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torsdag 25. august 2011

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til IPCC

from Erik Ribsskog
to !enquiries
date Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 12:10 PM
subject Re: Our reference: 2011/004716
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I also have an update now, which could or could not be linked with this.

I was cleared for studying History, at University of Sunderland, (my old university in the UK), and went to Sunderland, after the eviction in Liverpool, which I've complained about.

I was with Accommodation in Sunderland, (sent there by the Student Helpline, Sarah there), and got temporary accommodation when I arrived in Sunderland, later the same day I was evicted, from 5 Leather Lane, in Liverpool.

On Monday evening, I got a letter from the University telling me to go to a meeting in September to discuss the modules further.

On Tuesday morning, someone from the university came and dragged me out of bed, and to a meeting before I could shave, brush my teeth or have e.g. a cup of coffee, to wake up.

So I was dragged to a meeting half asleep.

It reminded me like one have seen on telly, regarding how the Nazis acted when they sent the Jews to the concentration camps.

A blonde woman in her early 30's and a man with brown eyes in his 50's sat behind a long table there, in a room with lot of present-boxes from the University to the new students.

They told me I had to move, the woman said that the letter had a 'typo', the meeting was on Monday, at midday, (before I saw the meeting-letter so very unlikely), and not in September.

I was just feed lies the way it seemed to me, and got upset, due to the 'Gestapo-methods' used and lies feed, so I wanted to leave the meeting.

I wasn't allowed at first, by the man with the brown eyes.

I looked him in the eye, (that's why I remember it was brown), and asked him if he was something with the Police.

(Because I was really upset and really wanted to leave the meeting, due to being very, very badly threated I thought. I was one of the worst things ever happened to me, I think. It was horrible. Like terror/warfare almost, or more or less. Very unsivilised).

I asked if I was under 'university custody'.

(As a joke since I think the University of Sunderland seems more like a boarding-school sometimes).

He said no.

I asked him again if he was something with the police, and he said 'no' again.

Then I said 'then shut up'.

Because I was tired and very upset, it was like I was dreaming still, and this was one of my worst nightmares.

Something like this.

Then the man with the brown eyes did't say anything.

I think I have the right to leave a meeting when I want, so I went out, due to the really, really bad/cruel/inhume and unsivilised threatment from the university.

I before this told them I thought it was like in 'Hitler Germany'.

When I left the room, to police-officers appeared from seemingly nowhere, to me.

And they had listened to the meeting.

Since they said they were the police.

They asked me to go to my room, and followed me there, and looked on while I had to pack.

Not hurrying me as much as the Merseyside-police did, when I was thrown out the first time, dough.

The Police told me I was 'homeless', and drove me in a small, dark civil, (Japanese?) car, (not a proper Police-car that is), to the Sunderland Council, in Fawcett St.

One of them got me a queue-ticket there, while I got my suitcase and two bags out of the car.

When I went in there, he then talked to the blonde woman in reception, in her 20's, (very beautiful woman), and when my ticket was called up, he spoke with the case-worker, he dragged her to in front of the reception, and spoke with her, about ten meters away from me, so I couldn't hear what was being said.

I thought this was peculiar, and went to the reception-area and heard the police-man saying about me to the case-worker.

'I don't know if he's on benefits'.

Something like this.

I'm not used with being patronised like this, so after they were finished speaking, I approached the police-man, (a man with a 'square' head-form, short blond hair, a bit shorter than me, and I'm 1.85, a bit heavier built than me, I think, and I weigh around 100 kg. He was in his 30's I think, or maybe around my age, and I'm 41. He had a cut, it seemed, in one of his lips, I think, like a boxer had hit him, or something).

I asked 'were you speaking on my behalf', (with the case-worker).

He didn't reply.

I asked again 'were you speaking on my behalf'.

Again the police-man didn't reply.

I decided to try to calm it down, and tried to use a cheerful tone, and explained that I got the best grade on the English-test, (the TOEFL-test at University of Sunderland, in 2004/05).

The case-worker laughed at this, like she thought it was a joke/something funny/entertaining.

I rounded off the one-sided conversation, and said that 'so I know how to speak for myself'.

I'm a Home Defence-soldier from Norway, and thus also a NATO-soldier, I'm an earlier Shop Manager and I have a degree in IT, and have a medal from the Norwegian Army, for finishing conscription-service.

Due to this, and also before I had done all this, I don't like being patronised.

So I wanted to complain about that I was patronised by police.

I was sent to a hostel, in Ashbrow, Azalea Lounge, where they didn't even have a sign on the building.

And where I still live, since I haven't got my flat in Liverpool or university accommodation in Sunderland, and haven't got my property in Norway sold yet.

Then I'll buy a flat, I reckoned, in Hove, Brighton, or something, I've thought.

We'll see.

The landlady, (an African lady in her 40's I think), told me the place was 'though' and 'very friendly'.

They first wanted to put me in room 3 which was without a door and with fancy furniture, and a big room.

