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lørdag 29. mars 2014

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til the Council

Your ref.: 10055749/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Council Tax Bill 2014/15, Council Tax Reference No: 44439152/Fwd: Update/Fwd: To: Birkenhead Benefit Centre. Reference: SG270967D
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Erik Ribsskog
    Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 3:13 PM
To: Benefits Service
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I'm refering to your letter from 22/3, which I received today.

I sent you an e-mail about this, on 27/3, (which is one of the e-mails
which is forwarded with this e-mail).

Like I explain in that e-mail this is just a misunderstanding.

The Jobcentre have told me to use a website called Universal Jobmatch,
to log about my jobseeking-activity.

I do my jobseeking-activities every working-day and have logged about
this, for almost half a year.

So I've really informed the Jobcentre that I'm still applying for jobs.

But the problem is that the Jobcentre is poorly organised, it seems.

Why do they tell jobseekers to log about they're job-search then, if
they just ignore this log, at the different jobcentres?

This is just that they ask people to do 'dobbeltarbeid',
(double-work), then, like they say in ICA, (where I used to work as a
retail manager), in Norway.

I've explained more about this, (that there's no changes in my
circomstances really), in the mentioned forwarded e-mail.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 14:54:44 +0000
Subject: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Council Tax Bill 2014/15, Council
Tax Reference No: 44439152/Fwd: Update/Fwd: To: Birkenhead Benefit
Centre. Reference: SG270967D
To: Contact-Us
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I'm writing this update from the library, since my electricity has run out now.

I wonder why you don't reply to my e-mails, (e.g. Liverpool City
Centre are much quicker at replying, I think).

It seems like I have become a 'kasteball' now, like we say in Norway,
(a ball that's being thrown around).

Because if I go to Edge Hill Jobcentre, then they, (John there), tells
me to go to Williamsson Square Jobcentre.

And if I go to Williamsson Square Jobcentre, then they, (Jimmy there),
tells me to go to Edge Hill Jobcentre.

It's unwordy for people to be threated as a kasteball.

It's like some communists, or something, are trying to get me killed.

How can I e.g. get a voucher for the food bank if I'm not allowed to
speak with anyone at the Jobcentres?

Yesterday, I walked for more than one hour, to Edge Hill Jobcentre,
and I was there at around 4.55 PM, (because I had to wash some
clothes), and they had already closed.

One security-guard told me it was past 5PM, and showed me his watch,
which was one to five!

(And I thought they closed at 5.30 PM there).

So I wasn't let in there.

(Even if I had walked for moe than one hour).

And the security-guard didn't know how to read his clock, it seems.

And another security-guard turned up and said he knew Jimmy, (from the
other Jobcentre).

But it's now so complicated to explain about the Jobcentre-problems,
so it easn't easy in the door.

So I said I'd be back on Monday then, (since they had closed early).

(If I don't try LHT, since they have a hub, that I used when I had
almost straved to death last year, when the Jobcentre stopped my

I only have food for a few days, shower-gel for one or two days, no
deoderant, no electricity, I need new shoe-strings, I have no credit
on my mobile, I have bills from last week to pay.

All this because my jobseekers-allowance is being stopped every month
now, it seems.

After walking to Williamsson Square Jobcentre and back on Thursday,
and to Edge Hill Jobcentre and back on Friday, (with all my files, in
my bag from Wilkinsson), then I didn't feel strong yesteday night.

I felt like I was going to die, more or less.

Is it right that people should have to go to hospital because the
Jobcentre thinks it's fun to stop peoples jobseekers-allowance all the

I've been in the Norwegian infantry, for one years, (when I was in my
twenties), and I can't remember feeling that way then, even if we were
walking all the time, but there we had free food, to get our energy

Also, if the Jobcentre don't know how to deal with e-mails, perhaps
you shouldn't have an e-mail-address.

Also, why didn't you inform by e.g. post when you removed the phones
from the Jobcentres?

At Huyton Jobcentre they have a poster about this, (that people should
find other solutions that the Jobcentre-phones), but I can't remember
having seen a similar poster about this on Aintree Jobcentre.

