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onsdag 28. mai 2014

Jeg videresendte en e-post til Linskills

Erik Ribsskog

Complaint about Personal Advisor Sarah, Aintree Jobcentre

Erik Ribsskog Wed, May 28, 2014 at 12:59 PM
To: Colin Simber
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this is a complaint I wrote about Personal Advisor Sarah Bamber.

(Right before new year last year).

This was just a couple of weeks, before I got arrested.

So if the arrest could be some type of revenge, for the complaint?


Erik Ribsskog


I also must have complained about Sarah Bamber, some months earlier.

Since I remember that Gaynor, (from Aintree Jobcentre), sat in, in a
jobseeking-meeting, (with Sarah Bamber and myself), once, (around the
automn of last year, I think it must have been).

(Like I've explained about several times earlier, at the
Police-stations, and at Linskills).

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: Wed, Dec 25, 2013 at 4:48 PM
Subject: Complaint about Personal Advisor Sarah, Aintree Jobcentre
To: Contact-Us <>


I'm writing about Personal Advisor Sarah, at Aintree jobcentre.

She 'always' wants to discuss my spare-time stuff, in the meetings
about job-seeking.

(That's my web-shop, my book-self-publishing and my courses, that I
pay for myself, from Learn Direct).

But, shouldn't these meetings be about job-seeking?

It's a bit like she's trying to run me, I think.

I don't like to take decisions about spare-time stuff, at the Jobcentre.

I don't like it that these meetings about job-seeking turns into e.g.
board-room-meetings, for my web-shop.

Because I get bound by what I say in these meetings then, and they are
really supposed to be about job-seeking, so I wouldn't want to make
decisions about my businesses, (which I'm trying to build up), my
courses, (which I finance myself and which affect my budget), the
book-publishing which affects my spare-time, etc., in these meetings.

They are supposed to be about job-seeking, I think.

But Sarah, (I don't think I've been given her last-name, at least she
doesn't use it very often, I think), again and again wants to discuss
my 'spare-time-stuff' in these meetings.

This puzzles me and I wonder how competent your staff are when they
act in this strange way, (which I think I have to call it).

So I wanted to please complain about this.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog