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onsdag 16. august 2017

Mer fra Liverpool

Etter å ha spist lunsj, i dag.

Så dro jeg igjen, til kinoen, i Liverpool One.

Og der viste de en film, som het Atomic Blonde, som jeg har sett reklame for, på noen busser, (her i England), osv.

Og det var en action-film, om noen spioner, i Berlin, på den tida, som muren falt.

Og det var masse 80-talls-musikk osv., i filmen.

Som jeg forresten så, på en Imax-kino.

(Noe som ikke betydde, at det var 3D.

Men det var bedre bilde eller ihvertfall bedre lyd, (enn vanlig).

For å si det sånn).

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.


Erik Ribsskog


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PS 2.

Etter filmen, så så jeg, at de hadde, en Pizza Hut-restaurant, like ved kinoen.

Og på Pizza Hut, så tror jeg ikke, at jeg har vært, siden 80/90-tallet, (i Brighton).

(Min tremenning Øystein Andersen, dro meg med, et par ganger, til Pizza Hut, (i Brighton), sommeren 1988 og/eller sommeren 1990.

Av en eller annen grunn.

Men hvordan Øystein Andersen kjente til denne kjeden, (Pizza Hut).

Det veit jeg ikke.

For den kjeden fantes vel ikke, i Norge, på den tida, (for å si det sånn).


Og Pizza Hut hadde, en god pizza-buffet, (må jeg si).

Men det var litt som å være, på restaurant, i Paris, når man skulle betale.

For man fikk regningen, til bordet osv., da.

(For å si det sånn).

Så sånn var det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 3.

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PS 4.

Nå sitter jeg, på en pub, (i Formby), og tar meg, en utepils.

(Mens jeg blogger og skriver e-poster).

Så sånn er det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 3.

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PS 4.

Her kan man se, at Pizza Hut, først kom til Norge, i 1994, (altså flere år etter, at Øystein Andersen, dro meg med, til Pizza Hut, i Brighton):

e24 pizza hut kom til norge i 1994

Jeg sendte en e-post til Taroe

Erik Ribsskog

Update/Fwd: 26 New Road Court

Erik Ribsskog 16. august 2017 kl. 20:45
Til: Runcorn Office
Kopi: LbF Leieboerforeningen , Info , info , admin , "" ,

these are just lies and lies.

She lies about the rent-figure being mentioned in the phone-call, on Friday, almost two weeks ago.

I shook hands with the Golding-employe, (Ian), and he congratulated me with the flat.

And now they start 'babeling' about health and safety and references.

This is sabotage, I think.

They have twice told me, that they would send me forms by e-mail, and have both times not done this.

And they didn't write on the form in front of me.

This was just some small-talk, (about what I didn't like about the flat).

And noone wrote anything on the form, (other than me), before I signed.

(And I have a photo of that form, showing that someone have written some nonesense on it, in another handwriting than mine).

These criminals, (I deer to call them), has robbed me of £150 in a funny charge, (that I was told would get me the flat), and they have made me waste lots of money, on hotel-bills, since this process, has dragged out, since Friday almost two weeks ago.

So this is serious crime, I reackon.

They, (Golding), are just criminals, I'd say.

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Louise Goulden <>
Date: 2017-08-16 17:17 GMT+01:00
Subject: 26 New Road Court
To: "" <>

Good afternoon Erik

We apologise for any miscommunication you have received. Let me try and clarify a few points as per you e- mail, please allow me to address the issues you have raised. We want you to become a tenant of ours and rent the property however safety and other procedures must be met:

When you first called about properties in the area I told you about New Road Court and arranged an appointment for you to view. The rent was reduced from £280pcm to £260pcm and you were told this by myself on the phone. We apologise that Ian’s car was not a Goldings car however Ian uses his own car for work.
As explained by Amy the issue that you had discussed with Mark when you came in to complete an application form he wrote the additional information on the form in front of you, to help you. This is in the interest of health and safety before you move in, once we receive full confirmation from the landlord that these issue which are: a broken window and two damaged locks on the main door will be repaired via the landlord  then we will be happy to proceed to the next stage of your full reference checks. These are currently waiting to be processed and are not passed as yet.
As explained once we have received confirmation from the landlord we will be in touch, I will actively push this so we can obtain a move in date quicker.