(The poster looked 'home-made', perhaps you should have sent out
poster from your head-quarter to every Jobcentre).

I think I'm going to get myself a landline phone now, (if and when I
get the missing jobseekers allowances).

And I think I would have done that earlier if you had informed about
this in a proper way, (when you removed the Jobcentre-phones).

Norwegian citizens aren't on the electoral register, and I think
that's why I've earlier been refused to buy a monthly mobile, (like I
used to have when I lived in Norway, for many years).

And pay as you go-mobiles are expensive to use, when calling the
Jobcentre, so Norwegians have a dis-advantage here, so this is almost
like an attack on EEA-citizens that you removed the phones at the

I used to have a landline-phone when I lived in Leather Lane, but I
had a problem with 'tele-pest', so I guess I have to get myself an
answering-machine as well, (or what the modern equivalent is).

I also wonder why you closed the Jobcentre in Walton, (or if it's in
Allsop), in Church Road, I think it was.

When I lived in Mandeville Street, (in Walton), in 2005 and 2006, then
you had a Jobcentre there, (which I visited once), which is only
around five minutes walk from where I live now.

But since that Jobcentre is closed, then my closest Jobcentres are the
one in Aintree and Everton, (which are both around half an hours walk,
from where I live).

And when I got banned from my 'local' Jobcentres, (for no good
reasons, like I've explained in the forwarded e-mail), then I have to
walk for an hour or more, to get to eighter Williamsson Square
Jobcentre or Edge Hill Jobcentre.

This is more or less inhumane, I think.

At least very unpractical.

Since you seem to stop my allowance every month or so, and then I run
out of money, (since I need food and household-goods), and then I have
to walk a long way, to get to the nearest Jobcentre.

This is not fine, I think.

Is this the British Government who are messing with me since I have an
employment-case against a British company, (Arvato), I'm wondering?

The Citizens Advice Bureau are messing with me in the same case, and
they are a charity who get founds from the Government.

So is it a connection, I'm wondering.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 18:46:18 +0000
Subject: Update/Fwd: Council Tax Bill 2014/15, Council Tax Reference
No: 44439152/Fwd: Update/Fwd: To: Birkenhead Benefit Centre.
Reference: SG270967D
To: Contact-Us
Cc: Benefits Service ,
LHT Customer Service , CONTACT-US
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Akademikerforbundet , Jan Ivar Lindseth
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Correspondence , LO Postkasse LO


today I was at the Jobcentre in Williamsson Square, (in Liverpool),
and tried to find out what was going on.

The security-guard first told me to go to Huyton Jobcentre, but I
haven't got money for a rail-ticket there, and I haven't walked there
before, (but I think, from looking at the map, some time ago, that it
is a couple of hours walk, or so, so it's a bit far).

The Custommer Service Manager Jimmy, interrupted the security-guard,
and asked if I had a National Insurance Number.

And he came back, (after looking on a computer, I guess), and said
that they couldn't speak with me, because I had to be seen, in a
'screened room'.

And he told me to go to Edge Hill Jobcentre, (after I had informed
that I was banned from Aintree Jobcentre, (and five more), and that I
lived in Walton, but that the Jobcentre here, (in Church Road I think
it was), is no closed).

So I guess the Jobcentre say I'm a security-risk, (or something),
since Jimmy told me, I had to go to a jobcentre, with a 'screened

But I'm a Store Manager and Home Defence-soldier, from Norway.

I don't think I would have been allowed to become a Store Manager if
someone thougth I was a security-risk.

And I don't think I would have been hand-picked, for the Norwegian
Home Defence, if someone thought I was a security-risk.

So this I think is very strange.

I have never been arrested in Norway.

All this started after I moved to the UK, (to study at University of
Sunderland), in 2004.

So I suspect it could be some mob/mafia, that construct things about me, here.

I admit that I turned-over a litter-bin, at WIlliamsson Square
Jobcentre, some years ago.

But that was like a protest, against an unfair sanction, (which was

The Jobcentre-woman was very upthight, (I think you say), and like a
robot, (she was perhaps nerveous), when she informed, that I had been

And I have never been without money, for food, in Norway.

