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fredag 24. august 2012

Fler bilder fra Liverpool











Jeg sendte en ny e-post til Tesco

Gmail - New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office


Erik Ribsskog

New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 10:20 PM


Hi again,

if you look at the earlier e-mails, your representative writes this:

> I have also spoken to Colin with regards to the baskets, and while some of
> the baskets were inherited with the store

But I was at the shop again today, since Sainsbury's were sold out.

And I spotted that you really have two different types of _Tesco_-baskets.

So why do you write 'inherited with the store'?

It's absolute bullsh*t.

You just make up the sh*t you write, and don't really investigate.

I'm an earlier Rimi, (Ahold), shop-manager, and don't like being bullsh*ted like this.

I understand Tesco is a big retailer, but Ahold is also a big retailer.

I also know a bit about food-shops, and I don't like being treated like sh*t, like this Tesco custommer-support is doing.

Shame on you, Tesco!

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 3:51 PM
Subject: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office

Hi again,

and I used to have a lot of 'strange' shop-manager collegues, when I worked as a shop manager in Norway.

So I don't really like to speak with shop managers.

I think it's ok to deal with this in writing.

But I think I have got to say what I wanted now.

I have some favorite products at Tesco and some at Sainsbury's.

So I think I'm going to still shop at both shops.

But I haven't found very much to complain about at Sainsbury's Rice Lane yet.

So I haven't sent them any e-mails.

And I'm not going to send you anymore e-mails eighter.

As long as there isn't anything new that happens, in that Tesco-shop, which I think should be complained about.

Thanks you very much for that you have read my e-mails!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 2:06 PM
Subject: Re: Email to Chief executive's Office


if you don't value my feed-back I have to agree that theres no point in continuing this.

There was a second vocher I didn't get, which your collegue wrote he'd sent to my old adress, around Christmas, last year.

But I guess it wasn't sent.

I don't think you have addressed it all, you haven't event mentioned the stained basket, which should be cleaned with high-preassure-cleaner.

I was at Aldi today, in Liverpool City Center, the baskets were very clean.

But if you don't value feedback from experienced shop managers then I guess it's no point.

Tesco are the biggest retailer in the UK, and the third biggest world-wide, I read on Wikipedia.

That you use Sommerfield-baskets and Tesco-baskets that don't mix, seems strange for the Worlds third biggest retailer, I think.

It's like what an independant corner-shop wouldn't even have done, I think.

I'm just giving you my sincere feed-back here, but you don't seem to interested, to be honest.

I've alse seen in the news that Tesco-shares fell over Christmas.

Maybe you should listen more to your customers, if you want the shares to stop falling.

But I guess it's no use trying to speak to deaf ears, like a Norwegian saying says.

Erik Ribsskog

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 11:32 AM, <> wrote:

Ref 13546692

Dear Mr Ribsskog,

Many thanks for your further emails regarding the Tesco County Road Metro store.

I am sorry you feel Elizabeth has not addressed your issues in full in her email of 20th August. Please be assured, Elizabeth has taken all necessary steps to ensure the points you have raised in your emails have been passed to Colin Richardson, the Manager at the store. If you would like to discuss any of the issues, Colin will be happy to meet with you when you are next in the store.

On checking your previous correspondence, I can see my colleague Yvonne Edmonds, sent you a £10 Tesco Moneycard to
Flat 3, 5
Leather Lane, Liverpool.L2 2AE. This was sent on 12th May 2011.

As a company committed to delivering the very best in terms
of customer service it is very disappointing when any of our customers are
unhappy with us and I do hope you will accept my apologies for any
inconvenience or upset that these matters may have caused.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more we can add to what has already been said, and I do not feel that continuing this correspondence will bring any further benefit to either of us. Therefore we will not be entering into any further contact with regards to these issues.

Many thanks once again for contacting the Chief Executive's Office.

