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lørdag 19. april 2014

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Nå har de begynt med 17. mai i England og, (kan det virke som). Noe sånt

Jeg sendte en e-post til Liverpool Direct

Gmail - To: Careline Adult Services. Complaint


Erik Ribsskog

To: Careline Adult Services. Complaint

Erik Ribsskog


Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 4:25 PM

Liverpool Direct <>

Pia Ribsskog <>

CONTACT-US <>, Contact-Us <>, LHT Customer Service <>, Colin Simber <>, Politikk Høyre <>, Akademikerforbundet <>,, ellen ribsskog <>, Bjørn Ribsskog <>, "" <>, "mail.gva" <>,,, Benefits Service <>


I'm refering to your letter from 11/4, which I received today, (and

which I attach a scanned copy of).

Your say you've received some information about my financial situation.

I would like to complain about that you don' write who has provided

you, with this information.

(What has initiated your enquiry, I was wondering.

That's normal politenes, to explain about this, I think.

Or else things could get a bit to 'clammy/sweaty', I think).

I also didn't want to give the Police my phone-number, since I didn't

think it was an emergency any longer, when they were at my door.

So I just told the Police I had better things to do, than standing in

my door all day, chatting with them.

(I had some errands to do, etc).

And I didn't give them my phone-number, due to that I didn't think it

was an emergency any longer, (due to that my sister had sent me some

money for food and electricity, etc).

So I wonder: How did you get my phone-number?

(So this is also a comlaint, I think.

Why have you tried to call me, when I explained to the police-patrol,

(Alan? and Colin?), that I didn't want any calls from the social

services, like I think they called it.

That's also a bit sweaty/clammy, I think, (that you try to call me

about something I didn't want you to call about, like I explained to

the police).

The problem is that the Jobcentre, have like five or ten times, just

stopped my jobseekers-allowance.

They also invent some romantic e-mails, which they say I've sent to their staff.

(But I'm not a hippie, I'm an earlier Store Manager, and am used with

not mixiing work and spare-time.

And I don't even like or fancy these two staff, at Ingeus and the

Job-centre, which they accuse me of sending romatic e-mails to.

I grew up by a fjord, in Norway, and had a steph-sister, who had a lot

of sex-appeal, (like they sang in her confirmation), so these two

'hags', (that I'm being accused of being in love with), don't really

wake me up.

Something like that).

So I was banned from the Jobcentres, and then I couldn't even get a

voucher for the food-bank, and had to look for coins on the street,

for spagetti, (that only costs 20 pence), and steal once, at Tesco.

So the Jobcentre make me into a criminal.

If I e-mail the food-bank, (about a voucher), then they don't reply.

I was at the CAB, to do with an employement-case against Arvato, in 2006.

But the CAB just messed with me, and made me lose control of the


So I have no confidence in them, after that, to be honest, so I don't

like to go there, after that.

And my doctor doesn't want to write a statement for me, regarding a

frost-bite-injury, that I got while I served my conscription-service,

in the infantry, in Norway.

(This injury made my mother almost cry, I remember.

So I guess my sister remembers about this).

The doctor, (Chang at Marleybone Healt Centre), said that injuries

like that meant I had been in a fight, and said he wouldn't write a

statement for me.

(So this is perhaps NATO who mess with me, trough CAB and my doctor, etc.

What do I know.

So to hide that I got a frost-bite injury while I served my

conscription-service, in Norway.

What do I know).

So the problems where just to do with that the Jobcentre doesn't

understand, that people are made of organic material, and need food,

to function, it seems.

One could say they are trying to kill me, I think.

They still haven't sent me the money they owe me.

And it seems like they don't plan to send any money.

(Due to some 'communist-mafia-stuff', I think I have to call it).

My sister has borrowed me around £100 twice, (the jobcentre owe me

around £500-600).

But she hasn't been clear, when I asked  her, how much money, that she

has, at the moment.

So I'm not sure how long I can go on borrowing money from her.

I have about £20-30 left of the money, that she has borrowed me.

And she'll be back at her work, (and see my e-mails), after the

Norwegian easter-holiday, (which is quite long), has finished.

So I try to get help from my sister, with this situation now.

I get frustrated, because I own some property, in Norway, which a

court in Drammen has refused me to sell, since 2011.

So this is like some communist-mafia-stuff, or something by Kafka or

Orwell, I have to say.

My mother died in 1999, and her last parent, (her mother), died in

2009, so my mothers inheritance should have been split, between my

siblings and I.

But when I ask my sister about this, (how it's going with the

inheritance, from 2009, in Norway), then she just ignores my question.

So it's a bit frustrating, with the Jobcentre, and the problems in

Norway, and all.

But my sister has more or less promised to borrow me around £100, (for

food, electricity and bills), each forthnight, untill I get my

allowance from the Jobcentre, again.

So I expect that my sister do like she has promised, (more or less, at least).

And I think the situation is under control.

Even if my sister doesn't reply to everything I ask about, (and she

didn't want to be my friend, on Facebook, some years ago.

So I wouldn't have contacted my sister about borrowing me money for

food, if it hadn't been an emergency).

The healt-problems was to do with that I ate to little food, (due to

that I didn't have money), I think.

(Or if it could have been that I ate food that made me constipated.

Due to that I sat in my flat in the dark, and I didn't get to cook the

spagetti properly, since I didn't have the electricity, in my flat.

Due to that I didn't get any jobseekers allowance, from 31/1 to 21/2.

And then again, from 6/3 to todays date.

So my jobseekers-allowance have been stopped twice, since January.

So I wasn't that on top perhaps, the second time, it was stopped.

I didn't have any savings because my Personal Advisor, at Aintree

Jobcentre, Sarah Bamber, had put pressure on me, to use my savings, on

courses from Learn Direct.

And also, when I moved in to Keith Court, a couple of years ago, then

it was unfurnished.

And the LHT-woman, who initated talking about a grant for furniture

etc., was chewing chewing-gum, in that meeting.

So I didn't think the LHT treated me with respect, and I also thought

that form had very many pages in it.

So I've had to buy furniture and kitchen-machines etc., for my

jobseekers-allowance, in the last years.

So I haven't had much savings.

And I could explain even longer back.

I was throuwn out a lot of times, for no good reasons, from Leather

Lane, University of Sunderland, Azalea Lodge in Sunderland, the

Scandinavian Church in Liverpool and MAS, between automn of 2011 and

spring 2012.

So it's like I have some nazis on my back, (the police often do these

evictions), or something like that).

And before that it was my employement-cases against Arvato/Microsoft, and more.

So this poor treatment of me, from the Jobcentre could be linked with

my employment-case, or something political, (the British Nationalist

Party probably don't like me, since I'm from Norway).

Who knows.

I think it's embarrasing to get letters from social workers.

So I'm going to try to solve this by borrowing money, from my sister

Pia, untill I get my jobseekers-allowance.

But thanks for being interested.

I hope you can reply about my two complaints, (above).

So if  you could escalate this e-mail to your line-manager, please.


Erik Ribsskog



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