Kindest regards

Description: Description: Description: Description: golding_logo
Louise Goulden

Student Lettings & Management
Unit 3, Exchange Street East, Liverpool L2 3PF T:0151 329 2626.

Residential Lettings
Unit 3, Exchange Street East, Liverpool L2 3PF  T: 0151 227  1199  F: 0151 227 1887

Development & Maintenance
195 – 197 Green Lane, Stoneycroft, Liverpool L13 6RH T:0151 541 1090          

Property Management
199 – 201 Green Lane, Stoneycroft, Liverpool L13 6RH T:0151 228 7777          

Private & Confidential.
Please consider the environment, think before you print.

The contents of this email are strictly private and confidential and are intended solely for the named addressee[s] only.  If you are not the intended recipient you should not copy it or use it for any purpose nor disclose its contents to any other person and you should return this message to the sender and delete it from your mailbox.  The views and opinions expressed in this email do not necessarily represent those of Golding.  Please note that whilst Golding does check for viruses, it is the responsibility of the recipient to scan all messages prior to opening them.

Mer fra Liverpool

I dag har jeg flyttet inn, på et nytt hotell.

(Mens jeg venter på, å få nøklene, til leiligheten).

Og nå sitter jeg, i St. Johns Park, (heter det vel), bak St. Georges Hall, og blogger litt, (og sender e-poster), da.

(For å si det sånn).

Og jeg har også spist lunsj, (noen sandwicher fra Tesco), her i den samme parken.

(Før jeg begynte å blogge/sende e-poster).

Så sånn er det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.


Erik Ribsskog

Jeg sendte en e-post til Golding

Erik Ribsskog


Erik Ribsskog 16. august 2017 kl. 15:31
Kopi: LbF Leieboerforeningen , Runcorn Office , Info , info

on Friday, almost two weeks ago, I called Golding, and got to speak with Louise.

I asked her if I could have a look at a flat in Tuebrook, which had a rent of £260 a month.

Louise told me that the rent was put down to £250 a month.

And of course I didn't compain about that.

And we agreed that I would meet her collegue Ian, at the address, (in New Road Court), on Tuesday last week, at 3. PM.

I was there on time, but Ian couldn't find it, but I met him in New Road, (where he was driving, a car, that didn't have any Golding-stickers on, as far as I could see).

And Ian mentioned £260 as the rent.

(So he wasn't tuned with Louise about this).

And it turned out it was really a bedsit, since the bedroom was just a type of hall leading to the bathroom, (with some furniture to have clothes in).

And I called Louise and paid a £150 charge.

And Ian shaked hands with me, to congratulate me, with the flat.

(Because I was a bit fed up with living at hotels.

And the rent was inexpensive.

And it wasn't on the ground-floor, which I liked).

And then I would recieve some forms by e-mail, Ian said.

All last week passed, and no e-mail from Golding.

I went to your office in Exchange Street East, on Monday.

And I got to speak with Mark there.

Mark gave me a from, which I filled out.

And he was going to send me an e-mail by the end of the day, he said.

He also asked me, (like small-talk), if was something I didn't like about the flat.

I said the enterance-area for the _building_, (not the _flat_), looked shabby.

And that I noticed it wasn't a washing machine there.

But I also added that I knew there were laundrettes not far from the address, so that wasn't a big problem.

And today I went back to Golding; since I hadn't recieved any e-mail, (like Mark said you were going to send).

And I was told by Amy there, that you were now going to ask the landlord to do some work, before I could move in.

That was fixing the flats door and a window by the door and get a washing machine in.

By the first two were wrong, (a misunderstaning), it was the buildings enterance-area I had mentioned, (initiated by Mark asking me if it was something I didn't like there).

And the washing-machine I also explained that I didn't neceserely need, to move in, (since I could use laundrettes).

And Amy showed me the form I had signed on Monday.

And someone had written on the form, after I had signed it, (and also behind my back), about work needing to be done, before I move in.

But I have not demanded any such work.

This is fraud, I think.