Kind regards,

Shaun Wheeldon
Executive Response Team Leader

Tesco Logo

.................. Original Message ..................


Received: 20/08/2012

Subject: Re: Email to Chief Executive's Office


I'm not happy with your reply about the bike-boys.

Because the security-guard didn't even try to get the bike boys to move,

even if he was standing just a couple of meters away from the
enterance-door, which the bike-boys blocked.

It was like he didn't care, I think.

Also, like I wrote in my earlier e-mail I think it's very unpractical,

(bordering idiocracy), to have two types of baskets, which don't mix.

This is so dum, I think, that I want to escalate this please.

These baskets doesn't cost much.

And you haven't replied about the dirt and grease in the baskets eighter.

Rotten fruit etc., have been laying in the baskets, and made a kind of oil,
that is tacky and sticky at the bottom of many of the baskets.

This is unhygenic, I think.

Please escalate to your line-manager.

Erik Ribsskog

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 4:14 PM, <> wrote:

> **
> Ref 13546692

> Dear Mr Ribsskog,
> Thank you for your email addressed to the Chief Executive’s Office, to
> which I have been asked to reply.
> I was very sorry to learn of the problems you encountered when trying to

> enter the Tesco Metro store in County Road, Liverpool recently. I can
> appreciate how intimidating this must have been.
> Unfortunately, our security staff are on duty to protect the staff and

> stock in the store, and while we do watch the boys when they come in to the
> car park, it is very hard for the security staff and Managers to move them
> on. I have spoken to the new store Manager, Colin Richardson and he is

> aware of the problem. The police are also aware of the youths congregating
> at the store, and hopefully any disruptions are kept to a minimum.
> I have also spoken to Colin with regards to the baskets, and while some of

> the baskets were inherited with the store, they are all in good condition
> and maintained on a daily basis. Colin has asked me to pass on his
> apologies for any inconvenience caused with regards to the different size

> of baskets and he will speak with the Checkout Manager to see that they are
> regularly tidied up.
> Unfortunately, there are no plans at present to have the store extended,
> however I have passed your comments on to the store Director for future

> reference.
> Many thanks for bringing these issues to the attention of the Chief
> Executive's Office, and allowing us the opportunity to address these with
> the store.
> Kind regards,

> Elizabeth Johnston
> Customer Service Executive
> [image: Tesco Logo]
> .................. Original Message ..................
> To:

> From:
> Received: 19/08/2012
> Subject: Complaint
> Hi,
> I've earlier complained about your shops in Liverpool City Centre,

> Sunderland and Fairfield, and I've now moved back to Walton, and the
> Summerfield-shop has become a Tesco Metro.
> I don't really like your custommer-support who doesn't let me escalate,

> etc., so I have waited very long, before I've sent a complaint, but now I
> think I have to complain anyway.
> Today, (18/8), at around 9 PM, I went to Tesco Walton.
> Five or six boys on bikes obstructed my way, when I went in to the shop.

> The security-guard just stood there, a few meters away, and he didn't tell
> the boys-crowd to make passage for the custommers.
> So I had to kick some cartoon laying on the ground, to make a noise, to try

> to make the boys move their bikes.
> Why does the security-guard get his pay?
> To just stand there looking at boys-crowds obstructing the custommers, like
> an idiot?
> There was even a boy looking at me through the window when I picked up a

> basket there.
> Tesco was invaded by bike-boys, and the security-guard just stood there
> like an idiot, and didn't try to break up the congestion.
> Also, this shop has two types of baskets.

> Half of the baskets are Sommerfield-baskets, and half of them are
> Tesco-baskets.
> So there's always a caos, in the check-out, since these baskets don't mix.
> So always untidy basket-piles at the check-out.

