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mandag 28. august 2017

Mer fra England

I dag har jeg byttet hotell.

De siste tre dagene, (fra fredag til i dag), har jeg bodd, på Travelodge St. Helens, i Haydock, (litt utafor St. Helens).

Og det var fordi, at det var mye billigere, å bo der, (enn i Liverpool sentrum), i helgen, (som var/er 'bank holiday-weekend', noe som betyr, at bankene (og mange andre arbeidsplasser) er stengt i dag).

Så sånn er det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.


Erik Ribsskog


Her er mer om dette:



























PS 2.

Dette stedet, (Haydock), lå kun, en nokså kort busstur, fra Wigan, og den siste kvelden der, (søndag kveld), så dro jeg, en tur, til Wigan, og kikket litt, (noe jeg også gjorde, en gang, mens jeg bodde, i Keith Court, (hvor jeg bodde, fra 2012 til 2014), i Walton):



















Og enda en e-post til Linskills

Erik Ribsskog

Update/Fwd: Tenancy

Erik Ribsskog 28. august 2017 kl. 02:21
Til: Colin Simber
Kopi:, Leanne Kennedy , "hv-02.kontakt" , "" , Legal LSC , she , Politikk Høyre , Akademikerforbundet , LHT Customer Service , Runcorn Office , Info , Bjørn Ribsskog , admin , ITCGM- Norwegian Consulate , "anne-kathrine.skodvin" , "" , "" ,, "HRET (postmottak)" , findasolicitor ,,, Phso Enquiries ,, post

here on can see, that I did inform the courts, (, about that I had moved back to Norway.

But the Police had terrorised me, (like I write, in the e-mail).

They hammered on my door, (in Walton), around a hundred times.

And they distroyed my door and kidnapped me, about five or ten times.

So I was a bit shell-shocked after my last stay in the UK.

Or else I would have updated earlier.

This terror I should get a big compensation for, I think.

The BBC says that these cases, (with forged sender-field), are straight forward.

But these idiots at Merseysiden Police, have been neanderthals, and haven't understood these simple cases, (where I'm the victim), and have terrorised me, and in that way, worked for some mafia or something, I guess it could be.

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: 2015-01-12 18:06 GMT+00:00
Subject: Tenancy
To: LHT Customer Service <>
Cc: Benefits Service <>,, "" <>, admin <>


I wanted to inform you, that I've now moved back to Norway, and that I
don't need the flat in 10 Keith Court any longer.

The problem was, that the Police 'all the time', broke in to my flat,
and kidnapped me, for 'balony'-reasons.

Also, the Jobcentre didn't pay me my allowance.

They stopped my allowance for months, (also for balony-reasons, I have
to say), so that I almost starved to death, a number of times.

I moved back to Norway, in September, last year.

I'm sorry I haven't updated you about this earlier, but I've been a
bit shell-shocked, (I think I have to call it), due to the mentioned
terror from the British government.


Erik Ribsskog

Jeg sendte enda en e-post til Linskills

Erik Ribsskog
Appointment Letter
Erik Ribsskog 28. august 2017 kl. 01:11
Til: Colin Simber
Kopi:, Leanne Kennedy , "hv-02.kontakt" , "" , Legal LSC , she , Politikk Høyre , Akademikerforbundet , LHT Customer Service , Runcorn Office , Info , Bjørn Ribsskog , admin , ITCGM- Norwegian Consulate , "anne-kathrine.skodvin" , "" , "" ,, "HRET (postmottak)" , findasolicitor ,,, Phso Enquiries ,, post

thank you for your e-mail.

Also, someone had sent a similar e-mail to Ingeus, claiming to be me, and about something with a firearm.

I'm a home-defence-soldier from Norway so I'm used to having a machine-gun in my home, and have never had a hand-gun, (only a machine-gun).

So this is someone who don't know me then, who write e-mails in my name.

If I had been like this e-mails make me look like, then I don't think I would have been hand-picked to a special home-defence-unit, (støtte-området), at the end of the cold war, (in the 90's), in Norway, (after they more or less closed down the mobilistation-army there).

Also Miss Bamber was unprofessional from day one.