I mentioned to Ian I was a bit feed up of living at hotels, (as 'small-talk'), so this is that someone think it's fun to let me stay at hotels for weeks and weeks while they delay the moving-in-process, it seems.

This I wanted to complain about.

Erik Ribsskog

Mer fra Liverpool

Nå har jeg nettopp sjekket ut, av Travelodge, og jeg har vært, hos eiendomsfirmaet Golding.

Jeg var der også, på mandag, og snakket med en Mark.

(For Ian der sa, at jeg skulle få noen e-poster, med noen skjemaer.

Dette sa han, på tirsdag, i forrige uke.

Men ingen e-poster dukket opp).

Mark sa at jeg skulle få en e-post, iløpet av dagen, (mandagen).

Men ingen e-post dukket opp.

Heller ikke på tirsdagen.

Så jeg dro dit nå, (med kofferten min og alt).

For på fredag er det to uker siden, at jeg ringte Golding, (ei Louise), fra Lord Nelson hotel, om denne billige leiligheten.

Og i dag så satt Amy, ved det første skrivebordet.

Hu sa at før jeg kunne flytte inn, så måtte de fikse inngangspartiet og sette inn en vaskemaskin.

Men dette har ikke jeg krevd.

Mark spurte meg, i møtet, på mandag, om det var noe jeg ikke likte, ved eiendommen.

Og det var et shabby inngangsparti, med en knust rute i, som bare var erstattet, med en treplate.

Og jeg la også merke til, at det ikke var vaskemaskin der, (fortalte jeg til Mark).

(Som av en eller annen grunn lurte på dette).

Men jeg sa også, at jeg mente å vite, av det fantes mynt-vaskerier, i området.

Og nå i dag, så sier Amy, at jeg ikke kan flytte inn, før disse tingene er fikset.

Men det har ikke jeg krevd.

Og jeg har nå ventet i snart to uker.

Og jeg sa til Ian, (som var på visningen), at jeg var litt lei av, å bo, på hotell.

Så de kødder sikkert, (hvis jeg skulle tippe).

Og Ian gratulerte meg, med å få leiligheten, (og tok meg i hånda), for en uke og en dag siden.

Og jeg betalte også, et gebyr, på 150 pund.

(Jeg ringte fra visningen, til Louse, hos Golding).

Og det er også tull med leie-prisen.

Louise sa at leien var satt ned, til 250 pund, (da jeg ringte de, på fredag, for snart to uker siden).

Men Ian nevnte 260 pund, på visningen.

Så dette er bare tull og tøys.

Så sånn er det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.


Erik Ribsskog


Og det shabby inngangspartiet, var for _bygningen_, og ikke for leiligheten.

Så det er jo bare tull, (må jeg si).

(At jeg må vente med å flytte inn, i _leiligheten_.

På grunn av at inngangspartiet til _bygningen_, trengs å pusses opp).

Så sånn er det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 2.

Det er også sånn, at av de folka, som jeg har fått pratet med, i dette firmaet.

Så står ingen av navnene deres, på listen, over ansatte, på nettstedet deres.

(Muligens med unntak av Amy, som jeg pratet med nå nettopp).

Så sånn er det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 3.

Det er også sånn, at det står, at en Brian, (eller noe sånt), er 'the manager', for dette firmaet, på nettstedet.

Men Amy sa, at det var, hu Louise, som var, 'the manager'.

(Noe sånt).

Så sånn er det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 4.

Det var også sånn, at han Mark, (må det vel ha vært), hadde skrevet på noen ord, (om disse reparasjonene, som jeg liksom hadde bedt om), på skjemaet, som jeg hadde underskrevet på.

Og disse ordene, (med en annen håndskrift enn min), var skrevet på, etter at jeg hadde signert skjemaet, (på mandag).

Så dette var svindel/bedrageri, (må man vel si).

(Noe sånt).

Så sånn er nok det.

Bare noe jeg tenkte på.

Men men.

PS 5.

Her er mer om dette:


I dag våknet jeg, til problemer, med EE-ruteren igjen. (Jeg er på hotellet sin wifi nå). Det var også noen som hadde mail-bombet meg