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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jeg sendte en Facebook-melding til Linda Myrberg, fra Bergeråsen

linda myrberg bergeråsen


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Mellom Linda Myrberg og Deg

Erik Ribsskog 23. februar kl. 16:43

jeg har prøvd å sende til broren din Tom-Ivar, men jeg har ikke fått noe svar.

Har du sånn hemmelig lås på døra til rommet ditt enda?

Jeg har overhørt at jeg er forfulgt av 'mafian', i Oslo, i 2003 og 2004 og har rømt til England, etter mordførsøk mot meg, i Kvelde, i 2005.

Skal ha sak mot min far som lot meg bo alene fra jeg var ni år.

Trenger folk som kan bekrefte dette.

Du klaget på at min katt, Kitty, lukta vondt, (den ble senere drept den katten), så jeg begynte å dusje den katta hver søndag, samtidig med meg selv, så fikk jeg dusja sjæl og, så jeg var ikke så ureinslig, selv om jeg bodde aleine, jeg dusja hver søndag, (ihvertfall en del av åra jeg bodde på Bergeråsen), og etter gymmen osv.

Du vaska håret ditt med egg, eller hva det var, mener jeg å huske.

Men men.

Dere flytta til Drammen, siden har jeg ikke hørt så mye.

Leste i Drammens Tidende, hos farmora mi Ågot, at han yngste broren deres, fikk sprengt av seg et par fingre, når han tukla med en fenghette vel, (farmora mi viste meg det. Jeg vet ikke hvordan hu visste hvem broren din var. Men men).

Bare tenkte jeg kunne prøve å skrive ihvertfall.

Hils Tom-Ivar og hele gjengen.

(Hvis dem ikke er sure på meg av en eller annen grunn da.

Hvem vet).


Erik Ribsskog

Jeg sendte en Facebook-melding til Sari Arokivi, som jeg traff i Brighton, sommeren 1989

sari arokivi sommeren 1989


Her er mer om dette:

Hi there Sari,

Mellom Sari Arokivi og Deg

Erik Ribsskog 23. februar kl. 15:11

how are you?

I've tried to send you some e-mails, to your employer.

I don't know if you've gotten them

Have a blog now:

(I'm also living in the UK as a refugee.

I've overheard I'm followed by the 'mafian', in Oslo, in 2003 and 2004.

A bunch of people/gangsters tried to murder me, in Larvik, in 2005, so I ran away from Norway and ended up in Liverpool.

Things were more easy in Brighton, in the summer of 1989, I think.

But anyway, just thought I'd try to send a Facebook-message.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

Fler bilder fra Liverpool
















Hvis det er noen som vil kjøpe motorsykler i Spania, så kan de kjøpe dem av Maria, (tror jeg det her betyr). Men men

Gmail - intercambio de enlace con


Erik Ribsskog

intercambio de enlace con


Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 12:08 PM



Te escribo porque he visto tu blog y me ha gustado.
Te gustaria intercambiar un enlace con ( y yo pongo un enlace a en mi web.

Mi enlace:
Con el texto del enlace 'Mototop'

Gracias, Maria.

Det er visst noe som foregår rundt den Arvato-saken enda, for de søker på min Arvato-kollega, Katri Mannola, fra Statsministerens kontor, i Finland

katri mannola fra arvato


Jeg sendte en e-post om Arvato-saken min, og det jeg visste om hun Katri Mannola, til den finske ambassaden i London:

Gmail - Katri Mannola, collegue from Arvato


Erik Ribsskog

Katri Mannola, collegue from Arvato

Erik Ribsskog

Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 10:39 AM



I'm a refugee from Norway, (I've overheard I'm followed by the 'mafian', in Oslo, in 2003 and 2004, and was attempted to be murdered, by a bunch of people, in Larvik, in 2005).

I live as a refugee in Liverpool, but get none of my rights from the Police, who don't want to investigate even the murder-case, or tell me who this 'mafian' is.

I'm not allowed to be a refugee, so I live here under the EEA-agreement, even if I've complained to the UN, since I'm an asylum-seeker.

I worked at Arvato, in 2005 and 2006, and have an employment-case against them:

I overhear Katri Mannola, say to the Team-Leader, Line Sletvold, I think it must have been, in 2006, before Christmas.