I used more than half of a forthnighly jobseekers-allowance-payment, and went on a one night vacation to Scarbourough, (with National Express and Grand hotel), in the summer of 2013.

And when I came back to Liverpool, then I was put on a new Jobcentre-regime, from Hell, (one could say I guess), and with Miss Bamber as some kind of 'which', making me suffer.

(Something like that).

And the Jobcentre also stopped my allowance for months and months, making me haveing to walk on the street, and look for coins, so that I could buy a pack of spaggetti, for 20 pence, at Asda, every day.

So this time-periode, (2013 and 2014), wasn't good for my health.

So this is that the Jobcentre owe me a very compensation for doing warfare against me, I'd say.

The Jobcentre had a double role.

They attacked me, with the court-case and also had the role of sending me money for food etc.

So a double-role.

This is not fine, I think.

Countries like Finland, have started a programme with citizens-pay, ('borger-lønn'), do to similar problems with 'communist-mafia', I've read.

So to stop people being (almost) killed by the bureaucrats, I reackon.

Also Miss Bamber was unproffessional from day one.

She brought up, in the first 'hell-regime-meeting', that her daugther wanted to study marine-biology, in Norway.

And I think thought I had to try to help, and contacted one of my earlier 'slaves'/staff, (Anders Karlsson), from when I worked as a store manager, in the Norwegian food-store-chain Rimi, (where I worked from 1992 to 2004).

Because Mr. Karlsson studied fish-farming, in the north of Norway, (after working with me, in the south-east of Norway, some years earlier).

This, (to more or less throw her daughter after me), I thought was very unprofessional, by Miss Bamber/the Jobcentre.

I want the Jobcentre to be professional, since I then depended on the Jobcentre, for money for food, etc.

But Aintree Jobcentre, (where I had to go for sign on and regime-meetings, for some reason, even if Everton Jobcentre was closer, I think).

They are perhaps a bit to far from Liverpool City Centre, (and to much on the country-side perhaps), so that they aren't that professional, perhaps.

But should I be blamed for that?

No, this is just dumb, I think.

And it was a meeting with Miss Bamber, her manager, and myself.

And Miss Bamber was crying I think.

So I said it was ok to continue with her as a 'hell-regime-contact', so to not be inhumane.

(Something like that).

And then suddently they say I have sent harassing e-mails.

This could be revenge from the Jobcentre, since I deered to complain.

What do I know.

They also punished me, and I had to go to Huyton Jobcentre, far from where I lived.

And I had walk everywhere, (while I didn't have food), because I wasn't allowed to go to this and that jobcentre.

But the Jobcentre doesn't understand how to treat custommers, (like they call the job-seekers), I think.

Their customer-service is a bit Russian, I guess.

Like Gordon Ramsey says: 'The customer is king'.

But the Jobcentre just bully the jobseekers, I think.

Because there was also problems with another staff there, (an old 'geezer'), and more.

And it says in your letter I have to do unpaid work.

And this was a topic at Williamsson Square jobcenter, when I lived in the city centre, (where I lived from 2006 til 2011).

They wanted me to do charity-work for free.

But I had employment-cases etc.

And my uncle in Norway, (my mothers younger brother), got me to work for free, (slave-work I think one could say), on a farm, in 2005.

So what's really the difference between slave-work and working for free (for a charity).

You ask me.

For some people 'charity' has a bit 'clammy' sound to it.

And very profesional people often don't want to work with charity, I think.

Charity to me, is like something American house-wifes work with.

(Or perhaps moralist/christians).

So is the Jobcentre a monastry or is it a jobcentre.

The jobcentre could be on my back since I didn't like their 'monastry-nagging' about doing charity-work I think.

Also Kirwans have represented me in court, in this case.

So I want to hear from them as well.

So I think I want to wait untill I hear from them and the Legal Ombudsman, before I decide how to go forward, in this case.

Erik Ribsskog


Here is more about the Ingus-case, (which is one of many hundred/thousand identity-theft-cases that I'm the victim of):

Erik Ribsskog
Your letter of 20/12
Erik Ribsskog 22. desember 2012 kl. 19:44
Blindkopi: "" ,

I'm refering to your letter from 20/12, which I recieved today, (and attach a scanned copy of).

