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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til RBS

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Erik Ribsskog

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Erik Ribsskog

Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 12:26 AM

"McDonald, Ross (Group Customer Relations)" <>


thank you very much for your e-mail, here I've tried to summarise my complaints:

Complaint 1:

I was at Tesco, Liverpool One, right before Christmas, with an ink-cartridge, that didn't work.

I had paid for it, with my Solo-card, that I have with your bank, RBS.

And then Tesco, have a routine, that they put a refund back on to ones bank-account.

But, the shop-workers, in the kiosk there, told me that they had to call RBS, for a code, to be allowed to transfer the around £7 back to my account.

And I understood from the staff that this wasn't a normal procedure.

So I was wondering what's going on here, why have RBS put restrictions like this, on to my bank-account?

This sounds very strange to me, what's going on?

Complaint 2:

Your telephone-staff is sometimes inpolite, and mess people around, I've experienced.

I think if you had a general enquiery e-mail address, on your website, (like I know is usual for companies to have, since I've been working as a company researcher, on behalf of Packaging Europe), then I think especially your foreign customers, like me, who is from Norway, would have appriciated not having to speak with your telephone-staff, since they are ubeliveably poor at customer-support, sometimes.

To have a general enquiery e-mail address would also made it easier for your customers to keep track of the correspondence with your bank.

Complaint 3:

I called you telephone-support, today, and spoke with Mike there.

As soon as I mentioned I was from Norway, he startet messing me around.

I asked him for an e-mail address, and he pretended he tought I meant Tescos e-mail address.

He pretended that he thought I called him, to get a refund from Tesco.

In the end, I got so anoyed, that I asked him if he was stupid.

Then he suddently understood what I was saying, and asked me if I was calling him a moron.

I didn't want to be inpolite and disagree with him, so I agreed with him to be polite, and then he just hung up.

But I've been working with answering calls in English, (and other languages), on behalf of Microsoft, so I could tell that he was deliberatly inpolite, from the way he pretended to not understand what I was saying, from the point in the call, when I explained I was from Norway.

So this I found insulting, as a Norwegian citizen.

I know that some Scottish soldiers once try to pass through Norway, with officer Sinclair, and was killed by some valley-people, when they were on the way to help the Swedes.

(A well-known Norwegian woman named Pilar-Guri, was involved).

But, in Norway, I don't think people threat Scotts badly, because of this, so I think it's a bit unfair, to be treated badly, by a Scottish customer-support, due to a war many hundred years ago.

Complaint 4:

I called back, after Mike hang up, and asked to speak with a manger, and was transfered to Nat West, your competitor.

I think shows that you have 'mobsters' in your company.

I think this is extreamly poor, and I think you should pay me a lot of money, to compensate, for the people working in your company, who are pretending to be very stupid, and who are acting very hostile towards non-Brits, especially Norwegians I suspect.

Good luck with cleaning your company up!


Erik Ribsskog

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 3:08 PM, McDonald, Ross (Group Customer Relations) <> wrote:


If you email me the details of your complaint I will pass
it on to the appropriate person.


Ross McDonald
Group Customer Relations
1st Floor, Business House

Depot Code: 045

Tel 0131 626 3605

From: Erik Ribsskog []

Sent: 08 February 2010 14:15
To: McDonald, Ross (Group
Customer Relations)
Subject: E-mail address


I'm trying to get hold of an RBS general enquiery e-mail address.

(Since I'm having problems with your telephone support, latest today
with Mike, who just pretended to not understand what I was saying).

Since I was at Tesco, to get a refund for a digital camera I bought

I needed a confirmation-code, to get the founds transfered back to my
account, and I understood that this wasn't the regular procedure.

What is it with the account?

Why is your company messing me around, they transfered me to Nat. West when
I called for the second time.

I'm not sure if I should write regards,

Erik Ribsskog
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