So I got a bit shock.

And I remembered what my half-brothers steph-mother Mette Holter had
told me, (I rented a room from her and my half-brothers father, in a
sandwich-year, from Norwegian College of Information Technology, in
1990/91, when I worked at Coop OBS! Triaden hypermarket, in Lørenskog,
in Norway).

The hypermarked did some 'funny stuff', with my pay-cheque, which
meant I would have had to go on a planned class-mate-trip, to
Gothenburg, without any money for tent-place-rent, petrol or food,

And then Metter Holter told me that one shouldn't accept, that 'they'
messed with ones money.

And told me to go to the hypermarket, (I think she perhaps drove me
there), and be a bin manly, and scream a bit at them, that I wanted my

(Something like that).

So Mette Holters words, (that one shouldn't let them mess with ones
pay-cheque), went through my head, (when the 'robot-woman' spoke with

And I thought I had to protest, in some way.

Because the Jobcentre-woman didn't inform me about the food-bank or
hardship-payments, that I've later learned, that Jobseekers without
food, can apply for.

So I thought the Jobcentre were irresponsible, to be honest.

And you've later called me violent, for tipping over a garbage-bin as a protest.

But in Norway, we call it violent, if one hit a living person.

If one hit dead things, (like a wall), then we call it 'anger-management':

So I was really doing anger-management, and not violence.

Because if I had wanted to be violent, I could have picked a computer
up, and thrown it, at the Jobcentre-woman, (the thought went through
my head), or thown a computer out the window.

But I moderated myself, and decided to just push a litter-bin over, as
a protest.

So to call that violence, I think is some new-age stuff, that means
that one changes the defenition, of a word, (like I've read somewhere,
that they've done with the defenition of 'rasism' as well, so I think
could be a sign of degeneration really, (if that's ok to say), that
one call pushing something dead over, to be violent, when it's really
anger-management, I'd say.

I learned at primary-school, that a human is worth more than all the
money or gold/jewelry in the world.

(So one shouldn't be violent or kill).

But I've learned as a retail-manager.

That one shouldn't be angry, in the shop.

But one could hit the wall, at the storage.

Then that's anger-management, and not violence, I'd say.

Because I don't think I've ever hit someone, (or started a fight), all my life.

And still you call me violent.

That's not fair, I think.

Also, in 2012, (I think it must have been), Aintree Jobcentre
suddently stopped my allowance, without a warning.

Then I thought the Jobcentre were irresponsible again.

And I put up some posters, (like I'd noticed that other people did,
about the newspaper the Sun, here), about the Jobcentre not paying the
allowance, even if I had signed on for it.

I put the posters up between Walton and Aintree Jobcentre.

(Even if I've never protested in Norway.

Because I've always had money for food there.

Even when I was unemployed, for some months, in e.g. 1993.

There people just send a card in the post, every forthnight.

And I always got my jobseekers-allowance, from the Norwegian
Jobcentre, the few months I was unemployed, in Norway, first in 1990
and then in 1993, (after my conscription-service)).

And then, I didn't dear to stand outside the Jobcentre, in Aintree, to
protest, a long time.

(Because when I lived in Leather Lane, in the city centre, from 2006
to 2011, then I a couple of times got leaflets there, from the British
Nationalist Party.

So I was a bit afraid of being attacked, by nazis, or something, if I
had been protesting, for more than a short while, outside Aintree

So I just threw a ketchup-bootle, on the Jobcentre-window, (because
the had hinted about Bootle, (a joke about botle, I thnk), on the
induction at that jobcentre, so perhaps they are muslim/Al Quaida
there, one could perhaps suspect).

And then I went home, instead of standing there all day, protesting,
and risk being attacked by nazis, etc.

When I lived in Leather Lane, I had once thrown a tomato-tin, at the
Home Office, since they sent me a letter, where they had written my
name, with a red pen.

That was a bit like a joke, because I wanted to go there, to apply for
being an asylum seeker, to the UK, (since I'd overheard I was followed
by the 'mafian', at work, at Rimi Bjørndal, in 2003).