That she didn't dear to take her British boyfriend home to Helsinki/Finland, but just took him to Stockholm.

In case her parents wouldn't like her boyfriend.

The reason I send about this, is because I have tracking-cookie programme on my blog, (StatCounter), and could see that the Prime Ministers Office, in Finland, Google about 'Katri Mannola'.

I'll see if I can find that search.

She also wasn't that comfertable, on the phone, activating Windows for Bertelsmann Arvato, on behalf of Microsoft, I remeber, but would argue with Finish customers, and scream high, in a compaining way.

Once I even met her after work, in Matthew St., when she had a day off.

(I think she studied).

She was wearing expensive clothes, (I think), and went almost next to me, and just took a taxi home.

We noticed eachother, but didn't talk.

(I was a bit in shock, since the Police, neighter in the UK or Norway, would give me my rights).

This was a bit strange episode.

Other than that, I don't know much about her, but I got some Facebook-messages, when I tried to get further with the employment-case, where she complained about Arvato.

I'll see if I can find more about this.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog


Here is the Facebook-conversation:


Mellom Katri Mannola og Deg

Erik Ribsskog 31. oktober 2008 kl. 00:23

I was just browsing through some Facebook-pages, to do with Arvato etc.

(I've started a case against them).

You alright then?


31. oktober 2008 kl. 17:12 Rapporter

Hej Erik!

Nice to hear from you. How are you? Still in Liverpool? I moved back to Finland and now doing my masters in Helsinki.

What is this case you have against Arvato? They are evil, so well done. I really hope you win!


Erik Ribsskog 31. oktober 2008 kl. 17:24

Hi Katri,

thank you very much for your answer!

I'm still in Liverpool, I've been working as a company researches, taking calls to Scandinavian companies from home, since I was constructivly dismissed, from Arvato.

I'm complaining about the bullying, from team-leader Vivian Steinsland, and the shouting 'name, you're on wrap-up', that I was given to few rest-days, that team-leader Baines, Bon Prix, followed me home.

That STL Tippins, lied in a meeting, and that Rushby, HR and Tippins, tried to cover up for Baines, in a meeting.

And much more.

I'll find a link to this if you're interested.

I thought that maybe some of the Nordic women working at Arvato were in problems.

I remember hearing you say, to team-leader Line, that you didn't dear to bring your boyfriend to Helsinki, but only to Stockholm, in the Christmas holyday, or what it was.

But it could be that I heard wrong.

That's possible.

I've also been a bit worried for the other girls there, like Emelie, who was missing from work, for months, even if she worked there full-time, and Anna Riski, who started crying there, and also Marianne Hoeksas, started crying there.

But anyway.

I remember that you got a bit shouted at, when you were taking the Finnish calls, and rejecting the customers to activate Windows, that you were just sitting there, and taking the abuse, in stead of hanging up.

But then they would have maybe complained, but maybe the team-leaders should have helped you.

I'll add the links, so please tell me if there is something you know about the problems there, or with the girls working there.

Thanks again for your answer, and good luck with your masters!



Here are the links:

31. oktober 2008 kl. 18:17 Rapporter

Thanks for the links.

I really hope you come out as winner in this thing. My ex-boyfriend(we broke up) worked for arvato and ian was his boss. It was horrible seeing how they treated him.
Is it costing you a lot to do this? Do you have an attorney? What are the chances of winning? After coming to Finland I realized that in England the worker is without rights and pay is really bad. I now work for a financing company and the law is always on the workers side, and pay is double to that in england. But then again the nordic countries are ahead so much.

31. oktober 2008 kl. 18:19 Rapporter

By the way, send messages to Judith and Karoliina. They are on my friends list. I'm sure Judith would like to hear from you.

Erik Ribsskog 31. oktober 2008 kl. 18:39


I try to get founding from legal aid, which is free, if you get help from the law-firm.

But I haven't got any agreements with law-frims on this yet, but I haven't given up.

I've also been in contact with the Norwegian embassy, in London, who are supporsed to call me again now.

The police weren't interested to help, so they sent me to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

But both the police and the CAB, have been bulying me, since I think it really is a criminal-case as well, and not only an employment-case, because I was bullied almost to death there, or how I shoud explain it.

So it has taken me a lot of time, but not money, but time I could have used at work, but at least I've got it published on the publising-site.

