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tirsdag 11. oktober 2016

Mer om min far, (Arne Mogan Olsen), sin eldste stesønn, (Viggo Snoghøj/Snowhill), sin amerikanske ekskone

min fars stesønn sin ekskone


Hu har Viggo sin lillebror Jan på vennelista si, på Facebook:

jan på vennelista 2

PS 2.

Her er mer om dette:

lisa morgan facebook

PS 3.

Enda mer om dette:

Du og Lisa Morgan har ingen forbindelser på Facebook
Bosted: Hollywood, Florida
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  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog

    Hi there,
    I was doing some geneaology, and found out, (on MyHeritage), that you were, my steph-brother Viggo's ex-wife, in America.
    My sister Pia, once told me, (in the 90's, I think it must have been), that Viggo was a 'gigolo', for a woman, in America.
    I wonder if she could have meant you?
    So Viggo was just laying by the swiming-pool all day, and didn't do any work?
    His job was just to be handsome?
    I once met a woman named Siri Rognli Olsen, on a ferry, from Norway to England.
    And she sayd I should be an au-pair in New York, for an American woman.
    But I didn't fancy that.
    I had higher ambitions, so to speak.
    But I see Viggo is more into that.
    I've also studied in England, (University of Sunderland), and know some American women from there, (Nicole Erwine and Stephanie Madonna).
    I went to America, on holiday once, in 2005, (from Frankfurt to Detroit), but they didn't let me into USA, even if I had a Norwegian passport with a 'built-in' visa.
    They asked me if I knew any Americans.
    But I had forgotten about Viggo.
    (Who I guess is American now, after being married to you).
    Because Viggo is really in my fathers new family.
    My father moved from me when I was nine, and I live alone, (in his old flat), untill I was eighteen, (when my sister Pia moved in with me).
    So I don't know Viggo that well.
    And had forgotten, that he lived, in America, when I was at the airport there, (in Detroit), in 2005.
    (I was also a bit jet-lagged, I think it's called).
    Just thought I could try to send a Facebook-message.
    Viggo's younger brother Jan, (who is on your friend-list), had an American mate, named Carry, (I think it was), in the 80's.
    Carry had a whole beard.
    Is that the guy with you, on the beach-photo, I was wondering.
    (It could be another guy, I guess).
    Thanks in advance for any reply!
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog