please just ignore the complaints about Police-officers.

Those are really for IPCC, but they don't reply to my correspondence, so those complaints are really to the UN.

I just write them here, since the Police was at the meeting at the Jobcentre.

So they fit in, in this complaint, I think, due to this.

To get the whole picture and better overview.

But please just ignore answering the compaints about the Police, that you at the Jobcentre, really can't answer, since you don't control the Police.

This I understand, I just thought those complaints, belonged in this complained, since the Police and the Jobcentre, where so closely 'knitted', at least from my point of view, in this case, to do with my protest at the Jobcentre.

Again, I apologise, that I kicked the litter-bin.

I'm not going to that again.

But I think that Jobcentre threat me in a horrible way, unfortunatly.

I hope you have the chance to look at this complaint.

And I hope you don't think I'm inpolite, since I complain so much.

I really hope I wouldn't have to write complaints like this.

So I'm sorry that I have to.

Hope this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 1:57 PM
Subject: Problems with the Employment-zone meeting/Fwd: New review-meeting?


now I was at Sencia, in Pall Mall, for the Employment-zone meeting, at 1.30 pm.

The only problem was, that while I tried to get the calling to work, in that building, in Pall Mall 30-32, then someone told me, that they've moved, to Hanover St.

Then I called Sencia, on 0151 236 1204.

And they told me, that the inductions would start in 5 minuttes, and that it would probably take me 10-15 minuttes, to get to their new address.

So Sencia told me to contact the Jobcentre, and get a new appointment.

So that's why I'm sending this e-mail.

And to complain about that your Employment-zone information-pack litterature, should be up to date.

I remember telling Mrs. Smart, at Jobcentre, Williamsson Sq., that I chose Sencia, among other things, that they were close to my address, (in Leather Lane).

So I wasn't given the information about the new Sencia-address, by Mrs. Smart eighter.

So this is a new complaint in the long line of complaints, that I've had to send about Williamson Sq. Jobcentre.

Can you please explain how you can not have up to date litterature, in you information-packs, about Employment-zones, after you didn't give me the right information at first eighter, (like I've also complained about, to this e-mail address, on 20/5).


Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 11:22 AM
Subject: New review-meeting?


almost a year ago, I received my university-level degree in IT, from my 'home-university', Oslo University College.

And I've mentioned this, from time to time, in sign-on meetings, at the job-centre, (Williamson Sq.).

But, I was wondering.

Should one have a new review-meeting, if one get a new university-level degree, (and a new jobseekers-agreement).

Also, I was wondering.

I have the internet at home.

Do I still have to use the machines at the Jobcentre, for the job-search?

(I think it's better to do at home, because then there's less noise, etc.).

I haven't got a regular contact-person, at the Jobcentre, so I thought I could try to send an e-mail about this.

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

Yours Sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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Jeg fikk enda et nytt brev fra the Jobcentre




Jeg fikk et brev fra the Jobcentre






Jeg sendte en ny Facebook-melding til Ellen Greftegreff


Erik Ribsskog 4. oktober kl. 09:25


var det ikke du som hjalp meg, når vi hadde skidag, på Berger skole, og jeg var utslitt, for jeg hadde gule, smørefrie glassfiberski, som var veldig tråe.

Så jeg lå og hvilte i snøen utafor løypa opp til Blindvann.

Så kom du og noen andre jenter i klassen din forbi, og hjalp meg til å starte å gå igjen.

Stemmer dette, kan du huske dette.

Bare lurte på om det var noe tull med de skia.

Jeg fikk dem av stefaren min, Arne Thomassen, i Larvik, på den tida jeg flytta til faren min, Arne Mogan Olsen, på Berger.

På forhånd takk for eventuelt svar!


Erik Ribsskog


Det er mulig jeg hjalp deg, men jeg kan nok ikke huske det. Syntes allikevel det er rart at en jeg ikke husker kan utlevere alle så detaljert. Syntes nok ikke det du nevner om din søster i full offentlighet er særlig flatterende. Tenk deg litt om før du skriver.


