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mandag 9. desember 2013

Jeg sendte en e-post til Merseyside-politiet

Gmail - Report of crime/Fwd: Do you need your takeaway food?


Erik Ribsskog

Report of crime/Fwd: Do you need your takeaway food?

Erik Ribsskog


Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 10:35 PM


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Today at around 20.30 someone knocked on my door.

He said it was a 'delivery'.

This was a guy from Iraq, or something, in his 30's or 40's.

He wanted me to open the door.

I hadn't ordered any food, and was only in my under-wear since I was
going to take a shower before going to Tesco to buy food.

So I didn't want to open the door.

I hadn't ordered this food, and I never order take-away, this days.

I'm on a budget.

And if I buy a take-away-pizza, then I can't eat for a week or so,
since I only use like £20 a week, on food.

So I rather buy a pizza at Tesco for 60 pence.

Rather than buying a pizza, from a 'dodgy' fast-food-comany, for £20.

This guy didn't say which company he represented.

And he spoke poor English I think.

So it wasn't easy explaining him that someone have placed a fake order
in my name.

You've earlier wodered who this is.

A funny web-site, (called something with 'Enclocypedica Dramatica'),
encurage people to terrorise me, (or 'troll' me, like they write):

This is a web-site that dramatise about me, and tell lies about me.

Probably run by some nerds, I guess.

It seems to be a Switzerland-website, (where my aunt lived for around
30 years, Ellen Ribsskog Savoldelli).

I sometimes try to make my blog a bit fun.

When I was tired of my old land-lord not doing a boiler-repair, I made
a sarcastic blog-post where I tried to fix the boiler with blue-tack,
since my earlier employer fixed the call centre-phones with blue-tack.

A bit 'nudge-nudge'.

And I have a lot of photos on my blog, and when one of these thousands
of pictures where a funny 'nudge-nudge' picture of myself with an axe
I bought in self-defence, since the old land-lord was a bit
threatening, in 2010.

Then the Police went on my door to collect my axe.

Even if I used to be in the Home Defence in Norway and used to have a
machine gun, (AG 3/AK 3), in my home with 200 7.62 bullets).

So this is a bit strange for me.

This web-site also dramatise that.

So I'm afraid the police are going to be tricked by this web-site.

Because you have been tricked by it, and taken me to mental-hospital
and things like that earlier, (in 2012).

Also at 20.55.

A Pakistani guy was on my door.

(He was in his 20's, I think).

He didn't say which company he was from.

Just 'order', or something like that.

And at 21.45 a low British woman in her 50's or 60's where on my door.

I asked her which company she was from.

And she said something with 'Miranda', (I think).

I told her she was the third company on my door tonight.

And that someone are ordering fast-food in my name.


Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: BigFoodie <>
Date: Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 9:54 PM
Subject: Do you need your takeaway food?

Hello Erik,

The takeaway shop delivered your food to your address, but nobody
received it. If you do need the food, please contact the shop on 0151


Customer Service