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søndag 27. august 2017

Jeg sendte en e-post til Linskills

Erik Ribsskog

New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Problems with Virgin Broadband

Erik Ribsskog 27. august 2017 kl. 17:54
Til: Colin Simber
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here on can see, that I sent some complaints to ICO, in 2013, about Virgin putting funny/extra-stuff, in my wall.

That could have been, like a ruter, so that someone could use my broadband-line to impersonate me.

The cop, (Lester), in the court-case, in 2014, said the e-mails were sent from the library and my IP-address.

But Lester also sent, that he wasn't very into tech-stuff.

And no evidence was presented, about the IP-addresses.

So one could perhaps say that Lester just was telling some hear-say og that he made something up.

(Something like that).

Also Miss Bamber is now more than 50 years old.

So she was almost 50 years old, in 2014.

So why would I want a 50 year old woman.

It makes no sense.

If you want to let your genes live on, then that makes no sense.

Because 50 year old women can't have children, (then they get downs etc).

And also, even if I didn't send those e-mails, if I remeber right, they were sent to the Jobcentre.

And the Jobcentre don't have feelings.

Miss Bamber represents the Jobcentre, so they should perhaps just be professional.

Miss Bamber still has her own private e-mail-address, I guess, which she could use, on her spare-time.

So I think this case is just dum, really.

The judges don't like the case, and punish me, even if I haven't sent these blody e-mails, (if that's alowed to write).

I see you've also sent me an e-mail, and I'm going to look more at that later this bank holiday-weekend.


Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: 2013-04-05 11:13 GMT+01:00
Subject: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Problems with Virgin Broadband
Cc:, "hv-02.kontakt" <>, "" <>


some minuttes ago, I was awoken by some ringing at my door.

A Gary from Virgin, he said he was.

I had no apointment with them today.

And he got a screw-driver and did some stuff in the corner of my living-room.

And then he said they'll be back next week again.

I've had broadband from BT, and they just sent one guy, on one visit, which the time was agreed in advance about.

That was spring 2006, (when I lived in Mandeville St.), I think it must have been.

But now Virgin has sent four guys in two days.

And today's guy hadn't even got an apointment.

What's this supposed to mean.

How can you have companies like this?

Erik RIbsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 6:13 PM
Subject: Fwd: Update/Fwd: Problems with Virgin Broadband
Cc:, "hv-02.kontakt" <>, "" <>


while these Albanian mafia-criminals, (or what they are), where out of my flat, a while, I took some photos for my blog.

And these criminals brought a funny black wire, into my flat.

Which they just let lay on the floor.

That's probably why the third guy showed up.

The enigneer must have called him, and said I had a bootleg internet-wire.

When really I've had mobile broadband, from EE, the last months.

(Which I use while sending this e-mail).

And then they made a funny whole, in the wall, and pretended the funny wire, had been in it.

This is sickening I think.

I overheard in 2003, I was followed by the 'mafian' in Oslo.

I've written about this thousands of times, on my blog, since 2007.

The whole World just sit on their bums and looks at this.

Humanity is a joke, it seems.

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 4:59 PM
Subject: Update/Fwd: Problems with Virgin Broadband
Cc: "" <>,, "hv-02.kontakt" <>


these mafia-guys, (or what they are), even distroyed my printer, I see now.

The enigneer pretended to fall out my chair, and the paper-tray, for my printer, was distroyed.

How can you in the UK have thugs like these everywhere?

It's like you don't have any decent people at all here in the UK.

You shouldn't be in the EU then if you are just criminals.

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 4:46 PM
Subject: Problems with Virgin Broadband
Cc: "" <>,, "hv-02.kontakt" <>


I read about ICO on Ofcom's website.

I couldn't fine e-mail addresses to Ofcom or Virgin, so I write to you.

I was recomended Virgin, by a fellow study abroad student, at University of Sunderland, in 2004.