I've thought if that was a 'funny-room', for people who where going to be as*-raped, like one see on telly, that the Police threaten youths with, 'if you get in jail a big guy is going to rape you', in American movies etc., I guess, this is a well-known 'cliche' I think.

I didn't go into that room and got room 10.

Some file that said something with 'Northumbria Probition' from the former tenant, was lying there, and I gave that to the assistant there today, (after 'rydde' (Norwegian)/cleaning my room), so that room wasn't really prepared.

I saw a young man in the reception/office there yesterday, so maybe they've got a new 'batty boy', or what it's called.

So I think that cop could have said to the Council, to send me to a place as a 'batty boy' for criminals on probation.

That is the police are having a vendetta against me, I've been thinking a bit, that this could seem like, sometimes, since I was thrown out the last time.

I've overheard I've been used as a 'target-guy', (even if I'm not that familiar with this expression), in Liverpool, some years ago, so I think the Police must be playing games with me and messing with me, and ignoring my rights.

My sister Pia Ribsskog, told me on her favorite pub, Jollys, in Oslo, in 1993, that 'du faar ikke noe hjelp av politiet', meaning 'the police wont help you'.

Appaerently my Danish-born grandmother are after Danish kings, farao, cesar, etc, and King David of Israel, and Odin, so this could be some Illuminati-stuff I guess, since I've read some where on the net, that they are very interested/obcessed by King David-lines.

Something like this.

Yesterday morning, a police-man, (possible the college of the other I described, a bit older and with a bit rougher face, I think, than the other police-man I described above).

He have me some water-bottles and soap for cloth-washing etc., which I didn't bring from Clanny House, since they sometime leak during travel, I didn't want soap on my other stuff, so to speak.

I also got my nail-cutter back.

So now I have three nail-cutters.

One which was in 5 Leather Lane.

One which I had at campus.

And one I bought after I was thrown out of campus.

And one in Norway, at Loevaas farm, where someone chased me away from, and I went to the UK, in 2005.

So I have four nail-cutters.

Why did the Police have my nail-cutter?

Because when I finished the 'Gestapo-meeting' with University staff, the morning I was 'dragged' to that meeting, on Tuesday.

Then the police asked for the room-key.

I was a bit dozed, and hadn't woken up yet, so I gave my key chain, with the room-key, nail-cutter on, and the key to my storage in Oslo, an Abus pad-lock key, to City Self Storage, where I have my Machine gun and uniform from the Home Defence, and valuable 16'th century antiques after my late Danish grandmother, and letters from old girl-friends, etc., etc.

That key I _didn't_ get back.

So the Police still have this key.

That's another complaint.

I can document the Illuminati-stuff, I wrote above, but I have to Google to find the websites.

But this isn't formal websites, so I aqnowledge that the Illuminati-stuff I wrote above is a bit bad documented.

Sorry about this!

I had gotten clearing from University of Sunderland, to study History, the academic year 2011/12.

Why did the Police then help the university break this agreement and throw me out, when I wasn't even properly awake, but was 'dragged' right out of bed, by a university messenger, like accomodation there, Leslie, said they used, when I spoke to her, last week, at the Gateway, at the City Campus.

I wanted to include the compaints above in the IPCC-case.

Please tell the Police to give me my rights.

I overheard in 2003 and 2004 that I was followed by someone called the 'mafian' in Oslo.

Someone tried to murder me at Loevaas Farm in Norway, on 25 th of July 2005.

The Police should investigate the murder attempt and inform me who this 'mafian' is, and give me advice regarding self-defence adequate to my situation, so I could have a normal life.

These are my rights, and these I claim.

The Police are just messing with me and try to get me but-raped etc., it seems to me.

The Home Office should have let me be a refugee, I think, so I also send a copy e-mail to them and others which I've started updating about this.

With 'oppgitt' (Norwegian, meaning something like 'more or less given up (on Police)') Regards

Erik Ribsskog
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On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 9:38 AM, !enquiries wrote:
Dear Mr Ribsskog

Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). We acknowledge your consent and note the details of your complaint against the Merseyside Police. The case reference number is 2011/004716, which you should quote in all future correspondence.

We are completely independent of the police service and are responsible for making sure that the police complaints system in England and Wales works effectively and fairly. However, each police force is responsible for considering complaints made against that force and recording your complaint.

Our role at this stage is to forward your complaint to the relevant police force. If you are not happy with the police's decision on recording your complaint, you have the right to appeal to us.

I have passed the matter to the Professional Standards Department (PSD) of the Merseyside Police for them to consider. We have done this with your consent and the police will be contacting you soon.

If you have not heard from the relevant police force within 15 working days you may wish to contact them directly.

Merseyside Police
Professional Standards
PO Box 814
Central Liverpool
L69 3YT
0151 709 6010

If you have any further information you wish to pass on, please forward it directly to the PSD at the above address.


Steven Ireland
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Tel: 08453 002 002

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