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torsdag 22. mai 2014

Jeg sendte en e-post til the Jobcentre

jobcentre signing by post


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Erik Ribsskog

Signing by post forms for Huyton Jobcentre

Erik Ribsskog Thu, May 22, 2014 at 10:46 PM
To: Contact-Us
Bcc: Colin Simber , Leanne Kennedy , "" , HRW UK , amnestyis , Politikk Høyre , Phso Enquiries , post , Akademikerforbundet , LHT Customer Service , Pia Ribsskog , Bjørn Ribsskog , she , "hv-02.kontakt" , "anne-kathrine.skodvin" , post , "" , "" ,, Liverpool Direct , Vernepliktsverkets kontaktsenter ved Wenche Molstad ,, Runcorn Office , Lars Aasen , Info , Benefits Service , "" , LO Postkasse LO ,

the Jobcentre have given me two different addresses, for returning these forms.

I called Huyton Jobcentre on 0845 604 3719 dial 7, around 22/4.

And I got to speak with a young man, who told me to use this address:

Huyton Jobcentre
Postal Signing
Post Handling Site B
WV 99 1 GW.

And I called Huyton Jobcente again on 0845 604 3710 dial 7 on 14/5.

Since I hadn't gotten some forms in the post, which I had been promissed.

And then Thomas McLoughlin there said I should use the address on the
letter he sent me, (on 14/5).

And that address was:

Merseyside District
Jobcentre Plus
Edendale House
Lathom Road
L36 9XS.

McLouglin said he would send me a same day-payment when he got he
forms, (which I sent on 16/5).

But I still haven't gotten the payment.

So I also don't have that much money for e.g. stamps now.

So I thought I could try to send you the forms by e-mail.

(Even if I think that jobcentre-manager Winter, at Williamsson Sq.
jobcentre, told me, (some years ago), that the Jobcentre used around
ten days, to handle an e-mail.

So I'm going to try to call Huyton Jobcentre tomorrow.

To get an update about the missing payment, (this is maybe the tent
missing jobseekers allowance payment, or something like that, in the
last year or so), and to try to get it clear about the addresses.

But e-mails are faster than letters.

And e-mails have a date on them, so I can prove I've sent the forms by
the end of the signing on date, (today).

(I had to be in court today, so this wasn't the first thing I did today eighter.

And I've been waiting for my allowance, every day since Monday.

If I had gotten the allowance I could have done one thing at a time.

But now this gets a bit like a mess perhaps.

Since people need money for food etc.

I can't live on air.

So I try to send the forms like this, to do it formally correct, and
also I have very little money for food.

I had to walk to the court in the City Centre today.

And I then really can't afford stamps eighter.

Because I don't know when I'm going to get money next).

I hope this is going to work.

(To send the signing by post forms by e-mail.

I have gotten a bit mixed signals from the Jobcentre earlier regarding
sending you forms by e-mail).

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

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PS 2.

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