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torsdag 28. mai 2015

Frederiksberg Have, (som jeg bor ikke så langt unna), ligger ved siden av Zoo, så man kan se elefantene gratis, når disse er utendørs


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Erik Ribsskog

Overpayment of Housing Benefit

Erik Ribsskog Thu, May 28, 2015 at 3:04 PM
To: "Westhead, Chris"
Cc:, admin , "" , "" ,,
yes, I've been wondering why I haven't received any Housing Benefit lately.
I don't get any sosial security-money, from eighter the Norwegian or Danish Governments, (I live in Denmark now).
So if you could send me some more Housing Benefit as soon as possible, that would have been very fine.
I'm not sure why you say I've been overpaid Housing Benefit.
That must be wrong, surely.
The reason I moved from the UK, and back to Norway, last year, was because I didn't get any money, from the Jobcentre, (in Merseyside), for months.
So that I almost starved to death, some months.
So if you could send me money, that would be fine.
If you want money, (from me), then please just contact Jobcentre Plus, who owes me several thousand pounds, (if I remember it right), in missing Jobseekers-allowance-money, last year.
Also you write my last-name wrong.
You do the same typo as my German employer Bertelsmann did.
You write my last-name, (Ribsskog), wrong, the same way, they did.
They wrote 'Ribbskog'.
My last-name is Ribsskog, and nothing else.
Please use any money the jobcentre sends you, to buy new glasses, from e.g. Specsavers.
(To joke a bit).
Erik Ribsskog

On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 4:53 PM, Westhead, Chris <> wrote:
CDT General E-Mail
Revenues Officer        Christopher Westhead    
Invoice Reference Number 7701688037
Debtors Name Mr E Ribsskog
Debt Address 10 Keith Court

Keith Avenue


L4 5XJ
Dear Mr Ribbskog,
I wrote to you on 11th May 2015 concerning the above invoice for Overpaid Housing Benefit. I have tried to call you today but  the telephone numbers you have provided are unobtainable. The above invoice is due to be issued to a recovery agent for further recovery, if you wish to discuss this matter and make an arrangement to repay with ourselves as opposed to the Recovery Agents please call us as soon as possible on 0151 233 2850 or respond to this email.
We look forward to hearing from you
Yours sincerely
Chris Westhead
Overpayment Recovery Team


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