> I've worked as a Shop Manager, and know these baskets aren't that
> expensive.
> In the chain I worked in, a company came once a year or so, to wash
> baskets.
> Something unheard of in Tesco, I think, because some of these baskets are

> really dirty and greasy etc.
> Also, the ailes in this Tesco are to long and to narrow.
> It's always a congestion everywhere.
> I wish this shop could have been more like the Sainsbury's-shop, in Rice

> Lane.
> It's really a much better shop in almost every way.
> Except for that the prices are a bit lower at Tesco for nudles, etc.
> Also, no self-service check-outs, in this shop, which other Tesco Metro

> has.
> It's fine with a Tesco Metro, but here you have put a Tesco Metro into an
> ordinary Sommerfields-shop, I think, and it doesn't really fit in.
> So custommers get stressed shopping in this shop, I think.

> How about making it bigger?
> Erik Ribsskog
> ------------------------------
> This is a confidential email. Tesco may monitor and record all emails. The
> views expressed in this email are those of the sender and not Tesco.

> Tesco Stores Limited
> Company Number: 519500
> Registered in England
> Registered Office: Tesco House, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN8
> 9SL
> VAT Registration Number: GB 220 4302 31


Jeg sendte en e-post til LHT

Gmail - Update/Fwd: Lifeline Alarm (Complaint)


Erik Ribsskog

Update/Fwd: Lifeline Alarm (Complaint)

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 9:08 PM



"" <>

Hi again,

I forgot to attach the mentioned letter, so I send an update e-mail.

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 8:54 PM
Subject: Lifeline Alarm (Complaint)


I'm refering to your letter of 22/8, which I recieved today.

I'm not interested in any lifeline-alarm.

This isn't anything that Landlords should deal with I think.

Are you my landlord or my doctor?

I've also got the Order of St. John in my line, in Norway, (which I had to find about in a newspaper-archive), and wonder if this is some plot, from them?

I don't want people here to discuss things I'm not interrested in.

This is a waste of my time and an invasion of my privacy, I think.

Is it a new law that says everyone have to have these alarms?

I don't think so.

This is just some funny stuff.

You at LHT are trying to be my landlord and my doctor at the same time here.

That's not fine, I think.

It's like in the Soviet then, I think.

You have earlier dragged me to your office in Walton Road, to discuss disrepair, I thought, only to find out that you wanted to discuss adoption with me.

Are you a landlord or the inner mission?

You have a bishop as a president I see, so I have to wonder.

I just want a tenancy and no crusader-stuff.

I wonder about this so I send it to the TPAS and the Norwegian Embassy, (since I'm from Norway).

Erik Ribsskog

lht brev.jpg


Her er vedlegget:

lht brev

Jeg fikk et brev fra LHT

lht brev

Jeg sendte en e-post til DFRI

Gmail - I slekt med Palle Ravn


Erik Ribsskog

I slekt med Palle Ravn

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 4:28 PM

DFRI Abuse Team <>


ok, jeg visste ikke at det hadde noe med Tor å gjøre.

Jeg så bare at det ble brukt deres organisasjonsnavn, som ISP.

Takk for svar uansett!


Erik Ribsskog

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 2:44 PM, DFRI Abuse Team <> wrote:

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 12:24:30AM +0100, Erik Ribsskog wrote:

> Hei,


> jeg ser dere søker på 'palle ravn illuminati', på Google.


> Sender med skjermbilde fra tracking-cookie-programmet på min blogg.


> Jeg er i slekt med Palle Ravn gjennom Holger baron Adeler, (som var gift

> med min oldemors søster).


> Så jeg lurer på hva det her skal bety.


> Sender også kopi e-post til Palle Ravns sønn, Niels Ravn.


> Mvh.


> Erik Ribsskog


We don't know. The IP address in question is a Tor exit relay, see for more info about the Tor


There is little we can do to trace this matter further. As can be seen

from the overview page, the Tor network is designed to make tracing of

users impossible. The Tor network is run by some 2500 volunteers using

free software provided by the Tor Project to run Tor relays. Client

connections are routed through multiple relays. The system does not

record logs of client connections or previous hops.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have further questions, feel

free to contact us again.