I've been discusing the problems there, on the BBC message-board etc., and got told, that Arvato used illigal managment methods etc, that were bullying. (The shouting, you're on wrap-up etc).

I contacted Christine Hansen, the other day, she said it was like being in prison working there, and I think it got worse, after people like Vivian Steinsland became team-leader, and also after Ian Carrel became Managing Director.

(From around the summer of 2006, it got a lot worse working for MSPA, I'd say).

I had a meeting with Carrel, but he put Rushby, from HR, in charge of the investigation of the problems I'd reported, even if I had complained about her, in the e-mail to Carrel, that she was involved in the covering up, of the harassment from Baines.

I told the Police this, and they said that the CAB was 'government', which they aren't, they are a charity.

But it seemed to me, that the Police etc., could be involved in this.

And that this could be why there are problems like these in Britain.

I think people are protected, by laws etc., but that the system with the police, and the CAB and the Law Society and the LSC and the law-firms etc, is corrupt.

That's how it could seem to me.

I'll see if I contact Judith and Katariina.

I had some problems with Judith there, but maybe I can bring them up.

We'll see.

Now I'm trying to find new employment, since the project I've been working on since I had to quit at Arvato, has ended, but I'm going to try to deal with the case anyway.

I'm waiting for Arvato to send me my file there now, that I was adviced by a law firm in Wrexham, to ask them if they could do.

So I'll upload those files when I recieve them.

If you have the time to look at the files, and have any comments etc, then please just tell me.

I remember once I was working an early shift, at Arvato.

Then I went to Tesco, to buy food, and then you were in Matthew St., I think it was, and then you took a taxi home, I seem to remember.

But maybe the study-finance is good in Finland.

Not that it's my business.

But if you want, I can update you, when I know more about the case.


PS 2:

Here's from StatCounter:


Referrer mannola&*&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1

Search Engine Phrase

katri mannola

Search Engine Name


Search Engine Host

Host Name

IP Address [Label IP Address]




Southern Finland




Prime Minister's Office

Returning Visits


Visit Length

1 second



IE 7.0

Operating System






Navigation Path





23rd February 2011


Page View mannola&*&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1

23rd February 2011


Page View mannola&*&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til Bo Holte, (slektning av Bente Holte f. Ravn og Palle Ravn)

Gmail - Telefonsamtale i dag/Fwd: Bente Holte, venninne av min mormor, Ingeborg Ribsskog


Erik Ribsskog

Telefonsamtale i dag/Fwd: Bente Holte, venninne av min mormor, Ingeborg Ribsskog

Erik Ribsskog

Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 10:04 AM

To:, Henrik Wedell-Wedellsborg <>,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: 2011/2/23
Subject: Telefonsamtale i dag/Fwd: Bente Holte, venninne av min mormor, Ingeborg Ribsskog


jeg viser til telefonsamtale i dag, hvor jeg forklarte at jeg var barnebarn av Ingeborg Ribsskog, fra Norge.

Jeg fortalte at jeg hadde fått opplyst av Folkeregisteret i Odense, at Bente Holte f. Ravn, bodde på den adresse, der heter Søbakken 22, i Charlottenlund.

Men du sa at Bente Holte, ikke var din mor, og hun normalt bodde på den adresse, men at nå var det noen problemer, som gjorde at hun ikke bodde der, for øyeblikket.

Jeg spurte også om Palle Ravn, (dette er i forbindelse med arven etter Holger baron Adeler, direkte etter Cort Adeler, sjøhelten, og Holgers kone Magna Adeler f. Nyholm aka. Meme).

Og du sa at han hadde vært død i mange år.

Jeg fortalte at i Adelers testamente, så stod det om en ekekiste, som en ved navn Poulsen, (som jeg også har ringt), arvet.

Jeg fortalte at Poulsen også bodde samme sted som du/dere, nemlig i Charlottenlund.

Du forklarte at de fleste var døde for lengst, av de som står i det testamente, og at du ikke kjente til en Poulsen.

Så jeg sa jeg skulle sende deg en kopi av det brev, hvor det står om denne Poulsen, i en e-post.

(Det var vel måske litt rart, at en Poulsen var arving, enda han jo ikke stod i testamentene til Holger Adeler og Meme?

