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fredag 21. mars 2014

Jeg sendte en ny klage til Twitter

en ny twitter klage

Jeg sendte en klage til Twitter

Gmail - Complaint/Fwd: Case# 00576119: Abusive messages - KongenavBerger - [ref:_00DA0K0A8._500G0LQfDw:ref]


Erik Ribsskog

Complaint/Fwd: Case# 00576119: Abusive messages - KongenavBerger - [ref:_00DA0K0A8._500G0LQfDw:ref]

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 8:34 PM



I also wanted to complain about that your web-form don't work, when I want to report Impersonation.
Your web-form wants me to provide a 'legal alias'.

But not all people have a legal alias.

If I'm not mistaking, I've read somewhere that Twitter is one of the top-ten websites, (which is most used), in the World.

How can you have a bug like this?
What is the problem here, I'm wondering.


Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Twitter Support <>

Date: Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 7:29 PM
Subject: Case# 00576119: Abusive messages - KongenavBerger - [ref:_00DA0K0A8._500G0LQfDw:ref]
To: "" <>



This is confirmation that Twitter has received your report.


The Twitter Trust & Safety team will review your report and take action if the user is found to be violating the Twitter Rules ( We may follow up with you if we need further information.


What else can you do?


• Do not respond to the user. We have found that responding to someone who is intentionally attempting to aggravate you or others encourages them to continue their behavior.

• Block the user. You can block the user using the blocking feature described here:

• Learn more about how to deal with abusive users:

• Learn how to flag inappropriate media here:


Contact Law Enforcement


If something has gone beyond the point of a personal conflict and has escalated to the point of actionable violent threats, whether it be online or offline, please contact your local law enforcement so they can accurately assess the validity of the issue.


If contacted by law enforcement directly, we can work with them and provide the necessary information for their investigation of your issue. You can point local law enforcement to our Law Enforcement Guidelines (


For more information on our abuse policy and how to deal with abusive behavior, please review the following:


 • Abusive behavior policy:

 • Dealing with abusive users:




Twitter Trust & Safety



Your ticket number: #00576119

System Reference: ref:_00DA0K0A8._500G0LQfDw:ref

legal alias.jpg


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legal alias

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willassen 1


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willassen 2

Det her er visst min første tweet. Jeg hadde jo allerede johncons-blogg, (fra 2007), så for meg, så var Twitter noe jeg ønsket å lære, fordi at man kunne sende tekstmeldinger, til sin Twitter-konto, (på den tida, ihvertfall). Så da kunne jeg bruke Twitter, (istedet for johncons-blogg), hvis jeg ikke var hjemme, (tenkte jeg)

twitter første tweet

Glenn Hesler må være forsiktig, sånn at han ikke blir kidnappet av Nord-Korea, etter at han har spilt badminton

glenn hesler forsiktig

Jeg har fortsatt en god del notater, til Min Bok 6. Så den boken kommer nok til å ta en del måneder, før den er ferdig. Det er ikke så lett, når jeg blir tullet med og stresset, av the Jobcentre, osv.

min bok 6 1

min bok 6 2

Vi ere en nasjon vi med

Da jeg gikk på barnehage eller barneskole.

Så lærte vi en sang, (av Bjørnson eller noe, vel), som gikk sånn her:

'Vi ere en nasjon vi med, vi små en alen lange'.

Det betyr: 'Vi små, (som er en meter eller noe høye), er også en nasjon'.

(Noe sånt).

Men dette 'også', det betyr at det også skal finnes en nasjon, for de som er høyere enn en meter/alen.

Altså en norsk nasjon, for de voksne, da.

Og denne norske nasjonen, den skal selvfølgelig hjelpe meg, når jeg, (en nordmann i England), blogger om at jeg blir tullet med og ikke får rettighetene mine.

Men det gjør de ikke.

Jeg tror vi må si at den norske nasjon er død.

Vi har bare hjemme-svensker, hjemme-dansker, hjemme-finner, hjemme-tyskere, hjemme-amerikanere, hjemme-briter, hjemme-russere, hjemme-nazister og hjemme-muslimer, osv.

Vi har visst ingen hjemme-norske.

Så sånn er nok det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.


Erik Ribsskog


Her er mer om dette:

PS 2.

Det er visst Henrik Wergeland som har skrevet denne sangen, forresten:

vi er en nasjon wiki,_vi_med

Jeg sendte en e-post til LHT

Gmail - To: Laura Murphy, Income Management Officer/Fwd: Your ref: 10055749


Erik Ribsskog

To: Laura Murphy, Income Management Officer/Fwd: Your ref: 10055749

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 12:48 PM

LHT Customer Service <>

Benefits Service <>, Operations Correspondence <>, Contact-Us <>

"" <>, "mail.gva" <>,,


I'm refering to your letter from 20/3, which I received today, (and

which I attach).

There's no change in my economical situation.

The Jobcentre have first stopped my allowance, (due to that eighter

the Jobcentre or Royal Mail have lost my letter).

Then the allowance started again, (after I re-registered with the

Jobcentre, like I've explained about, in the forwarded e-mails).

Then the Jobcentre have stopped my allowance again, (they informed me

about this in a letter I recieved yesterday, which I think I've sent

to you at LHT, yesterday).

The Jobcentre say that I work more than sixteen hours a week.

But that's not right, I only have a hobby web-shop, and I work less

than sixteen hours a week.

I'm supposed to tell them, if I work more than sixteen hours a week.

And I haven't done that.

Some weeks there isn't any work with my web-shop at all, because it

doesn't sell that much at the moment.

So the Jobcentre are just suffering from having poor rutines and being

poorly organised, it seems.

So this, (that they've stopped my Housing Benefit and Jobseekers

Allowance), I've complained about, to both the DWP and Liverpool City


So if the people who work at the Council have good judgement, then the

Housing Benefit should be back as soon as posible.

(That's what always happens, when the Jobcentre stop my allowance, for

no good reason.

This has happened at least twice before, after I started renting from

LHT, almost two years ago.

So this is something the Jobcentre do about once a year, since they

are bored or something, it seems.

I'm an experieced Store Manager, from Norway, (and have gone to

commerce and office-school, studied Information Management and IT, and

have employment-cases etc.), so I don't I'm the problem here, (so to


Thanks for the letter!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 7:58 AM

Subject: Your ref: 10055749

To: Benefits Service <>

Cc: LHT Customer Service <>, Contact-Us




I'm refering to your letter from 4/3, which I recieved yesterday, (and

which I attach).

I was banned, from six Jobcentres, in January, due to false claims.

The Jobcentre claimed I had written love-emails to a staff with them,

and got the Police to arrest me and steal my computer.

I explained in a meeting, at Wavertree police-station, that I had

written no such e-mails.

This meating was recorded on a tape, and it was a police-officer and a

solicitor from Linskills, in the meeting.

They said I would get a copy of the tape, in the post, (the solicitor

helped me fill out the form), but I haven't gotten any tape.

I was released from custody, the same day I was arrested, but was told

I couldn't go to Aintree Jobcentre, any longer.

I said I'd go to Everton jobcentre, (since that's about the same

walking-distance, (around half an hour, or less), from Walton).

I went to Everton Jobcentre, one of the next days, (after I didn't get

any letters in the post, about how to sign-on).

Everton Jobcentre told me to go back there, the next day.

I went back there, and was thrown out, (they said I was banned from

that Jobcenter as well, and four others, including Bootle, I think).

I then got a letter in the post, from Aintree Jobcentre.

They said I was supposed to sign on by post.

I could send the letter within five days, from my sign-on-day, (Thursday).

I sent the first letter on Friday, and got my allowance the next Tuesday.

The next time, I sent the letter on Friday, and got my allowance on Thursday.

They said this was because I had sent the letter late.

(But I only sent it one day after my sign on-day.

And I could send it up to five days after).

I then sent the letter, (the sign on by post-forms), on Thursday 13/2.

I didn't get my allowance, the next Tuesday, (18/2).

I wrote about this on my blog.

But I waited untill Thursday 20/2, before I called Birkenhead Benefit

Centre, about this.

(Since I had noticed, that the time it took, between that I sent the

'sign on by post-forms', and recieved the allowance, varied).

Birkenhead Benefit Centre, (a Stuart from Manchester, I think), said

that the Jobcentre hadn't registered, (on their computer), that I had

signed on.

Stuart told me to call Aintree Jobcentre, and ask for them to contact

Birkenhead Benefit Centre, for a 'same day payment', (I think he

called it).

The phone-numbers for Aintree Jobcentre and Birkenhead Benefit Centre,

aren't free to call.

(I've been put under presure, by the Jobcentre, to buy Learn

Direct-courses, for my savings.

And I've also bought a new computer, (a refurbished one), after the

Police stole my old computer).

So I didn't have much credit on my mobile.

So I didn't get to call Aintree Jobcentre, on 20/2.

Instead I walked to Edge Hill Jobcente, (a jobcentre I wasn't banned

from), the next day, (Friday 21/2).

John there, checked the computer-system, and told me Aintree Jobcentre

had deleted my claim.

He gave me a note, and advised me to register again as unemployed, the

same evening, (since I had the internet, and still some electricity).

I registered a new claim, late on Friday 21/2, (or if it was early on

Saturday 22/2), since Aintree Jobcentre had deleted my claim.

On 25/2 I got a call, from Frank, at the Jobcentre.

He said I had a meeting, at 27/2, at Huyton Jobcentre.

I hadn't been to Huyton before, (and thought it was a bit far to walk,

since I had no savings).

Then Frank said I could try to go to Edge Hill Jobcentre on 26/2, for

a transfer there.

I walked to Edge Hill again on 26/2, and spoke with John again.

He said they didn't have capasity, for more jobseekers there.

I had blogged about the problems, and someone in Norway, donated some

money for me, (a total of £40 or £50, for food, electricity and


So I went by rail, to Huyton, on 27/2.

Gary there said he couldn't meet me anyway, (at 12.50 PM).

He wanted me to wait there untill 3 PM.

But I had a dentist-apointment in Walton at 3PM.

So I said I could be back there the next day.

I then got an apointment on 4/3.

On 4/3, (Tuesday, this week), Gary gave me a document.

It looks like what my online claim would look like.

But the date is wrong, and the phone-number is two phone-numbers ago,

(since I sometimes get a lot of tele-pest, for some reason, and have

had to change my phone-number, a couple of times, lately, like I've

informed the Police about, but haven't found out who have been

pestering me).

But I explain in this document, (which I attach), that:

'I sent my jobseekers-diary in the post to Aintree Jobcentre on

Thursday last week, they had banned me for 'funny stuff', and they

claim I haven't sent it. Was told today to make a new claim'.

So I've been following the advice I got, from John, at Edge Hill

Jobcentre, on 21/2.

So it's not really a change, but the Jobcentre in Aintree, who have

lost my 'sign on by post'-letter.

In this link, the Jobcentre say I have to sign on by post:

In this link, they say I 'did not attend':

But like on can see, in the fist link, I was banned for three months,

and not supposed to attend, (at the Jobcentre), for another couple of


So the Jobcentre are confused, (it seems), and not sure if I'm

supposed to do 'sign on by post' or to attend  the Jobcentre for sign


So this case is a mess due to that the Jobcentre are confused, I'd say.

In this link, (from my blog), on can see, that I post the 'sign on by


So I've done my part here.

But the Jobcenter are making up false charges against me.

They get me arrested.

