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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Mer fra Facebook

  • Samtale startet 11. oktober
  • Erik Ribsskog
    11.10.2016 18:20
    Erik Ribsskog
    Hi there,
    I was doing some geneaology, and found out, (on MyHeritage), that you were, my steph-brother Viggo's ex-wife, in America.
    My sister Pia, once told me, (in the 90's, I think it must have been), that Viggo was a 'gigolo', for a woman, in America.
    I wonder if she could have meant you?
    So Viggo was just laying by the swiming-pool all day, and didn't do any work?
    His job was just to be handsome?
    I once met a woman named Siri Rognli Olsen, on a ferry, from Norway to England.
    And she sayd I should be an au-pair in New York, for an American woman.
    But I didn't fancy that.
    I had higher ambitions, so to speak.
    But I see Viggo is more into that.
    I've also studied in England, (University of Sunderland), and know some American women from there, (Nicole Erwine and Stephanie Madonna).
    I went to America, on holiday once, in 2005, (from Frankfurt to Detroit), but they didn't let me into USA, even if I had a Norwegian passport with a 'built-in' visa.
    They asked me if I knew any Americans.
    But I had forgotten about Viggo.
    (Who I guess is American now, after being married to you).
    Because Viggo is really in my fathers new family.
    My father moved from me when I was nine, and I live alone, (in his old flat), untill I was eighteen, (when my sister Pia moved in with me).
    So I don't know Viggo that well.
    And had forgotten, that he lived, in America, when I was at the airport there, (in Detroit), in 2005.
    (I was also a bit jet-lagged, I think it's called).
    Just thought I could try to send a Facebook-message.
    Viggo's younger brother Jan, (who is on your friend-list), had an American mate, named Carry, (I think it was), in the 80's.
    Carry had a whole beard.
    Is that the guy with you, on the beach-photo, I was wondering.
    (It could be another guy, I guess).
    Thanks in advance for any reply!
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • I dag
  • 14:21Lisa Morgan har godtatt forespørselen din.
  • Lisa Morgan
    Lisa Morgan
    Hi there,
    Viggo was my husband on two seperate occasions. We married for two years. Divorced and he went to the west coast of Florida where a woman took care of him for 2 years. We married again for a few years. Now he is married to a lady from South America. You can look him up on FB. Viggo Snowhill or Viggo Snoghoj. He uses both names. What photo are you speaking of. Is it in my photo album? I met your dad and everyone there went we went on holiday.... honeymoon.
  • I dag
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    thanks for the reply!
    I ment this photo here:
    But I guess that's another guy, than Carry.
    (I do some research about geneaology and industry-history, so I try to find out who Jan's mate/compaignon Carry, (that I remember from the 80's), is).
    My father moved from me, in 1980, and down to Haldis, (and Jan, Viggo and Christell).
    So it's like my father has gotten, a new familiy.
    But I was only nine years old, at the time.
    So it's a bit complicated, I guess.
    I guess it was the west-coast-woman that my sister Pia talked about.
    I found out about you, when I used the program MyHeritage.
    There were also some prison-photos, on the internet, of you, (if I'm not mistaking).
    Or photos that meant you had been arrested.
    That we don't have in Norway.
    But I guess it could be, that the police, are a bit 'messed up', these days, with all the terror and all.
    (Something like that).
    I lived in the UK, from 2004 to 2014.
    And once I called, and asked for Viggo, at a gym, where he worked, in Florida.
    (This was when I lived in Liverpool City Center, where I lived, from 2006 til 2011).
    But Viggo didn't want to speak with me, (I remember).
    (I called because I remember Pia saying that Viggo was a gigolo.
    So I just wanted to check if he was ok there).
    It was fun to get a Facebook-message, from America.
    I studied at University of Sunderland, in 2004 and 2005, (in the UK).
    And there I had an American lecturor Harry Erwin, and also in the neighbour-flat at campus, an American student lived, her name was Nicole Erwin, and I also met another American woman there, (on the Greek party I think i was), named Stephanie Madonna, from New England, (and she's an actor, I think it was).
    Thanks again for the reply!
    Say hi to Viggo if you meet him.
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
    Vedlegget er ikke tilgjengelig
    Vedlegget har blitt fjernet, eller personen som delte det, har ikke tilgang til å dele med deg.
  • Lisa Morgan
    Lisa Morgan
    This is me and my younger brother Todd. Take care
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    I have to try to find out, who the Carry-guy, (that I remember from Jan and Haldis's flat, in Uelands gate, in Oslo, in the 80's), in another way then.
    It was just something I thought about.
    Thanks again for the help!
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
    I also saw, in a newspaper-archive, that Christell whould go by plane, to America, to visit Viggo, with her kids.
    But I haven't had much contact with my father and his new family, in the last years.
    Thanks very much for the help!

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