:DFRI Abuse Team

Jeg fortsetter å søke på jobber. Denne gang som Web and Marketing Assistant



Erik Ribsskog


Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 3:52 PM



I read about this vacancy on the Jobcentre website, and I wanted to please apply for this job.

I've designed four web-sites myself, from scratch, these year and last, on these web-addresses:,, and

I've gone to the Marketing-line, at Upper Seconday School, (in Norway), and I've also had Marketing as a module on a private Norwegian academy, named NHI, (now NITH).

I've used the Microsoft Office-programmes, when I worked as self employed, in 2007 and 2008, and I've also learned about these programmes, at Learn Direct, where I was on and ECDL-course, (full), there.

I've also got a degree in IT, from Oslo University College, which means I can learn new IT-skills fast.

I attach my CV and hope to hear back from you!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

CV - Erik Ribsskog.doc

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til Ahold

Gmail - request for Course-certifiactes, etc


Erik Ribsskog

request for Course-certifiactes, etc

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 2:03 PM

Human Resources <>


ok, I remember that it was written about that I won this competition, ('Rimi Gullårer'), in the weekly Rimi-'newspaper', 'Rimi-nytt'.

Perhaps you could find it there or on the intranet, and print a copy of that for me?

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 1:32 PM, Human Resources <> wrote:

Dear Erik Ribsskog,

As a response to your enquiry, we have looked into the matter but we are sorry to inform that there is unfortunately nothing more that can be done regarding this case. Regrettably, the requested documentation is no longer available in the ICA archives.

Kind regards,

Ahold Corporate Human Relations

This email and any attachments may contain information that is proprietary,
confidential and/or privileged and for the sole use of the intended recipients(s)
If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender by return

email and delete all copies of this email and any attachments. Ahold and/or its
subsidiaries shall neither be liable for the inaccurate or incomplete transmission
of the information contained in this email or any attachments, nor for any delay

in its receipt. To the extent this email is intended to create any legal obligation,
the obligation shall bind only the contracting entity and not any other entity within
the Ahold Group.

Min Bok 4 - Kapittel 89: Fler erindringer fra den tiden jeg bodde som den lengstboende beboeren på Ungbo XXVIII

På Rimi Nylænde, så var det også noe jeg undret meg over, på den her tiden, som jeg bodde, som den lengstboende beboeren, på Ungbo.

Og det var hvorfor Rimi Nylænde hadde begynt å selge godteri.

For da Magne Winnem bodde i etasjen over Rimi Nylænde, i 1991 og 1992, (var det vel), så solgte jo ikke Rimi Nylænde noe godteri, (unntatt kokosboller og sjokoladeboller, som de fikk fra Drammens Is), som jeg vel skrev om, i Min Bok 2, (må det vel ha vært), at Thomas Sanne, (var det vel), forklarte for meg, da jeg var innom Rimi Nylænde, (som kunde), under et besøk, hos Magne Winnem, i 1991, (må det vel ha vært), for å se på hvordan Rimi-leiligheten til Magne Winnem, (overfor Rimi Nylænde der), var.

Mens da jeg begynte på Rimi Nylænde, som kassamedarbeider, i 1993.

Så solgte Rimi Nylænde godteri, fra både Freia og Nidar og andre godteprodusenter, da.

Men hva som hadde skjedd, i mellomtiden, (fra 1991 til 1993), som gjorde at Rimi Nylænde hadde begynte å selge godteri, det veit jeg ikke.

For ved siden av Rimi Nylænde, så lå det nemlig en tippe-kiosk, drevet av en kar litt opp i åra.

Og Magne Winnem forklarte vel det, (mener jeg å huske, ihvertfall), i 1991, at Rimi Nylænde hadde en avtale, med han eieren, av den tippe-kiosken, om at Rimi Nylænde ikke skulle selge godteri.

(Noe sånt).

