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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Er paa Sunderland City Library

Jeg spurte meg fram til biblioteket i Sunderland sentrum i dag, for aa faa litt variasjon i hvilke bibliotek jeg sitter og skriver blogg paa.

Jeg skal ringe the Jobcentre, her i Sunderland, paa mandag, for aa finne ut hva jeg gjoer fremover, til jeg faar startet paa studier, etc.

Jeg har bare cirka 20 pund naa, saa haaper jeg faar penger fra the Jobcentre, paa tirsdag, (som er den dagen jeg vanligvis faar Jobseekers Allowance, (annenhver tirsdag)).

Jeg fikk laanekort paa det vanlige biblioteket, her i Sunderland, saa det var jo litt artig, siden jeg ikke har faatt laanekort paa universitet sitt bibliotek enda.

Jeg hadde ikke faatt noen ny e-post fra Faculty of Applied Sciences naa, (angaaende studier fra neste maaned, osv.), saa jeg lurer litt paa hva de driver med.

Men jeg faar sjekke igjen paa mandag.

Jeg fikk ikke dusjen til aa virke der jeg bor, i Clanny House, og jeg fikk ikke tatt med meg ektra sokker og undertoey og haandklaer, etc., da jeg ble kasta ut paa onsdag.

Men det er en vask, paa rommet mitt, paa Clanny House, saa jeg bruker den vasken til aa vaske klaer og meg selv, osv.

(Jeg var paa Tesco i gaar, paa kjoepesenteret Bridges, saa jeg fikk kjoept noe billig vaskemiddel og dusjsaape, osv.).

Jeg kjoeper ogsaa frossen-pizzaer, til et pund, som jeg lager, og billig juice og cola mm., paa Aldi.

Men jeg haaper jeg faar penger fra the Jobcentre, paa tirsdag, (som vanlig).

Hvis ikke er jeg rimelig ille ute.

Vi faar se.

I 2004/05, saa hadde jeg et traadloest internett-kort, paa en stasjonaer PC, som jeg hadde da, paa the Forge, saa jeg haaper at jeg kan faa tak i et saant kort igjen, eller i det minste faa kort til universitets biblioteker, og sitte der og faa unna alle de rare e-postene, som jeg faar tilsendt.

I dag er det Tyne-Wear derby, i Nord-Oest England, en kamp som spilles paa Stadium of Light, (hvor jeg saa en kamp i 2004), akkurat naa vel.

Saa jeg foeler meg litt dum her jeg gaar rundt, i svart tennis-skjorte og hvite joggesko.

(Som er nabo/rival-byen Newcastle sine farger, svart og hvitt.

Men men.

Faar haape det gaar bra).

Jeg tenker jeg laaner meg noen boeker paa biblioteket her, mens jeg er her.

Ogsaa faar jeg oppdatere bloggen igjen imorgen eller paa mandag.

Vi faar se.


Erik Ribsskog

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til IPCC

fromErik Ribsskog

ccPhso Enquiries

bccLiverpool Direct ,

dateSat, Aug 20, 2011 at 1:14 PM
subjectFwd: IPCC reference: 2011/004716

hide details 1:14 PM (0 minutes ago)


yes I wanted to complain about what happened.

It started really back in 2006, when I moved to Leather Lane.

Mr. Grimes, from Imperial Property, (the Landlord company), wanted to keep the original of my tenancy-statement, from the shared flat, in Mandeville St., in Walton, where I moved to when I got employment at Arvato, in the automn of 2005.

There it wasn't fun to live, people stole my food, woke me up in the middle of the night to get cigarettes and some people didn't pay for electricity, etc.

The landlord, (John, who has a furniture store in Breck Rd., I think it was), took away the heather in my room, for 'refurbishment', or something, so I had a cold winter, without any heating in my room.

So I wanted out of that place.

So I let Mr. Grimes have the statement.

I was a bit desperate to move, due to that it's quite cold not having heating in your room.

Also, the garbage-throwing arrangement in 5 Leather Lane, are hillarious.

One have to walk trough a restaurant/pub-patio, where a lot of people in suits etc., sits to drink imported lager or to have a meal.

It's degrading to live there, I'd say, due to the placement of the garbage-bins.

The boiler wasn't fixed for two years there, and when the washing-machine also broke down, I kept some of the Housing Benefit, (I got constructivly dismissed from Arvato and have an employment-case), and bought a washing-machine.