(For mobiles, but anyway).

I've earlier had Nextgentel, (in Norway), and BT, (at an earlier address).

They drilled a whole in the wall, and just put some paste, (or something in it), and asked me to paint over it.

Also, they were three people, and BT were only one, (at the place I lived in 2005/06).

I think this was strange.

I still use my mobile broadband, because they couldn't get it to work.

I said I'd reinstall Windows.

But that wasn't enough.

A few minuttes after the three Virgin-guys left.

I got a call from Paul, who had told me to call him tomorrow, if the broadband didn't work.

(Because I had to say something to get them out of the appartment.

So I said I'll reinstall Windows.

And if the modem still doesn't work, I'll call Virgin'.

Then a third guy; (who got here later, after the other two were finished).

An older guy named Paul.

(Who also had a Virgin uniform).

He wrote his phone-numer down, on a Virgin folder.

After asking me if I had a pen.

He then called me, just a few minutes, after they left.

And said Virgin would be back in my flat, on Wednesday morning.

To switch some stuff in the white box.

I asked him if the internet would work in the mean-time.

He said it would.

I said that then I don't any more people here to wake me up.

Then I don't want any more Virgin-staff here.

I think it's something funny going on.

I've had broadband for years, both in Norway and in the UK, and never have any of the broadband-companies wanted to come back to my flat, to switch some broadband-stuff.

And without sending a letter.

This I wanted to complain about.

Is this to install something that is breaching my data protection, I'm wondering.

This is harassment, I think.

Erik Ribsskog

Og enda mer fra Liverpool

Nå driver jeg, (ganske forsinka, for jeg var lenge oppe i natt, for å følge med, på boksekampen, (mellom McGregor og Mayweather). osv.), med min 'morgen-rutine', (som går ut på, å barbere meg, børste tenna og dusje).

Men det var lettere sagt, enn gjort, i dag, (må jeg si).

For plutselig, så var det ikke kaldt vann lenger, på hotellet.

(Og det har vært sånn, i cirka en time nå, vil jeg si.

Noe sånt).

Så sånn er det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.


Erik Ribsskog


Etter å ha kjøpt meg, en mobil-ruter #2, (fra Three), så har jeg blitt litt mer vant til, (å bruke), disse ruterne.

(For tidligere, (i Norge og England), så har jeg bare brukt såkalte 'dongler', (som ikke har batteri).

Til mobilt bredbånd).

Og det som har vært problemet, med EE-ruteren.

Det er visst bare, at den ruteren, har vært tom, for batteri.

(Kan det virke som nå).

Og så har ikke jeg tenkt så langt, (siden at jeg er vant til, å ha 'dongler', (for mobilt bredbånd), som ikke trenger, å lades, da).

(For å si det sånn).

Så sånn er visst det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 2.

Så når det gjelder, det at Virgin putta to bokser, (først en 'vanlig', og så en større), i veggen min, i Keith Court, i 2013, (må det vel ha vært).

Så kan det ha vært, at de liksom, har 'gjemt', en sånn liten ruter, (som er/var koblet til, min bredbånds-linje), i veggen min.

Og så har noen koblet seg opp, mot den ruteren, og sendt e-poster, i mitt navn, da.

(Noe sånt).

Og så har jeg måttet møte, i retten, X antall ganger, og nesten blitt drept, av the Jobcenter, som ikke skjønner 'plottet', liksom.

(Noe sånt).

Så sånn er muligens det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 3.

Her er mer om dette:

mer om tull med virgin

PS 4.

Og nå.

Etter at jeg har fylt varmt vann, i badekaret.

Og latt det stå, i et par timer, for å få det kaldt nok, til å bade i.

Så dukker plutselig kaldt-vannet opp igjen, (etter å ha vært borte, i 3-4 timer kanskje).

Dette virker 'mystifisk', (vil jeg nesten si).

(Noe sånt).

Så sånn er muligens det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.