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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Jeg sendte en e-post til the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Erik Ribsskog

Update/Fwd: Marybone Healt Clinic in Liverpool

Erik Ribsskog 21. juni 2017 kl. 07:19

Til: Phso Enquiries
Kopi: Vernepliktsverkets kontaktsenter ved Wenche Molstad


to do with this complaint, I've just found out, (on Berger Museum's website).

That my father, went in the same class, at school, as two Bullen-girls.

A Bullen-family moved from the UK, to Norway, more than a hundred years ago, to work, for Mr. Jebsen's textile-factory, in Berger, (close to Drammen).

And also the manager, of Marybone Healt Clinic, had the last-name Bullen.

So he could have been 'run', from Norway, (from eighter my father, (who let me live alone, since I was nine years old), or the Bullen-family), I guess.

So this case, I now wondered, if you could please have a second look at.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: 2010-08-27 11:25 GMT+02:00
Subject: Marybone Healt Clinic in Liverpool


I've had a complaint against them, that has been delayed, due to that Icas didn't send the Information Pack.

Now, that complaint has closed at the health clinic, many months ago.

I didn't like the doctor there, who said that my frost-bite, on my ear, (that I got during my conscription service, in the army, in Norway), was from a fight, since he said that was most common in the UK.

(And he didn't want to write a statement, to the army in Norway, about that I had an injury on my ear.

To do with a complaint-case I have against the army in Norway).

And there were also more problems that I don't remember the details about now.

But, could you please just un-register me.

So that I'm not with Marybone Health Clinic, any more.

Since I didn't like the staff there.

If that's possible.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog


I send a copy to the Army in Norway, since I've promissed them to send a statement.

But when I hear back from you, then I can switch to a new Health Centre per haps, and try to get a statement there.

Hope this is alright!

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