The tone between me and the Landlord-office was a bit heated.

I went there to pay the rent since there were also other problems I could discuss at the same time, like disrepair.

And I was a bit in arrears with the rent, so I thought it would be more polite to show up at their office in person.

Then Lorna sent George, from their Preston-office to collect the rent, for some time, on my door.

George, (I don't think I got the last-name), never where there on the agreed dates, so I had to go to the bank all the time to withdraw and deposit the rent.

Some, (or perhaps all, this is some years ago, so I don't have all the receipts yet), of the money George collected aren't on the statement.

So it's a dispute between me and the landlord, regarding many things.

Mr. Grimes said he would go to my flat to give me a 'special gift'.

I'm a bit vary about Mr. Grimes and Lorna due to that they kept the original statement, and have acted very strange when I have called.

Once I called Lorna if she had gotten an envelope with money for the rent, which I put in their letter hole in the wall.

Since they closed earlier than I thought.

The next working day I called them to check if they've gotten the money, and Lorna said I shouldn't put envelopes in their hole in the wall, due to that 'the children could find them'.

In an office?

That really freaked me out.

So both Mr. Grimes, Lorna, George and the garbage-throwing-arrangement really freaked me out.

The dispute was taken to the County Court.

The County Court didn't send me a letter about a court-hearing.

(Or at least I didn't get the letter).

I complained about this, to Admin Appeals, and didn't prepare for the next hearing, since I'd frozen the process, I thought.

(The court called me three times about these hearings, while I told them I wanted this in writing).

I also complained to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, (who I also update now).

But the Liverpool County Court, ignored my complaints, and on Wednesday at 1 PM., the Bailiff and the Police where at my door.

I didn't expect the Police, only the Bailiff, and I thought he didn't have the right to throw me out, after I'd complained to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, so I put a sofa in from of my door, on Tuesday night.

The Police and the Bailiff had keys to my door, but couldn't get in due to the sofa.

I complained again to the IPCC and the Parliamentary Ombudsman, while the Police and the Bailiff tried to get in.

I handed the Police printed copies of these complaints through a slight opening in the door.

The Police just removed my enterance-door, after I'd given them the letters.

(Probably with some tools etc).

The Police were also shouting and hammering on my door, even if I told them I'd complained to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and told them to leave me alone.

It was horrible with all their noise etc., so it was a bit uncivilised I think.

The Police were at my door two times, in March, with stun-guns etc., due to that some readers on my blog had told them I'd bought an axe, for self-defence, (since I thought Mr. Grimes was threatening me).

I used to be in the Home Defence in Norway, so I'm used to having a machine-gun in my home, and thought it was calming having an axe in my appartment, so that I could defend myself in case something happened, and the axe could also be used as a fire-axe, in case of a fire, etc.

An in-expensive axe from Wilkinson.

But then four Police-officers came to my flat with stun-guns and all.

I've read in the Times, in 2005 or 2006, that in the UK one are allowed to defend oneselves, if burglars etc., want to attack you in your home, and after being in the Norwegian Home-Defence, I don't think it's that dramatic having an axe in one's flat, for self-defense.

(Like Duncan Ferguson, he use to beat burglars up, I've read.

So one are allowed to defend one's flat in the UK, I think).

The Police dramatised this a lot, and fist four Police-officers with stun-guns came to my flat, and looked at my cutlery and all my other things in my kitchen and my bed-room.

And stole my axe.

Which I had bought in self-defence against Mr. Grimes who freaks me out a bit.

(It's the story with the tenancy-contract, etc.

I don't think a 'normal' guy would have wanted the orginal of one of my documents.

So he freaked me out a bit.

He also wanted to give me a special goodbye gift, etc.

This I thought was peculiar.

And freaked me out).

Also two inspectors from the Police, came to my flat.

(One had a hare-lip).

And asked a lot of questions regarding the Wilkinson-axe.

So I got a bit fed up, I thought the Police dramatised and I refered to the castle doctrine, which says people have the right to defend one's home.

So I felt harassed by the Police and the Landlord, and put a poster on my door, telling the Police to just send a letter in the post, and don't scream outside my door, all the time.

The Police just ignored this poster/paper-sheet, on Wednesday, and just broke the door down.

The Bailiff and the Police told me I could bring some of my personal stuff with me.