Erik Ribsskog 4. oktober kl. 21:24


nå var det jo søstera mi, som tok opp det med meg.

Hu kom opp til meg i Leirfaret, og sa, 'vet du hva han Kenneth gjorde eller'.

Noe sånt.

Men hu var så vag, så jeg forstod ikke hva hu mente.

Og tremenningen min Øystein Andersen tok meg med på en fest ved Berger kafeen, og der var han Jens, i klassen deres, kameraten til han Kenneth.

Og han Jens nevnte også den episoden.

Jeg husker deg og broren din Frederik, for noen tulla med etternavnet deres, husker jeg, og kalte broren din for 'grøftegraver'.

Men men.

Du dro også ned shortsen, bak, på hu med det mørke håret, bakerst på bildet deres, i gymmen, som vi hadde sammen med dere.

(Foran trynet på meg).

Og hu hadde ikke på seg truse.

Men men.

Jeg husker godt mange av de som bodde på Berger, men jeg var jo sånn at jeg gikk på fotball, og ikke så mye på ski, som deg.

Ski-folk er vel mer induvidalister, mens jeg kunne prate med alle da.

Så derfor husker kanskje jeg mer.

Men men.

Jeg mener å huske at du var flink til å rope 'løype' ihvertfall, når jeg var med på Onsdagsløpet.

Det var med en gang etter at jeg flytta til Berger fra Larvik.

Det husker du kanskje, at jeg flytta meg, sånn at du kunne tøffe forbi?

Jeg hadde så dårlig ski, skjønner du, og mora mi gikk mye i lysløypene, rundt ved Bøkeskogen, i Larvik, men jeg var vel bare med en gang.

Før det, så hadde jeg stått så mye på ski, siden jeg var 5-6-7 år vel.

Men noen fra Østre Halsen, tror jeg, skrøyt av meg da, at jeg gikk forbi alle de andre, i spurten.

(Det var når vi nesten var tilbake i 'sivilisasjonen').

For noen ganger syntes jeg at langrenn ble litt kjedelig.

Jeg var mer sånn at jeg spite fotball.

Men men.

Du får ha takk for svar ihvertfall.

Jeg mener at Haldis sin datter Christell, gikk på Wang privat-gymnas, i Oslo, for hu klarte ikke artium da, på tre år, i Holmestrand, var det vel.

Fikk hu artium i Oslo eller, på Wang, mener jeg?

Jeg er ikke så oppdatert, for jeg kutta ut faren min og dem mye, etter at jeg flytta til Oslo, i 1989.

Så det er kanskje derfor jeg husker gamle dager så bra, ute på Berger.

For jeg har nesten ikke vært der, siden 1989 da.

Men beklager hvis det ble noe ubehageligheter.

Jeg har nemlig overhørt, i Oslo, i 2003, at jeg er forfulgt av noe dem har der, kalt 'mafian'.

Og jeg ble forsøkt drept, på min onkel Martin Ribsskog, sin samboer sin gård, i Larvik, i 2005.

Og politiet vil ikke si meg hvem denne 'mafian' er engang, og de vil ikke etterforske mordførsøket mot meg.

Så jeg er flyktning i England, og prøver å grave litt i gamle dager da, for å prøve å finne ut, hvorfor jeg er forfulgt, og hvorfor jeg ikke får rettighetene mine.

Men hvis ikke dette hadde skjedd, så hadde jeg nok ikke skrevet sånne dumme meldinger på Facebook.

Det er dessverre en konsekvens av at politiet bl.a., ikke gjør jobben sin, i Norge.

Så sånn er det.

Men takk for svar ihvertfall!


Erik Ribsskog

Erik Ribsskog 4. oktober kl. 22:26


for å forklare hvordan søstera mi, Pia Ribsskog, er.

Så hvis min fars stedatter, Christell Humblen, sa fra om noe.

Så var hu veldig klar.