For siden det var både matbutikk og tippekiosk, i det samme bygget, (eller om man skal kalle det nabobygget).

Så ble jo dette nesten som et veldig lite senter, (eller noe), i, (eller rundt), Nylænde 5 der, da.

Men jeg var ikke noe særlig i Nylænde der, fra 1991 til 1993.

Så hva som var grunnen, til at Rimi Nylænde begynte å selge godteri, det veit jeg ikke.

(Det fikk jeg ikke med meg, dessverre).

Men kanskje Rimi betalte noen penger, i erstatning til han kioskeieren, siden Rimi Nylænde liksom brøt den avtalen, (som de hadde med han), om at de ikke skulle selge godteri, da.

Hva vet jeg.

Jeg skjønte vel heller ikke helt, på Magne Winnem hvordan den avtalen var, heller.

(Dette var bare noe vi chatta om liksom.

Da jeg dukka opp igjen, med de her kokosbollene da, fra Rimi Nylænde).

Men kjenner jeg Rimi rett, så kan det vel like gjerne tenkes at de bare blåste i den avtalen, og begynte å selge godteri.

Og at de kanskje tenkte at Rimi er så store, så det er ikke så mye, som han kioskeieren kan gjøre, uansett.

Hvem vet.

Men her ligger det altså en historie 'begravet' da, vil jeg si.¨

For den kiosken, den gikk nemlig konkurs, på den tida, som jeg jobbet, som butikksjef, på Rimi Nylænde.

Etter at han kioskeieren liksom skulle få hjelp, av en kar, som kjente masse stor-tippere og sånn, (mener jeg å huske, at han sa ihvertfall).

(Noe sånt).

For jeg var nemlig innom i den kiosken en gang, (av en eller annen grunn), da han 'hjelpe-karen' var der da, i 1999, (eller noe sånt), må det vel ha vært.

Men det virka ikke som at han hjelpe-karen klarte å 'snu ståa', for den tippe-kiosken, liksom.

For den gikk nemlig konkurs, like etter at den her 'nødhjelpen' starta, da.

Og så begynte Rimi Nylænde med tipping, (noen måneder seinere), under min 'regjeringstid', som butikksjef der, da.

(Noe som jeg skal komme nærmere tilbake til, seinere i Min Bok-serien).

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

Men selv om jeg undret meg over det her, (om hvorfor Rimi Nylænde hadde begynt å selge godteri).

Så var det ikke sånn, at jeg var nok på bølgelengde med noen, (innen Rimi), på den her tida, til at jeg spurte noen, om grunnen til det her.

(Sånn som jeg husker det, ihvertfall).

For da jeg begynte, på Rimi Nylænde, så var det sånn, at jeg ikke kjente noen av de andre som jobbet der, fra før.

(Bortsett fra at jeg veldig vagt husket Thomas Sanne da, (mener jeg at det må ha vært ihvertfall), fra den gangen, som jeg handle i den butikken, i 1991.

Da jeg vel kjøpte en liter Coca-Cola, en avis og en pakke kokosboller, vel.

Noe sånt).

Og jeg kjente heller ingen av kundene der.

(Bortsett fra de to kara, fra Abildsø, (Kjetil og en annen i 'Abildsø-gjengen' vel, som jeg ikke huska navnet på), som dukka opp, etterhvert der).

Så det var mer sånn, at jeg voktet nesten hvert ord jeg sa der, da.

(Enn at jeg skravla om alt mulig rart, liksom).

Jeg var jo ikke så vant til å jobbe i Oslo, (eller sammen med folk fra Oslo), på den her tiden, heller.

(OBS Triaden, (hvor jeg hadde jobbet, i et par år, før militæret), lå jo i Lørenskog, på Nedre Romerike).

Så jeg var kanskje litt spent eller nervøs også, på hvordan de her Lambertseter-folka, som var kollegene mine der, var da.

