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tirsdag 18. desember 2012

Mer om Twitter-klage, (HolgerAdeler)

Gmail - #6901694 Twitter Support: update on "Offensive content - HolgerAdeler"


Erik Ribsskog

#6901694 Twitter Support: update on "Offensive content - HolgerAdeler"



Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 1:43 AM

Twitter Support <>

johncons <>

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GigiMessina, Dec 17 05:43 pm (PST): Hello,
We’ve investigated and suspended the account you reported as it was found to be participating in abusive behavior.
This help page has instructions and additional information on making your profile protected:
Here is some additional information about dealing with bullying:
If these problems persist for you on Twitter, please let us know.
Twitter Trust & Safety

Twitter Support, Dec 16 04:39 pm (PST): How can we help?: Offensive content
Reported user: @HolgerAdeler
Offensive Tweet:
Text of Tweet: @johncons Did you know my father? You write a lot about my family on your blog. I don't like that. Please remove it.
Tweet time: Dec 14 2012 22:56:42 via web
What are you reporting?: This user keeps sending me @replies and I don't want to receive them.
Blocked user(s): Yes
How long ago did this begin?: Few days ago
How many times has this happened?: Only once, (but this is a new account which seems dedicated to attacking me).
I've sent you between fifty and one hundred similar reports lately.
This seems organised, to me.
Further description of problem: A person pretends to be Holger baron Adeler, who my mother inherited, in the 70's.
Holger baron Adeler died more than thirty years ago, and had no children.
So this is just something someone have made up, to harass me, on the internet.
Your full name: Erik Ribsskog
I understand that Twitter may provide third parties, such as the affected user, with a copy of this report.
Twitter username: @johncons
Email address: