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tirsdag 11. september 2012

Her kan man se det, at tante Ellen er kjent i Romania, hvor hun hadde en ekstrajobb, hvor hun jobbet med barnehjemsbarn, etter murens fall

tante ellen kjent i romania

Jeg sendte en e-post til the Jobcentre

Gmail - Form/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Complaint


Erik Ribsskog

Form/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Complaint

Erik Ribsskog


Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 8:56 PM


CONTACT-US <>, Melanie Wright <>,, DWP ICE gateway team <>,,, "" <>,


I attached the earlier mentioned form and also the book-keeping for my two, small businesses.

You write in your letter from 5/9 that I should advice you as soon as possible if I have not yet recieved any pay from my businesses.

That's right, these businesses run a bit in minus yet, so I have still not recieved any payment from any of these two businesses.

Also, I think I should add that my web-shop have been attacked a lot.

It has been hacked a lot and also hi-jacked from One, (by e-mailing them a hoax-e-mail).

And it has even been ridiculed on a TV-programme called Tweet 4 Tweet, about the internet, on the 'Norwegian BBC', that's NRK 3.

So that's why it has sold less lately, I guess, due to bad publicity, towards this litle business, on state television, in Norway.

I have no idea why I'm being attacked this much, but I'm more or less a refugee, from Norway, having heard there I'm followed by the 'mafian', in 2003, and I was the viction of a murder-atempt, in 2005, but Police don't investigate, for some reason.

Also, the UK have almost doubled the postage for packs like I send to Norway, this spring.

So I've had to raise prices, which isn't good for the turn-over.

And I depend on a high turn-over if this business is going to be succesfull.

But good marketing could still make it sucessful, I think.

So I haven't given up.

I also refer to the web-shop(s), (I have one for Norway, one for the UK etc., since I've made my own design, since osCommerce was hacked so much, so I've made my own, 'hacker-proof' design, witch is in HTML, which can't be hacked, I think), in my cover-letters.

Since I'm an IT-graduate, I apply for Web Design jobs and other IT-jobs.

Then one almost really have to have a portifolio, because employers ask to see your work.

And that's why I accept to lose like £10 a month on my web-shops, because they are also my web-design-portifolio.

Hope that makes sense.

Latetely I've also started self-publishing.

I've had a blog for five years, and have a lot of material on my blog.

And some of the material is well suited for being published as books, I think.

So I've started publishing some old blog-material as books.

But that's something that I've quite recently started with.

The web-shop was my first business.

Please just ask me if there is anything I should explain more about on the form, etc.

Ingeus, (Mary Stevenson), in Sunderland, told me to do book-keeping for my web-shops.

Mark, at the Jobcentre, in Williamsson Sq., has told me the web-shop was a hobby.

And the Jobcentre have put me on the Work Programme, even if I've had this web-shop.

I have been in several meetings with the Jobcentre in Sunderland, and Ingeus in Sunderland and Liverpool regarding if I should have really been on a self-employment-programme ran by the Jobcentre.

Rather than being on the Work Programme.

Since Ralph at Elect, in Liverpool has told me the Work Programme has no founds for marketing.

Even if Sencia mentioned they could give me founds for marketing, when I was on the Sencia-programme.

But then my web-shop was so much attacked by hackers, so I didn't want to advertice for an unstable business.

No, with my new design, (which I've contacted patent-offices about, since it's a click-shop using Javascript, which is inituive, I think, and could be used in other web-shops as well, I think. And this invetion, is my own invention, which I made in 2011, I think it must have been, when I made my own web-shop-solution, after all the attacks on the osCommerce web-shop).

So there's also my invention, (the click-shop), in this.

I please don't want to lose the rights for this invention, which could hopefully be sold to other people who want's to start web-shops, possibly at least, I hope.

So I think there are possibilities here.

Now the web-shop is stable and ready to be broader marketed, I think.

I hope to find some Jobcentre-programme, or job-cafes, like the Jobcentre adviced me about, which have founds for this broad marketing.

But at the moment I have no money, so I don't understand why you've stopped a payment I've signed for.

Because this is just part-time-jobs, which I spend 5-10 hours a week running.

Hope this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 1:28 PM
Subject: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Complaint
Cc: CONTACT-US <>, Melanie Wright <>,, DWP ICE gateway team <>,,, "" <>,


I'm refering to your letter, from 5/9, which I received today.

The work I did, (on the mentioned forms), was only a few hours.

When I went to sign on, at the Jobcentre, four weeks ago, on Thursday.

I wasn't allowed to sign on.

But I had to have a 'funny un-scheduled meeting', (I'd call it), first.

Which I didn't get to prepare for, at home.

In this meeting I informed that on my two, small businesses, I worked _less_ than 16 hours a week.

(Since this was some kind of limit, I was told).

I also informed that my businesses ran in minus.

And that I didn't earn any money on them yet.

You say a letter was generated on 28/8.

I got a letter on Friday, last week.

That's 7/9.

How can the letter use this long time?

And how the sanction started on 17/8.

How can you send a letter about that, on 28/8?

That's something to complain about I think.

Because in the meeting I was told I would sign as usual, untill I heard from you.

But this hasn't happened.

I signed on, on Thursday, two weeks ago, on Thursday.

But I didn't get any money on Tuesday, last week.

So I had a protest, on Thursday last week.

And got the generated, (and very slow), letter, on Friday, last week.

How can you inform about a desition almost a month after the desition is made?

It should be the other way around, I think.

Inform about the desition in advance.

This is a business, that I've had for two years now.

And the Jobcentre have previously called it a 'hobby'.

Now I have no money.

I'm going to read the form, and try to understand how to get money.

Should I apply for Income Benefit, since I have no income yet, from these two, small businesses.

Maybe next year, or something, I can get some income from them.

Thanks in advance for a reply regarding this.

I'll also try to get the form sent back later today.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 12:37 PM
Subject: Update/Fwd: Complaint
To: Contact-Us <>
Cc: CONTACT-US <>, Melanie Wright <>,, DWP ICE gateway team <>,,, "" <>,


today I got a new letter from you, (which I attach).

You tell me to post some forms for you, but no forms were enclosed.

I don't have money for printer-ink or postage since I didn't get the payment on Tuesday, (which I signed for last week).

Can I go to the Jobcentre in Edge Lane, (where I used to go when I lived in Fairfield, earlier this year), and fill out the forms?

You say I have to send the forms no later than five days after my sign-in-day.

But my sign-in-day was Thursday last week, and that's already more than five days ago, today, and I got your letter today.

I also think it's like the Jobcentre have tried to trigger a reaction from me, (like I write in my e-mail yesterday), since you just stop sending my Jobseekers Allowance from 17/8.

You should have told me this well in advance of 17/8 then.

But you tell me this on 7/8.

I would please like to you to have a look at that fact, in case you forget it in all the other information here.

Because if you inform about decitions almost a month later, then people are going to be misarable, and desperate, because they aren't going to understand anything, and they are going to be hungry, and worry about how to pay their bills, to get money for food, etc.

And they are going to feel humiliated.

I don't it should be necessary to explain this.

Because it's well known that people need food, etc.

So I wanted to please complain about this again.

So if you could send me the missing payment as soon as possible please, and also the relevant forms, (which I didn't get with your letter today), then I'll buy stamps, and send the forms back as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 1:23 PM
Subject: Complaint
To: Contact-Us <>
Cc: CONTACT-US <>, Melanie Wright <>,, DWP ICE gateway team <>,,, "" <>, Liverpool Direct <>


I'm refering to your letter of 3/9 which I got in the post today.

First I want to complain that I've gotten a lot of grey hairs due to your lack of communication, the last couple of days.

I signed for a payment on Thursday last week, at the Jobcentre in Aintree.

So I should have gotten that payment on Tuesday, but I didn't get it, so now I have no money.

My agreement with the Jobcentre in Aintree was that I would hear from Birkenhead and then we would take it from there.

But you have broken that agreement.

Because I was going to sign on as usual, in the mean-time.

But you messed with a payment in the meantime.

So that means you have broken an agreement and been doing fraud, (I think I have to say), and made me not get food, and made me get a lot of new grey hair, and you also made me have a protest due to the missing payment/fraud, yesterday.

You don't seem to take people serious.

It's really no change in my income.

I don't get any income from my two small businesses, since they don't earn money yet.

So this is really just dumb.

I've been told at the Jobcentre in Williamsson Sq., a couple of years ago, that there is no limit on how long I can claim Jobseekers Allowance.

I asked about this since I was curious due to the Finance Crises.

But now you write about the tax-years 2006 and 2007.

I worked at Arvarto, (first for Randstand and then for Arvato), from 2005 to 2006.

And then as self-employed untill 2008.

So I have been working for many years in the UK.

So I have the right to Jobseekers Allowance like I'm from the EU, I've been told by EFTA.

What I am supposed to do now?

Your missing payment have left me with no money, and I have no income from my two businesses.

You punish me for showing initiative, and try to start businesses, I think.

My food and electricity is soon running out.

What am I supposed to do?

How can you make mistakes like this?

Erik Ribsskog

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Min Bok 5 - Kapittel 35: Enda mer fra St. Hanshaugen

Like etter at jeg hadde skrota HiAce-en min.

Noe som var noen uker før den Rimi Bjørndal-personalfesten, som jeg arrangerte, vel.

(Siden jeg mener at Thomas Kvehaugen kommenterte det, at jeg hadde skrota HiAce-en min, på den festen.

Hvis jeg ikke tar helt feil).

Så sa Kristian Kvehaugen det.

En gang jeg kom på jobb.

At jeg kunne få kjøpe en billig Lada, (som til og med var rød vel), som Thomas Kvehaugen, hadde arva, av bestemora si, (eller noe sånt).

Men da svarte jeg ikke noe, husker jeg.

For jeg er jo fra Bergeråsen.

Og der var det verste man kunne ha.

Det var Lada eller Skoda, da.

'Hvorfor kjøre Skoda, når man kan gå da', sa man der.

(Sånne ting).

Så hvis det var noe jeg absolutt ikke ville ha, så var det en rød Lada, liksom, da.

Jeg var jo ikke kommunist heller, for å si det sånn.

Jeg hadde jo alltid ligget og vippet mellom Høyre og Fremskrittspartiet, for å si det sånn.

Og jeg hadde jo også vært litt aktiv i Unge Høyre og, (som jeg har skrevet om i Min Bok 2), helt på begynnelsen av 90-tallet, (cirka 5-6 år, før det her), da.

Så da tok jeg heller bussen, en å kjøre rundt i en rød Lada, må jeg innrømme.

For grunnen til at jeg skaffet meg den HiAce-en.

Det var jo ikke fordi at jeg trengte en bil.

Men det var jo fordi at jeg ville lære meg å kjøre ordentlig, da.

Sånn at jeg ikke skulle glemme alt det jeg hadde lært, på kjøreskolen, med en gang, da.

Og også for å gjøre mine, (tidligere), kamerater, Glenn Hesler og Øystein Andersen, en tjeneste, da.

Siden de trengte penger, da.

Siden automatfirmaet deres gikk dårlig, vel.

(Som jeg har skrevet om, i Min Bok 4).

Og jeg var også så mye på internett, på den her tida.

Så jeg pleide å få telefonregninger, på fire-fem tusen, og sånn, i kvartalet.

Så jeg hadde egentlig ikke råd, til å bruke så mye penger, på bil, på den her tida, (må jeg innrømme).

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

Vanja Bergersen, (må det vel ha vært), hu sa forresten det en gang, på jobben, (husker jeg).

(Av en eller annen grunn).

At Thomas Kvehaugen ikke ligna på faren sin Kristian Kvehaugen.

Og det gjorde han vel heller ikke.

For Thomas Kvehaugen var mye kraftigere enn faren sin, Kristian Kvehaugen, da.

(Sånn som jeg husker det, ihvertfall).

Men så hadde jo Thomas Kvehaugen vært FN-soldat, i Libanon, også da.

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

Vanja Bergersen, hu sa også det en gang, (husker jeg).

At han Percy, (som jeg lurte på, om egentlig var en jeg kjente såvidt, fra Abildsø), hadde sagt til henne det, en gang, mens hu satt i kassa, (sikkert i kasse 4 da, (den speilvendte kassa), som vanlig), at 'vet du hva jeg kan gjøre med deg?'.

(Noe sånt).

Så hu Vanja Bergersen, hu mente at vi lederne, på Rimi Bjørndal, måtte følge med mer, på han Percy, som bodde i en av naboblokkene, til butikken, da.

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

Så Thomas Kvehaugen, det var en rimelig høy og kraftig kar, (nesten litt som en bamse vel), på 120-130 kilo kanskje, da.

Og som plutselig begynte å jobbe i kassa, på Rimi Bjørndal der, da.

Etter at jeg hadde jobba der, i noen få måneder, vel.

Og han kom da rett fra FN-tjeneste i Libanon da, (husker jeg).

Og kunne fortelle historier derfra.

For jeg pleide vel å preike litt med han, når jeg la opp frukta, noen ganger.

For frukta lå ikke så langt unna kassene, da.

Og Thomas Kvehaugen fortalte det, da.

At nede i Libanon der, så pleide alle FN-soldatene, å dra til et annet land, (eller noe sånt), for å feste mye, (når de hadde permisjoner og sånn), da.

Noe sånt.

Og Thomas Kvehaugen, han hadde også en dyr, kort jakke, husker jeg, som han pleide å gå med, på den her tida.

Og som var av merke Marlboro, (eller noe sånt), tror jeg.

(For den pleide vel å henge framme, i garderoben, da vel).

Og som var gul-beige, vel.

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

I en periode, så måtte jo Irene Ottesen og jeg, også sitte i kassa, på torsdager, siden det var for lite penger, på lønnsbudsjettet, da.

Hvis dette ikke var da jeg avløste matpauser, da.

Ihvertfall så kom det en filipinsk eller thailandsk dame, (eller hva hun var), bort til kassa mi, husker jeg.

Og hun sa at hu var mora til Diana, da.

(Som var halvt filipinsk eller thailandsk, vel.

Og halvt chilensk, tror jeg.

Og som hadde spisepause, vel.

Noe sånt).

Og hu mora til Diana, hu ville at jeg skulle gi en lapp til Diana, da.

(Noe sånt).

Også gikk hu igjen.

Men da jeg sa det, til hu Diana, at mora hennes hadde vært der med en lapp.

Så begynte hu Diana å grine, da.

For hu hadde visst et dårlig forhold til mora, da.

Noe sånt.

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

Det var fortsatt mye mer som hendte, den tida, som jeg bodde, på St. Hanshaugen.

Og dette tenkte jeg at jeg skulle prøve å få skrevet mer om, i de neste kapitlene, av Min Bok 5.

Så vi får se om jeg klarer å få til det.

Vi får se.

Det kan virke som at Kvehaugen-slekten, (fra Min Bok 5), er fra Gudbrandsdalen, (som jeg mistenkte), og at det muligens er noe slags 'kristen-russ'

kvehaugen johanittere

Fler bilder fra Liverpool