First I notice that the address is wrong.

(I've worked as a Shop Manager in Norway, so I'm used with being aware at work, and I remember what happened at the Police Station).

Offiser McEwon, (who seemed overworked, and complained the UK don't have a second language, like Norway), wrote the address wrong.

And when I was released from custody, I made officer Carrol aware of that the address was wrong, but he said it wasn't important, or something.

Or if it was officer McEwon I made aware of this, but said it wasn't important.

(Something like this).

The right address should be:

Erik Ribsskog
10 Keith Court
Keith Avenue
L4 5XJ

You write in your letter, that someone has set up a false e-mail address, in my name.

But the problem is that they do something called 'spoofing', where they use my normal e-adress, (, and send e-mails pretending to be me.

Which computer-experts know how to do.

Like I've written to the Norwegian Embassy.

I think the Police have started investigating in the wrong end here.

They should have let computer-experts check the e-mail, and then they would have found that a blog-reader, in Norway, (who probably hates me since for some silly reason), has sent the e-mail, after reading on my blog.

I think the police have done this case like if they were neanderthals.

They should have checked the e-mail.

Instead of inprisonating me.

It's like ridiculus, moronic and cowbowish, from the Police, I think.

My problems with the Merseyside Police started in 2005.

I overheard at work, in Norway, that I was followed by the 'mafian', in 2003.

I ran to the UK in 2004, to study at the University of Sunderland.

I ended up at my uncles farm, in Norway, where a hunting-team, (or something), tried to kill me, in 2005.

I then ran back to the UK, and got a job in Liverpool

(For Arvato, in the Cunard Building).

I leveled with the Merseyside Police, about these problems.

But they haven't investigated anything.

They just told me to come back if 'something  happens'.

I came back with an employment-case.

Because of problems at Arvato, where I was harassed a lot by management there, etc.

And then the Merseyside Police called me 'Miss Erik Ribsskog', on a letter.

So it's like the Merseyside Police hate me, since I'm from Norway, or something.

Because I'm a heterosexual man, who doesn't like being called 'Miss'.

I think the Merseside Police just mess with me.

When I got to the Police Station, officer McEwon, said to a collegue: 'I found your Norwegian'.

So it's clear they hate me, and try to terrorise me, or something.

I've updated the Norwegian Embassy and foreign ministry, about the problems, the day I was arrested, so I send a copy of this e-mail to them as well.

I think this is a degenerated case, they didn't find a weapon in my flat, and still I was arrested.

A month earlier two police-women were at my door, regarding some e-mails that had been sent in my name, (in the same way as the Ingeus e-mail).

So the Police knew about this problem from before.

So they just want to terrorise me, it seems to me.

This is very ridiculus, I think.

When I lived in Norway, (I lived there from I was born untill I was 34), the Police weren't on my door, a single time.

Here they are on my door every month, it seems.

It's like I'm being terrorised, I think.

I also get endless threats and harassment on the internet and in letters.

But if I report this to the Police, they don't do anything.

But if someone report me, then they just act like cowboy and terrorist, because they hate Norwegians, or work for the mafia, or someting like that.

Also you Miss Kennedy, said on the day I was arrested, that Ingeus was for unemployed people and people with mental problems.

Are really Ingeus for people with mental problems, I'm wondering.

I think that seems like a moronic thing to say.

Because Ingeus aren't supposed to be for people with mental problems, as far as I know.

It's just the mafia who try to make it look like I'm mental or something.

When I booked in at a hostel, in Coperass HIll, earlier this year, (after moving back from Sunderland).

Four police-officers waited for me there, to take me to the mental-ward, on Liverpool hospital.

So that's like terror, I think.

It's just that they blow up stuff from my blog, and use this against me.

And then they spin on this, and use these blown up quotes, later, as an excuse to harass me at my door, go into my flat, and terrorise me later.

But these are just inocent stuff, that the Police blow up, and present out of context, to try to make me look mental, etc.

It could be what happened to 'Gazzas mate', who was terrorised by Police, and who was triggered, I think.

It could be that Police try to trigger me in a similar way, working for underground mafia, or something.

Because they don't like my blog, (and my freedom of speach), or something.

Who knows.

Just to level about this.

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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