Jeg ringte denne Poulsen, (som fortsatt bor på samme adresse), her om dagen, og han sa at den kiste var skadet, og at de hadde solgt den.

Jeg lurer på om det kan være noe etter Odin, eller noe, siden Meme aka. Magna Nyholm sin mor, Carla Fog, var etter Løvenbalk, de gamle danske konger, Plantagenet og til og med Odin, ifølge internett.

Men men).

Jeg sender nå ihvertfall en kopi av det brev.

Min avdøde mor, Karen Ribsskog, arvet en ring av Meme, og var nevnt i Adelers testamente.

Så jeg fikk dette sendt fra Landsarkivet i Sjælland, derav mine henvendelser.

Det er på rundt 300 sider, og forklarer at Palle Ravn arvet Holger Adelers våpensamling, mm., antagelig etter den norske sjøhelt Cort Adeler, tipper jeg.

Det var snakk om noen sabler, som kanskje var etter tyrkerkrigene osv., har jeg lurt på.

Og Bene Holte f. Ravn, arvet den andre halvdelen av Holger Adelers eiendeler.

De var hans gudebarn, hun og Palle Ravn, ifølge dette testamente.

Poulsen sa at Ravn hadde slue og griske/beregnende, eller noe slikt, ifølge min mormor og hennes brødre, Ingeborg Ribsskog f. Heegaard, og E. Anker og Louis Heegaard.

Men dette var jo testament som var satt opp av baron-paret, så man kan vel ikke bare si det, synes jeg.

Det rare var denne kiste, synes jeg, som ikke var nevnt i baron-parets testamente(r).

Men likevel ble gitt av E. Anker Heegaard, til denne Erling Fin Poulsen da.

Men jeg er som sagt fra Norge, og kjenner ikke mye til hva som foregikk for 30 år siden, om dette.

Baron Adeler-tittelen, var jo arvelig, og Poulsen sa at ingen fikk den tittelen, etter Holger Adelers død.

Men det er vel litt merkelig, i såfall, da denne tittel vel var arvelig?

Sender kopi til Dansk Adelsforening og Kongehuset i Danmark, siden jeg har oppdatert de tidligere, (og søkt om å få bli baron Adeler, hvis jeg skal være ærlig, siden jeg synes det navnet er veldig fint, siden jeg er fra Norge.

Og jeg tror din slektning, Bente Holte f. Ravn, var i et middagsselskap, hos min mor Karen, i Tønsberg, (Borgheim), sommeren 1993, og begynte å krangle om Grønland, (hvis hun er den av min mormors venninner, som jeg mistenker), så jeg har søkt om å få være baron for Grønland, litt for tull, men likevel :)

Sender med det nevnte brev, fra Erling Fin Poulsen til Holger baron Adelers bo.

Igjen takk for svar om Bente Ravn og Palle Ravn, osv.


Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: 2011/2/17

Subject: Bente Holte, venninne av min mormor, Ingeborg Ribsskog



jeg søker en Bente Holte f. Ravn, (din mor?), venninne av min mormor, tror jeg, Ingeborg Ribsskog.

Din mor var i middagsselskap, hos min mor, Karen Ribsskog, i 1993, etter at jeg var ferdig med militæret, hos min mor, i Borgheim, ved Tønsberg.

Og jeg begynte å fortelle om at jeg hadde vært på vinterøvelse og sovet i snøhule osv.

(For jeg var nettopp ferdig med tøff førstegangstjeneste i infanteriet).

Men så var det visst noen som hadde vært på Grønland.

Avbrøt din mor meg, henvendt til min mormor.

Hvem var det som hadde vært på Grønland?

Det var vel ikke noen i Johanitterordenen, håper jeg, (som jeg har i min fars nye slekt).

Var det jeg som skulle arvet Holger baron Adeler, og tingene etter Cort Adeler, ifølge Meme.

Også tok dere en sammensvergelse mot jeg, Heegaard, Ravn og Ribsskog-familiene?

Hva skjedde med Meme, og hvorfor kalte hun seg dette.

Hvorfor flyktet Palle Ravn til Elfenbenskysten, med våpensamlingen til Cort Adeler, osv?

Her var det mye rart.

Håper at dere har mulighet til å svare på noen av mine spørsmål.


Erik Ribsskog



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