Som den gangen hu sa fra om at rektor Borgen hadde gått inn i garderoben deres, (og at Annika hadde løpt foran han, og vifta med puppa).

Da de gikk i 6. klasse, eller noe.

Hvis søstera mi, Pia Ribsskog, skulle fortalt om dette.

Så hadde hu kanskje sagt.

Borgen var slem, og Annika var rar.

Når søstera mi er så vag, så kan man jo ikke si det videre, eller gjøre noe med det.

Annika, Pia sier at du var rar.

Ikke sant, da stopper det opp.

Det går jo ikke ann å ta det videre.

Så der vil jeg gi skryt til hu Christell, for hu er mye klarere, enn søstera mi Pia.

Men men.

Pia er kanskje bevisst vag.

Hvem vet.

Det er jo skrevet en bok, som heter at Kvinner er fra Venus, og menn er fra Mars.

Isåfall, så er nok søstera mi, Pia Ribsskog, fra den delen av Venus, som er så langt bort som mulig, fra Jorda, vil jeg si.

Så sånn er nok det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.


Erik Ribsskog

Jeg fikk et brev fra RBS

img051 paint

Det her er sikkert Christell. For Susi har sikkert fått kattunger igjen, og Christell pleide å jobbe på en butikk, som het Casa, på Gulskogen-senteret

sikkert christell


Jeg synes at den ene spraglete kattungen der nemlig, ligna litt på en katt som jeg fikk av Christell og dem, på 80-tallet, som het Tiger.

Det var storebroren til Christell, nemlig Jan Snoghøj, som fant på det navnet, på den katten, hvis jeg ikke tar helt feil.

Men men.

Så sånn var det.

Så vi får se hva som skjer.

Vi får se.


Erik Ribsskog

PS 2.

Susi er visst det finske navnet for 'ulv'.


Her er mer om dette:

susi er visst det finske navnet for ulv

Rogaland Fylkeskommune søker på 'jehovas vitner illuminati'. Hm

jehovas vitner illuminati

Nå har jeg vært og kjøpt godteri, til nettbutikken min,

Photo 1877


Jeg tenkte at isbre-mint, skulle koste 25 kroner, pr. pose, (inklusiv frakt til Norge, (som postpakke), og ekspedisjon).

Og at de andre slagene, på bildet, skulle koste 29 kroner, pr. pose, (inklusiv frakt til Norge, (som postpakke), og ekspedisjon).

Det nettbutikk-programmet, det er et gratisprogram, så det tar litt tid å sette opp, merker jeg.

Men hvis noen vil bestille noe, før jeg får opp nettbutikken.

(Som jeg ikke vil love noe angående, det kan ta fra 1-4 uker).

Så kan man bestille, over e-post, til

Og betalte over donasjons-funksjen, på

Det er denne linken:

Så da er det bare å bestille så mye godteri man vil, (av de slagene som er på bildet).

Så da er det bare å bestille!


Erik Ribsskog

PS 2.

Og hvis det er noen som har noen spesialbestillinger, på andre ting dem vil ha fra England.

Så er det bare å bestille det og, på e-post, så kan jeg prøve å få tak i disse tingene også, og få levert de til Norge.

Så det er da bare å sende e-post.

PS 3.

Og jeg vet, fra platebutikker, på nettet, osv.

At det er tollfritt, hvis det er snakk om leveranser, på under 200 kroner.

Så jeg kommer til å gjøre, som platebutikker, i utlandet gjør.

Nemlig at de splitter opp ordrer over 200 kroner.

(Eventuelt ikke lar folk bestille for mer enn 200 kroner).

Sånn at hver faktura ikke overstiger mer enn 200 kroner.

Men at jeg da heller sender flere fakturaer.

Som jeg vet at en kjent platebutikk, på nettet, (jeg husker ikke navnet nå), gjør.

Så sånn er det.

Så vi får se hva som skjer.

Vi får se.