(Så jeg følte meg litt som en outsider der, (på Rimi Nylænde), mesteparten av tida, som jeg jobba der, må jeg nok si.

Og jeg var kanskje litt redd for å bli uglesett da, av sjefer eller av medarbeidere, (spesielt Sanne-brødrene, som liksom var de lokale 'grom-guttene', (eller odelsguttene), der da, må man vel si), hvis jeg sa noe feil da, eller begynte å prate om noe som viste seg å være et følsomt tema).

Og sjefene mine, på den her tida.

Butikksjef Elisabeth Falkenberg, Hilde fra Rimi Hellerud/Skullerud, og distriktsjef Anne-Katrine Skodvin.

Det var folk som jeg ikke var helt sikkert på, om som jeg stolte helt på dømmekraften til da, må jeg innrømme.

Jeg følte meg vel kanskje litt som en smart og dyktig NHI-kar, (og en tøff Geværkompaniet-kar dessuten), som hadde blitt litt fanga, i en nødjobb, med noen, (mer eller mindre), 'latterlige' sjefer da, grunnet at Norge var inne i en periode med nedgangstider, liksom.

Så det var ikke sånn at jeg pratet så fritt der akkurat, på Rimi Nylænde.

Det turte jeg vel ikke, siden jeg nok ikke var helt overbevist, om hvor 'oppegående' som mine kolleger der var, da.

Så det var nok mer sånn at jeg voktet hvert ord jeg sa, de første årene, som jeg jobbet, på Rimi Nylænde.

Enn at jeg pratet helt fritt der, liksom.

Jeg pratet vel friere med Magne Winnem, (fra Gjerdes videregående), om 'Rimi-ting', osv., enn jeg gjorde med mine kolleger på Rimi Nylænde, (sånn som jeg husker det, ihvertfall).

Men jeg kjente jo ingen av mine kolleger, på Rimi Nylænde, da jeg begynte der.

Og jeg ble vel ikke ordentlig kjent, med noen av de som jobba der heller.

(Den jeg ble best kjent med, det var vel kanskje Hilde fra Rimi Hellerud/Trosterud.

Siden hu alltid prata om butikkarbeid, (og annet), da.

Men hu stolte jeg ikke helt på.

For hu hadde jo vært i Jehovas Vitner osv., enda hu bare var i begynnelsen av 20-åra.

Og jeg mistenkte at hu liksom ble litt lett 'frelst', da.

Og kanskje hadde erstattet Jehovas Vitner med Rimi, (eller noe sånt), liksom.

(Noe sånt).

Så jeg turte nok ikke å prate helt åpent, med Hilde fra Rimi Hellerud/Trosterud heller.

For jeg lurte vel kanskje litt på hvor 'normal' hu egentlig var, da kanskje.

(Og det samme med de fleste andre folka der og vel).

Og da jeg ble leder der, så strevde jeg jo etter, å holde en viss avstand, til mine 'undersotter'.

Siden jeg kanskje ikke var så sikker, på min rolle, som leder, i begynnelsen.

Og også siden at jeg ikke ville blande 'business and pleasure' da, (som et kjent ordtak sier).

Og butikksjef Elisabeth Falkenberg, hu var jo lesbisk.

Og jeg hadde vel ikke møtt noen andre lesber, før jeg fikk henne som sjef.

Så dette skapte nok litt avstand da, mellom butikksjef Elisabeth Falkenberg og meg.

Jeg var jo fra Bergeråsen, hvor det ikke fantes noen homofile, (eller lesber), for å si det sånn.

Så jeg var nok rimelig 'var' for det, at butikksjef Elisabeth Falkenberg var lesbisk, da.

(Og vel kanskje var en litt utradisjonell menneske-type, liksom).

Så jeg hadde nok alltid dette en del i bakhodet, mens jeg jobba sammen med henne der, (på Rimi Nylænde), vil jeg si).

