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lørdag 2. august 2014

Jeg sendte en e-post til MSB Law LLP

Erik Ribsskog


Erik Ribsskog Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 5:28 PM

To: Joanne Dalton
Cc:, "hv-02.kontakt" , admin , "" , post , Politikk Høyre , she , Bjørn Ribsskog ,

the day before yesterday, Haley from your law-company called me, (from
0151 254 2200), as a response, to an update-email, that I sent you,
that day.

She said she would get a solicitor to call me, Thursday evening or Friday.

But noone called.

Today I also got a new letter from Linskills, (my earlier
solicitor-firm, to do with this case).

They want me to send them a lot of passwords, etc.

This doesn't make much sense to me.

It's like it is a slick atempt to hijack my blog, (with my memoairs
and employment-cases etc., since my blog has the same password as my
e-mail-address, since all the other blogs I started got deleted,
around seven years ago.

This is an emergency/whistleblower-blog, that everyone in Norway have
ignored, for seven years, even if it has more than three million
page-views which are mostly from Norway.

This could also be Amazon, where I published a lot of
self-publishing-books, but they mocked me, and didn't send the
payments on time, so I deleted my account with them, and the books
were then deleted from Scribd, (for some reason), so my blog is now
about the only place were these books still are possible to get access

Linskills have earlier sent funny letters, (like I've sent to you
about earlier), where I get the letter on a Friday, (or which day it
was), where they inform me about a new apointment, the day before.

And then they nag at me for not going to the meetings.

It's just like the mafia runs them or the Al Quaida, or something.

The solicitor, (Simber), is also an experts on hooliganism, he's told
me, and doesn't seem to have any real understanding of the modern
technology, (that is e-mails, because the JCP/Merseyside Police acuse
me of having sent e-mails that are harassing, but I haven't sent them,
I'm being framed).

Just as an update.


Erik Ribsskog


So Linskills seem incompetent, (or they try to hijack my e-mail/blog,
that has even been on telly in Norway, since it's quite well known,
even if it's being ignored by the newspapers, and just ridiculed on TV
in Norway, really).

And they also freak me out with their funny letters that makes no
sense, (that was the reason I wanted to switch in the first place),
that seems like some sharia, or something.

Colin Simber also wanted the password for my library-account, this
didn't make any sense to me eighter.

Is he trying to steal my identity?

I don't trust this solicitor with his funny title and all.

It's like this is that someone mock me, since my mother inherited a
baron, in Denmark, (Adeler), and then I've applied to be a member of
the noble-society, in Demark, and then I use the title 'Baron' on the
logo of my blog, (to try to flag this baron-stuff, that noone had told
about, and I first got to know, after reading my grand-mothers will).

And then Simber calls himself 'Acredited Police-station Lawyer', or something.

It's like someone mirror me, to ridicule me.

That guy freaks me out.

And also the police-man Lester, (or how his name is spelled), is a lier.

Hi lied at the police-station, about a door being broken, when he
didn't remember the code, etc.

These people, (Lester and Simber etc.), are like actors, I think.

They freak me out.

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