And it's a bit strange, to be a white asylum-seeker, from Norway, I
think, (I think I must be the first), so I was a bin edgy, I think
it's called.

And also, my Jobseekers-allowance was delayed, in May, last year, for
many weeks, and I almost starved to death, (I got a health condition,
because of to little food, or that I changed my diet, (due to no money
for 'proper' food), and got constipated, or something like that).

Both Ingeus and Aintree Jobcentre, have, (while I've been living here
in Keith Court, where I've been living since May 2012), accused me of
writing love-letters, to female jobseeking-advisors.

But is this a joke, I wonder?

Is it because I'm after Løvenbalk?

My mothers mother, Ingeborg Ribsskog, was after Danish nobility and
royals, (her great-grandmother was Maren Gjedde, and Gjedde is a
Nordic noble-name. She also inherited the last baron Adeler, since her
aunt was his wife, and her mothers father was a Danish chief of the
army high-command, and his wife Mary Eva Carla Fog was after Løvenbalk
and Plantagenet, etc., I've seen, when I've been doing geneaology,
aften my grand-mother died, in 2009).

And I have problems getting my rights, from Norwegian Government,
(that's why I wanted to apply to be an asylum-seeker), and therefore I
though I should have some kind of noble-name, in case the reason I
don't get my rights etc., is my Danish grand-mothers noble ancestry.

So I applied to be called Erik Løvenbalk Ribsskog, some years ago, to
the Norwegian Government.

But I haven't got this name confirmed, from the Norwegian Government.

So I don't use that name yet.

And is it so, that you in the UK, have read about my application to
use this name, (on the internet, etc).

And then some mob, read the word Løvenbalk, (which is pronoced
Levenbalk almost, and means lion-bar), as 'Lovenbalk', and say that I
write 'love'-emails?

Is this some kind of sophisticated joke, (and attempt to be funny), I
was wondering.

It says I was banned, because I wasn't 'courtios', or something like that.

But my Danish grand-mother were from Danish noble-lines.

And she helped my mother raise me a bit, (we visited my mothers
parents, in Nevlunghavn, in Norway, for Sunday-dinners etc., in a few
years, of my upbringing)

And I've been to summer-school, (in Brighton and Weymouth), three
summers, in the 1980's.

So I think I know a bit about acting both 'noble' and British.

(Something like that).

But now it's also multi-culture.

Is this Jobcentre, (in Aintree), like a kalifat, where I have to act
like a dhimmi, (or what it's called), and say Dear Sir or Dear Madam,
and bow all the time?

Now, (unlike the 80's), it's also the EU/EEA, (which started in the
90's, I think).

So Europe/EEA/EU, is now a bit like the USA, I think.

So I think I can act a bit more Norwegian now, (in the UK); than in
the 1980's, when the it was the EC, (I think), and not the EU.

So this could be something cultural, I think.

And then I'm being punished for being from Norway, I think.

(Or if it is because I'm atteist, and not a muslim or a christian).

So this punishments towards me aren't fair, I think.

Right after I became unemployed, (in 2008), I got a small freelancer-job.

And then I had to go to Edge Hill Jobcentre, to talk about my income,
(£5 to £10), instead of going to Williamsson Square, (my normal
jobcentre, at the time).

And then I had to sit in a screened room.

For having had a small freelance-job?

Does that mean I'm a security-risk then?

This episode, (that I had to go to Edge Hill Jobcentre, and a
'screened room', just because of a freelance-job), seems a bit odd

How could this be, (that I had to go to a screened room, because I had
had a small freelance-job, around 2009), I was wondering.

My earlier Aravato-collegue and house-mate Taru, (from Finland and
Mandeville Street, in Walton), worked with freelance-work, at the
time, (as I remember it, from Facebook, I think it was), so that to
work as a freelancer, should make me get labeled as a criminal or a
security-risk, that didn't cross my mind, (and seems odd to me, I have
to say).

Anyway, I hope I get the money the Jobcentre owes me, within not to long.