Jeg sendte en e-post til Berger I.L.

epost sendt,kontakt/


Her er mer om dette:


jeg overhørte at jeg var forfulgt av noe de kalte 'mafian', inne i Oslo, i 2003, og ble forsøkt drept på min onkel Martin Ribsskog sin samboer sin gård, i Kvelde, i 2005.

Så jeg har flykta til England.

Jeg jobba som butikksjef og har studert data i fire år på universitetsnivå, i Oslo, på NHI og HiO IU.

Men jeg får ikke svar fra politiet engang, om hvem den her 'mafian' er.

Så jeg skriver om alt jeg har drevet med, på nettet.

Jeg lurte på om dere kan bekrefte, at jeg spilte fotball, på alderbestemte klasser, for Berger IL, fra ca. 1980 til ca. 1985.

Trenere var Leif Moen, faren til Anders Røkås og faren til Ole Christian Skjellsbekk, i klassen min.

Vi vant Vinn Sande Cup, et år, (jeg redda på streken og redda frispark).

Og Skjellsbekk kjente en trener utafor Gøteborg, så vi dro på helgetur dit, og spilte mot noen svensker, som var et par år yngre.

Jeg spilte også en kamp, for Fram, i Farrishallen vel.

For jeg bodde hos mora mi, fram til 1979.

Da flytta jeg til faren min Arne Mogan Olsen.

Og jeg gikk derfor under navnet Erik Olsen, men faren min glemte å skifte navn på meg, hos Folkeregisteret, så jeg har egentlig hett Erik Ribsskog, siden 1976.

Men da jeg flytta til faren min, så fikk meg, (merkelig nok), et par gule, smørefrie glassfiberski, av min stefar i Larvik, Arne Thormod Thomassen.

Farmora mi, var det vel, Ågot Mogan Olsen, fikk meg til å gå et Onsdagsløp, med Berger IL, opp til Blindvann, vinteren 1979/80.

(Jeg hadde ikke engang hørt om onsdagsløpet, for det hadde vi vel ikke i Larvik, som jeg visste om, ihvertfall).

Men de skia var så tråe, så jeg kom på sisteplass.

Og fikk dotter i øra, av alle som ropte 'løype'.

Så det var siste gangen jeg var med på Onsdagsløpet, for å si det sånn.

På forhånd takk hvis dere har noe bekreftelse på dette.

Mormora mi var jo fra Danmark, og jeg har to tremenninger der, som begge er direktører.

Og jeg ser at han ene, han skriver om klubbmesterskap i tennis, på CV-en sin vel.

Så da kunne jeg hatt om at jeg har vært med å vinne Vinn Sande-cup da, i fotball, på CV-en, tenkte jeg.

For jeg har jo jobba en del med organisasjon og ledelse osv., og er med i f.eks. NITO's lederforum, så kanskje jeg skal bli direktør jeg og.

Og da bør man visst ha noen idretts-bragder på CV-en, virker det som for meg.

Så hvis dere kunne bekrefta det, at jeg var med på å Vinne Vinn Sande cup, med Berger IL, så hadde det vært artig.

På forhånd takk for eventuell hjelp!


Erik Ribsskog

Jeg sendte en Facebook-melding til Ellen Greftegreff


Erik Ribsskog 4. oktober kl. 09:25


var det ikke du som hjalp meg, når vi hadde skidag, på Berger skole, og jeg var utslitt, for jeg hadde gule, smørefrie glassfiberski, som var veldig tråe.

Så jeg lå og hvilte i snøen utafor løypa opp til Blindvann.

Så kom du og noen andre jenter i klassen din forbi, og hjalp meg til å starte å gå igjen.

Stemmer dette, kan du huske dette.

Bare lurte på om det var noe tull med de skia.

Jeg fikk dem av stefaren min, Arne Thomassen, i Larvik, på den tida jeg flytta til faren min, Arne Mogan Olsen, på Berger.

På forhånd takk for eventuelt svar!


Erik Ribsskog

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