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søndag 1. desember 2013

Jeg sendte enda en e-post til Merseyside-politiet

Gmail - RE: Report of crime/Fwd: Your order (RICRWJ) at Funky Flaverz - [Not Protectively Marked]


Erik Ribsskog

RE: Report of crime/Fwd: Your order (RICRWJ) at Funky Flaverz - [Not Protectively Marked]

Erik Ribsskog


Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 5:34 PM


"" <>, "" <>, Akademikerforbundet <>,,, "mail.gva" <>,, "hv-02.kontakt" <>, Politikk Høyre <>,,, amnestyis <>, "" <>, "" <>,


like I've earlier told you, I think my role in this is to report about this crime, to the police.

Some of these companies are shady and talk with 'gangster-language', and calls me 'boss', like I've informed you earlier.

Funky Flaverz, what type of name is that?

I've wouldn't have bought food from a company with a name like that.

It's not a proper name even.

If they have ordering systems where they don't get the e-mails confirmed.

When people buy food that isn't paid for.

Then the companies aren't proper I'd say.

You make this into something about me, it seems.

This is about the harassment, I think.

This seems Russian, to me.

This isn't about me, this is about them, like they say in America.

Am I accused of something here, (like they say in American movies).

Just deal with this and stop picking on me please.

(Like it seems to me that you are doing).

Erik Ribsskog


I can't write a book about this now.

This is a bit stressing.

I sit here expecting bullys on my door who wants money for food I haven't ordered.

Please just stop this.

And someone could have a debate later, on TV or something, I guess.

This is isn't the time and place for this debate, I'd say.

On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 5:20 PM, COMMCEN <> wrote:

Good evening Mr Ribsskog,

Incident log 0979 01/12/13 has been created in relation to your email and has been sent to your local area. Have you been in contact with the company "Funky
Flaverz" to make them aware that you have not placed this order?
Thank you

Chloe Kenely 9978

Force contact centre

From: Erik Ribsskog []

Sent: 01 December 2013 17:04
Cc:; !enquiries; post; Akademikerforbundet;;; mail.gva;; hv-02.kontakt; Politikk Høyre;;; amnestyis;;;
Subject: Report of crime/Fwd: Your order (RICRWJ) at Funky Flaverz


someone have again ordered food in my name.

This has happened a lot, in the last weeks, and is like terror to me.

I've reported this many times earlier, and the reference-numbers are:

- Log number 1578 - 28/10/13.

- Log number 1275 - 13/11/13.

- Log number 1376 - 14/11/13.

I'm trying to work with my books now today, and don't want to use all my time and energy on this terror/lame practical jokes.

(Call it what you want.

But please make this harassment stop, please).

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 3:47 PM
Subject: Your order (RICRWJ) at Funky Flaverz
To: Erik Ribsskog <>

Your order (RICRWJ) at Funky Flaverz

Your order reference is: RICRWJ

Your order has been processed and has been sent to Funky Flaverz

If you have any questions or remarks regarding the order you just placed, please call Funky Flaverz at 01515255500. For less urgent questions about just
click here.

Beware: you cannot reply to this e-mail! There is a possibility that Funky Flaverz will try to contact you. Please remain available at the telephone number you provided and keep an eye on your e-mail.

A delivery (depending on the restaurant!) usually takes 45-60 minutes. On Sundays and bank holidays the delivery time may increase. Bad weather conditions and traffic can also delay the delivery of your order. In these situations Funky Flaverz will normally
contact you to inform you about the delay.
Unfortunately has no influence on the time Funky Flaverz takes to prepare and deliver your order.

On behalf of Funky Flaverz, would like to thank you for your order!

Payment method: Cash
You pay with: £ 60.00

Your order


[15 inch Pizza] Vegetarian

£ 10.30


[15 inch Pizza] Seafood Special

£ 10.90


[Vegetable Sides] Tarka Daal

£ 4.00


[Vegetable Sides] Cauliflower & Potatoes

£ 4.00


[Vegetable Sides] Okra

£ 4.00


[Vegetable Sides] Spinach & Potatoes

£ 4.00


[Shakes] Extra Funky Shake

£ 3.50

Delivery costs:



£ 40.70

Your address

Erik Ribsskog
Keith Court 10

Keith Avenue
L4 5XJ Liverpool

Telephone 07757593021

More info

Delivery time:

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