When I went to Williamsson Square Jobcenter today, I had with me
printed copies, from Universal Jobmatch, from January untill
yesterday, that shows I've done my jobseeking-activities, every
(week)-day, through this turbulent time, when the Jobcentre have
gotten me arrested, after false charges, (about that I've written
love-emails), and sanctionts, and claims that I haven't sent my
letter, (sign on by post), when I have.

Is this some multi-cultur-kalifat/Al Quaida-stuff, I'm wondering.

I'm going to go to Edge Hill Jobcentre, (like Jimmy at Williamsson
Square Jobcentre advised me), tomorrow.

So I hope this situation, (that I don't get my jobseekers-allowance
etc.), is going to solve itself, before I starve to death, (or
something like that).

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog
Date: Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 12:56 PM
Subject: Council Tax Bill 2014/15, Council Tax Reference No:
44439152/Fwd: Update/Fwd: To: Birkenhead Benefit Centre. Reference:
To: Benefits Service
Cc: LHT Customer Service , CONTACT-US
,, ""
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Akademikerforbundet , Jan Ivar Lindseth
,, Politikk Høyre
, "hv-02.kontakt" ,
"" , Operations


I'm refering to your letter, (about the council-tax), from 12/3, which
I received today.

I'm still unemployed, (it's just a misunderstanding with the
Jobcentre, like one can see, in the forwarded e-mail).

So I should still have Council Tax-benefit, I think.

(I haven't gotten a reply, from the Jobcentre, so I'm going to go to
one of their offices, and talk with them now, about this, since I
don't have any money for food here, and my electricity is almost run
out, and I have bills to pay, etc).

So I hope you can send me a new bill, with the Council Tax-benefit on it.

Thanks in advance for the help with this!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog
Date: Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 8:53 PM
Subject: Update/Fwd: To: Birkenhead Benefit Centre. Reference: SG270967D
To: Contact-Us
Cc: LHT Customer Service , CONTACT-US
, Benefits Service
"" , "mail.gva" ,, Akademikerforbundet ,
Jan Ivar Lindseth ,


I've looked through some Jobcentre-files now, and I see that I was
supposed to have gone to a meeting, on Huyton Jobcentre, on 13/3.

I was sure my next appointment was on 31/3.

(Because I haven't on top lately, after you stopped my allowance, and
then later only paid me around £100 of the around £300, that you owed

So I misunderstood, what my new advisor Gary told me, in the meeting,
at Huyton Jobcentre, on 4/3.

I thought the reason, that I had two meetings, on 31/3 and 1/4, was
because the sign on-meeting was moved from the middle of the month, so
that I had two meetings at the end of the month.

Gary put me on a new Jobcentre-programme, on 4/3.

And I've been to so many different Jobcentre-programmes before.

And Huyton Jobcentre is a new Jobcentre, for me.

(You say I can't go to Aintree, Everton or Edge Hill Jobcentre now.

And you've closed my local Jobcentre in Walton).

So I get a bit dizzy here, unfortunately.

So this is just a misunderstanding, that I noticed now tonight.

I haven't gotten a new job, (so I don't work more than sixteen hours a week).

It's just a bit much new stuff for me here.

And you send me a lot of letters all the time, as well, regarding my web-shop.

(And you got me arrested for sending 'love-emails'.

Is this because I'm after Løvenbalk, and you read this as Lovenbalk,
and think that this is something to do with 'love')?

And you get the Police to steal my computer, etc.

And ban me from five jobcentres.

So it has been a bit much for me lately, perhaps.

Sorry about this!

I hope you can send me my jobseekers-allowance anyway.

Because I have done my jobseeking-activites, as usual, (and logged
them on Universal Jobmatch).

And I only have a couple of pounds left for food now, and have had to
put the emergency-electricity on.

Hope this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog
Date: Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 2:27 PM
Subject: To: Birkenhead Benefit Centre. Reference: SG270967D
To: Contact-Us


I'm refering to your letter, from 6/3, which I got in the post, last week.

I've now filled out this form/letter, and returnes it with this
e-mail, (all six pages).

Please just ask me if there is something more you wonder about,
regarding my work.

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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