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

Det var fortsatt en del fler ting som hendte, (jeg har igjen cirka et halvt A4-ark, med notater nå), den tida, som jeg bodde, som den lengstboende beboeren, på Ungbo.

Og dette tenkte jeg at jeg skulle prøve å få skrevet mer om, i de neste kapitlene, av Min Bok 4.

Så vi får se om jeg klarer å få til det.

Vi får se.

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til Twitter

Gmail - #6026989 Twitter Support: update on "Impersonation - johncons"


Erik Ribsskog

#6026989 Twitter Support: update on "Impersonation - johncons"

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 3:34 AM

Twitter Support <>


it doesn't seem like you've even investigated this.

Then you would have told me what I've found out in the meantime, that his account is really @johnconstantin-(something), like I spotted after sending the impersonation-report to you.

But it was shortened, in the tweet, to @johncons....

And I just assumed it was a new impersonaton-attack in a row of many.

But I have to say that after I spotted what I mentioned above, (that it was really the account @johnconstantin-(something), the person meant).

Then I _don't_ think it was an impersonation-attack.

This could have been unintentional, that it looked like the user claimed to 'own' my account.

But even so, my earlier impersonation-reports, have also been 'sloppily' investigated, I think.

Could you please send my e-mail to your line-manager, since I still would have liked to please get the first impersonation-reports investigated properly.

It seems like all I get sent back is standard e-mails, and no customised feed-back.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 1:25 AM, MUP <> wrote:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##


MUP, Aug 23 05:25 pm (PDT):


While we understand your frustration, the reported behavior is not in violation of the Twitter Rules (

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johncons, Aug 22 12:45 pm (PDT):

Full name: Erik Ribsskog
Username of reported account: @johncons

Description: I saw this tweet on Interactions today:

Mr. Wizard ‏@theWoZHimself
My accounts as of 8/21/12 - @drbrucebanner1 / @hulkstrongest1 @seekerofdeath @johncons...

So this person pretends to me, since he says he has my account.

Email address:
Twitter username (optional): @johncons

Anything else? (optional): I've really been impersonated a lot lately on Twitter.

Not that much on Facebook, but a lot on Twitter.

Earlier it used to be the other way, I was impersonated a lot on Facebook.

But I think Facebook are stricter towards impersonation and harassment, where as Twitter let much of this pass, it seems to me.

So harassers and impersonators seeks to Twitter, it seems to me.


Jeg sendte en ny e-post til ICE

Gmail - Second update/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Complaint


Erik Ribsskog

Second update/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Complaint

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 2:25 AM




also the Jobcentre and Elect 'nag' about that my web-shop isn't making a profit.

But it just needs marketing.

The contribution-margin is positive for the sold units each month.

I remember that term from business-school, and I attach a screen-shot from Wikipedias page about contribution margin.

Perhaps the business-coaches and jobcentre-staff should read more about contribution-margin before they want to advice people who have businesess, I think.

So my complaint 6 is that the Jobcentre in Aintree 'naged' about my business having a loss, even if the contribution-margin is positive.

The same with Elect/Ingeus and Ralph there.

Perhaps you could explain to them about contribution margin?

Maybe they need some education in economics?

It isn't fun for a business guy to have meetings about the business, when people don't understand about basic economics.

(Even I'm a bit rusty myself on economics, I must admit.

It's some years since I went on business-school.

But I have this in the back of my head still, I think, so I luckily managed to find the English term now.

I really thought about a Norwegian term named 'dekningsbidrag', but this should be the same term, it seems from Wikipedia.

Hope this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


Here is a link to the mentioned page on Wikipedia:

PS 2.

The web-shop has also been hacked a lot of times, and someone even hi-jacked my account with One, and took over my business.

Also, the postage for packets to Norway has suddently almost doubled, around March/April of this year, so I had to increase prices, which is good for the sale of units-number.

PS 3.

I'm also sending an update e-mail to EFTA, since I'm from Norway, and have started updating them about the mentioned problems.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 9:02 PM

Subject: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Complaint


there's also a complaint 5.