And they don't know how I'm supposed to sign on now.

So the Jobcentre are very un-professional, (or have some type of

campaign against me).

So it isn't easy, for me, as a profesional Store Manager, (some years

back, but anyway), and IT-graduate, and Home Defence-man and

responsible citizen, to deal with, the Jobcentre.

Just to try to explain.

I hope you now, (at Liverpool City Council), understand more about

what has been going on here.

Please just contact me if it's anything more about this that I should

explain more about.

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

brev lht.jpg


brev lht

Jeg fikk et brev fra LHT

brev lht

Jeg oppdaterte om mine fritidsaktiviteter, det andre året som jeg gikk, på NHI

nhi fritids


Det mest spesielle, det var vel det, at Magne Winnem dro meg med på Unge Høyre-kurs, sommeren 1991.

Det var ikke sånn, at jeg kjente Magne Winnem så bra, egentlig.

Vi ble kjent, høsten 1988, da vi begge gikk på datalinja, på Gjerdes videregående.

Men Magne Winnem dro meg med på Danmarksturer osv., og vi dro også på en god del russefester sammen.

(Magne Winnem hadde en blå Volvo 'bybil', som han eide, sammen med faren og brødrene sine.

Og den bilen kunne nesten passere som russebil, da.

Siden den var blå).

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.


Erik Ribsskog

PS 2.

Grunnen til at Magne Winnem ville dra meg med, på Unge Høyre-kurs.

Det kan ha vært fordi at han hadde dårlig selvtillit, (eller noe lignende).

Han dro meg også med på et generalforsamlingsmøte, i et aksjefond, som han var med i, dette studieåret.

For da skulle Magne Winnem liksom komme med noe kritikk, av styret, i aksjefondet, da.

Men det 'stokket seg', for Magne Winnem, og han satt bare taus, hele møtet.

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 3.

En grunn, til at jeg ikke ville være med, på så mye 'Unge Høyre-greier'.

Det var kanskje det, at Magne Winnem, han gikk liksom så fort fram alltid, (for å si det sånn).

Jeg husker at en gang, som Magne Winnem, Andre Wlilassen, og meg.

Gikk rundt, ved Youngstorget, (på vei til noe kino eller biljard, eller noe sånt, vel).

(Dette var vel året etter at vi hadde vært russ 89 sammen, på datalinja, på Gjerdes videregående.

Noe sånt).

Og da, så prøvde jeg, å få med Magne Winnem og Andre Willassen, til å bli med på interrail, (sommeren 1990, eller noe sånt, vel).

Men de andre var ikke så interessert, da.

Men jeg prøvde å forklare det, (og vitset litt vel), at det nok ville funka bra.

(Med oss tre, på interrail).

For Andre Willassen, han var liksom litt treig, da.

(Han så heller på TV, enn å dra på russefester.

Husket jeg, fra russetida).

Mens Magne Winnem, han gikk alltid litt fort fram liksom, og fant på nye ting, (hele tida), da.

(Husker jeg fra russe-året, da han dro med meg på Danmarkstur, noen få dager etter at jeg prøvde å hjelpe han, da han ble mobba, i klasserommet, av Ole Skistad.

Og hans kamerat Raymond, (fra Drammen og russetida), han nevnte vel også noe lignende, vel.

Nemlig at Magne Winnem alltid fant på masse rare ting, (hele tida), da).

Og jeg sa også det, at jeg selv, liksom var et sted i mellom, de to andre, da.

(Jeg var ikke treig; (som Andre Willassen).

Og jeg var ikke sånn som Winnem, at jeg liksom alltid måtte finne på masse rare, nye ting, (hele tida).

Jeg var et sted imellom, (disse to Røyken-kara), liksom.

Noe sånt.

Så det var det, som praten gikk i, når vi tre Gjerde-datarussene.

Møttes i Oslo, våren 1990, (kan det vel ha vært).

Noe sånt.

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.