But the Police nagged about that I had to hurry, and stressed me, so I didn't get things like extra underway, socks, my tooth-brush, mobile-charger, camera-charger, laptop, etc.

The Police told me noone could stop a warrant from the County Court, so I just calmed it down, and filled my suit-case with my desk-top computer and some clothes.

And brought with me two bags as well, one containing all the files from my employment-case against Arvato, who I've contaced a lot of law-firms, (on the legal aid programme), and the Police about, without any progress, for some reason.

Then I took a National Express-bus to Sunderland, since I'd recently been in contact with them about starting studying again, and my enquiery was sent to the accommodation-office, at University of Sunderland, so I reackoned I just needed to speak with accommodation, to get a flat at campus.

I got temperary accommodation, at campus, at University of Sunderland, the same day, (Wednesday), and am now corresponding with my old faculty, Faculty of Applied Sciences, which modules I'm going to study.

But the dispute between me and my Landlord wasn't really resolved.

I think the Police should have respected the copies of the e-mails to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the IPCC, which I gave them, and not broken down my front-door.

I couldn't really live there then, with a distroyed front-door, so it didn't really mather much which arguments I used, when I spoke with the Police and the Bailiff, after that.

So I want to complain about both the Court, the Landlord, the Bailiff and the Police, so I send copies to the Ombudsman and the Liverpool City Council, (who I've updated about this case earlier).

Hope this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


I also have an IPCC-case, from 2007, which is stalled at the IPCC, from when the Merseyside Police called me 'Miss Erik Ribsskog', in a letter, and other complaints.

I've also sent a lot of e-mails to the Merseyside Police, in the last months, about that I'm being attacked on the internet, with identity-theft attacks etc., a lot.

I also send a copy e-mail to the Norwegian embassy, in London, since I also contacted them, while the Police broke down my door, on Wednesday.
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From: !enquiries
Date: Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 4:52 PM
Subject: IPCC reference: 2011/004716
To: Erik Ribsskog

Dear Mr Ribsskog

Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). It appears that you are unhappy with police wantign to break into your apartment, I therefore thought it would be helpful to explain the police complaints process to enable you to raise your concerns.

If you feel that you have been treated badly by the police you have the right to make a complaint. Through this process you can raise your concerns and the police can have the opportunity to address them.
There are different ways to make your complaint, however the quickest way is to make your complaint to the police force concerned as they will be responsible for resolving your complaint. Contact details for police forces can be found at the following link: To help you find which police force you wish to complain about you can visit the website :
If you prefer you can make your complaint to the IPCC and we will forward the details onto the Professional Standards Department of the police service concerned on your behalf. The easiest way to make your complaint to the IPCC is to complete our online complaint form. The form will prompt you for all the information we need in order to process your complaint. If you would prefer a hard copy please provide contact details and we will send you a copy in the post.
Link to IPCC online complaint form:
Alternatively you can contact a solicitor, a representative or your MP to act on your behalf.
If you are unhappy with the way your complaint was handled or the decisions made you may have a right of appeal to the IPCC. It is at this stage of the process the IPCC would become involved.
If you have any further queries please contact Customer Services on 08453 002 002.
Kind regards

Caroline Wilson
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Tel: 08453 002 002

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Jeg sendte en ny e-post til Merseyside-politiet

Erik Ribsskog

Report of crime/Fwd: min sønn

Erik Ribsskog Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 12:20 PM

like I've earlier explained to you, I've had almost nothing to do with my father all my life.

I lived with my mother, untill I was nine years old.

She sent me to my father.

My father then found a woman, Haldis Humblen, and let me live alone, untill I moved to study at higher education, in Oslo, in 1989, when I was 19 years old.

After that I've lived in Oslo and in the UK, away from my father.

And I've reported him to the Police, for child-neglect and later for calling harrassing calls.

I've told you at the Police, to tell my father, to not contact me.

I wanted to report this as harassment.

I have a process going on regarding compensation for child-neglect etc., and only wants to deal with my father in court.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog


Sending a copy e-mail to the Police in Drammen, Norway, who I've been in contact with regarding the child-neglect case and harrassing phone-calls, from my father.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arne Mogan Olsen
Date: 2011/8/19
Subject: min sønn
To: Erik Ribsskog

er det greit at jeg kommer en tur til engeland og besøker deg hilsen arne ønsker svar.

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Erik Ribsskog


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