I contacted the Jobcentre by e-mail, and then they send me an e-mail asking me to contact them(!)

It's almost like I have to call them something bad like idiots then, I think.

Why do these people have a job, while I don't?

And these people also have power over me.

If I don't act like I think these people want, then they're going to stop my jobseekers allowance, (like has happened before), so that I can't buy food, etc.

This is power-abuse, I think.


Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 7:32 PM
Subject: Update/Fwd: Complaint

Hi again,

other things that almost shocked me, with this jobcentre, (Aintree).

Was that I went there just to sign-on, today.

The guy by desk 2, (where I normally go to sign on), starts talking about a 'part-time-job'.

And don't let me sign on.

I have to sit and wait for the manager to be finished with a meeting.

So there was an unscheduled meeting, today.

Instead of answering my e-mails the Jobcentre just grabs hold of me, (like happened at the Jobcentre in Williamsson Sq), when I'm there to sign-on.

So no agenda for the meeting.

So I have some more complaints:


Jobcentre Plus didn't give me time to prepare for a meeting, (about my businesses), but just grabbed hold of me, when I was there for a regular sign-on-meeting.


The Jobcentre-manager, (I think she was, a woman with blonde hair), asked me a personal question, if I had a partner, during the unscheduled meeting. I think this was a strange thing to ask.

(People on the internet call med 'the refugee from Norway', but the UK don't let me be a refugee, so I have to be an 'EEA-guy').

Anyway I'm not sure if you are supposed to ask people about (sex)-partners, in Jobcentre-meetings.

I think Jobcentre Plus goes a bit close, to be honest.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 6:03 PM
Subject: Complaint
To: DWP ICE gateway team <>


I've had a small web-shop, for a couple of years now.

I've updated the Jobcentre about it the whole time.

Last spring, Mark at the Jobcentre, Williamsson Sq., Liverpool, said the web-shop was a 'hobby'.

Some time later, I ended up on the Work Programme.

Ingeus in Sunderland, (where I lived some months, last year), told me to buy a Double Entry Ledger, for the web-shop.

Ingeus in Liverpool, sent me to speak with Ralph, from Elect, who told me they had no founds for marketing, for my web-shop.

I've now started self-publishing some books, and at my sign-on-meeting at the Jobcentre, in Aintree, two weeks ago, I explained about some royalties I've got from the books.

I was told this was a part-time-job, and got some forms.

Some days ago I was frustrated when filling out the forms.

Because I now have two small business.

The web-shop and the books.

Where as I only had one form.

I wrote a complaint about that the Jobcentre have been inconsistent, since they call the web-shop a 'hobby', and the books a part-time-job.

I find this comfusing.

Today, at the Jobcentre, in Aintree, they got me to write a form, for the web-shop(!), (but not for the books).

I still find this confusing.

Now the web-shop, (who has been at around the same size, (a turnover of £20-£100 a month, for a couple of years), is a part-time-job, it seems.

Why this change all the time?

Last year the web-shop was a hobby.

Now it's a business, it seems.

Was this to get me put on the Work Programme?

(Which seems a bit un-conventional to me, with business-coaches instead of business-advisors, etc).

So my complaints are:


Jobcentre Plus have changed the label on my web-shop from 'hobby' to 'part-time-job', from last year to this year, (and have possibly wrongly put me on the Work Programme it seems to me).


The Jobcentre in Aintree told me today that Ingeus have lots of founds, for businesses.

Still, Ralph from Elect, (who Ingeus sent me to), told me, (on a meeting at Ingeus), that there no founds for marketing, for my web-shop.

This doesn't add up, I think.

Hope you have the chance to look at this!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


I send an update to EFTA, since I'm from Norway and have started updating them a bit, about the problems with my web-shop.

contribution margin wikipedia.JPG


Her er vedlegget:

contribution margin wikipedia