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tirsdag 2. april 2013

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til Tesco

Gmail - Problems with screaming in your shop/Fwd: New complaint/Fwd: Second update/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office


Erik Ribsskog

Problems with screaming in your shop/Fwd: New complaint/Fwd: Second update/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office

Erik Ribsskog


Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Executive Response <>


today I was at Tesco Walton.

The receipt says I had paid for the goods, at 21:56.

Still I was screamed at in the shop.

One Tesco-guy screamed.

And a Tesco-woman talked on the calling.

That the customers had to go out of the shop.

But I've worked with closing shops in Norway for years and never screamed to anyone like that.

Where are your manners?

When I walked out of the shop, before closing-time.

I had to watch my head 'mate', a Tesco-guy said.

What is this 'mate', I'm wondering.

Is it working-class-culture og muslim culture?

And they close the shop before 10 PM.

Unlike when I closed the shops in Norway.

I waited untill the time had passed closing-time.

And then we didn't let in any new customers.

And waited untill the ones in the shop were finished shopping.

(We might tell them the shop was closed, if the time was passed closing-time).

Also, today you were again sold out of your own brand cola.

I'm on a budget and bought the Sunsip one instead.

This has aspartame in it that causes cancer, it says, some places on the internet.

Do you want your customers to die of cancer.

Why don't you order enough of your own-brand cola?

It doesn't seem to be enough shelves, in this shop.

Also you have three types of baskets, that doesn't stock.

Am I living in a thirld world country, I'm wondering.

I think only countries like Khazakstan, whould have kept the old baskets, when they bought a new type, that didn't stock with the old.

And do you wash the old baskets like my old employer in Norway, Rimi, did?

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 10:42 PM
Subject: New complaint/Fwd: Second update/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office


today I was at Tesco Walton right before closing-time.

A lose dog ran in my direction, right before I got to the shop.

A bin had been turn-over by the dog, which ran away it seemed.

Also, you were sold out of you own-brand cola.

It said 'tempoarely out of stock', or something, on the lable-list.

How can this be the case with a cola?

I've worked almost a life-time in retail in Norway, and own-brand cola was never sold out, the way I remember it, from Norway.

It's just water and sugar mostly.

How can you be sold out?

Have you found horse-meat in it?

Three Tesco-staff were standing in the soda-aile.

In a group.

It's almost like one think something is wrong.

Also, the check-out staff don't use dividers in the tills, so they put my stuff with the stuff belonging to the customer before me.

Why don't you use dividers in the tills?

I've now also seen that you have two types of baskets, also at the Tesco Superstore in Liverpool One.

I think this system with to types of baskets of the same size that doesn't stock, must be like a nightmare, for the staff and the customers.

Is this to make people use trollies and shop more?

I instead bought two bottles of Coca Cola for £2.

Since you had a campaign.

Have Coca Cola paid you to stop selling your own-brand cola while this campaign is on-going?

If I'm allowed to ask these questions.


Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>
Date: Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 10:38 PM
Subject: Second update/Fwd: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office


today at was at Tesco Walton again.

I took a photograph of the baskets, so that you can see what I mean.

You have two types of baskets, which are the same size, but don't stock well, at the check-out.

So this makes custommers stressed, (I dear to claim).

And the cashiers then can 'screw' the custommers and give them to little change back, and things like that.

Since the custommers are stressed.

Or like happened today, a male cashier in his twenties started to rub or pet my Frijj milkshake, (which I bought as a kind of dessert).

I think you should train your staff to act conventional, at least at work.

I was a bit discusted by this rubbing/peting.

I've worked as a cashier at a big hyper-market named OBS Triaden, (Coop), and now that there is no reason to rub or pet goods in a sensual way, for cashiers.

This was something 'new age', I think.

Please be conventinonal, as some people, (like me), like it better when things are normal.

That must have been som wicka or something, I suspect.

And the baskets made me stressed, (since it was an untidy stack that I had to put the basket in), and I therefore became an easy victim for this wicka-guy, or what he was.

Just to try to help you be more aware of what's going on in your shops.

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Subject: New update/Fwd: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office

Hi again,

if you look at the earlier e-mails, your representative writes this:

> I have also spoken to Colin with regards to the baskets, and while some of
> the baskets were inherited with the store

But I was at the shop again today, since Sainsbury's were sold out.

And I spotted that you really have two different types of _Tesco_-baskets.

So why do you write 'inherited with the store'?

It's absolute bullsh*t.

You just make up the sh*t you write, and don't really investigate.

I'm an earlier Rimi, (Ahold), shop-manager, and don't like being bullsh*ted like this.

I understand Tesco is a big retailer, but Ahold is also a big retailer.

I also know a bit about food-shops, and I don't like being treated like sh*t, like this Tesco custommer-support is doing.

Shame on you, Tesco!

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 3:51 PM
Subject: Update/Fwd: Email to Chief executive's Office

Hi again,

and I used to have a lot of 'strange' shop-manager collegues, when I worked as a shop manager in Norway.

So I don't really like to speak with shop managers.

I think it's ok to deal with this in writing.

But I think I have got to say what I wanted now.

I have some favorite products at Tesco and some at Sainsbury's.

So I think I'm going to still shop at both shops.

But I haven't found very much to complain about at Sainsbury's Rice Lane yet.

So I haven't sent them any e-mails.

And I'm not going to send you anymore e-mails eighter.

As long as there isn't anything new that happens, in that Tesco-shop, which I think should be complained about.

Thanks you very much for that you have read my e-mails!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

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From: Erik Ribsskog <>

Date: Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 2:06 PM
Subject: Re: Email to Chief executive's Office


if you don't value my feed-back I have to agree that theres no point in continuing this.

There was a second vocher I didn't get, which your collegue wrote he'd sent to my old adress, around Christmas, last year.

But I guess it wasn't sent.

I don't think you have addressed it all, you haven't event mentioned the stained basket, which should be cleaned with high-preassure-cleaner.

I was at Aldi today, in Liverpool City Center, the baskets were very clean.

But if you don't value feedback from experienced shop managers then I guess it's no point.

Tesco are the biggest retailer in the UK, and the third biggest world-wide, I read on Wikipedia.

That you use Sommerfield-baskets and Tesco-baskets that don't mix, seems strange for the Worlds third biggest retailer, I think.

It's like what an independant corner-shop wouldn't even have done, I think.

I'm just giving you my sincere feed-back here, but you don't seem to interested, to be honest.

I've alse seen in the news that Tesco-shares fell over Christmas.

Maybe you should listen more to your customers, if you want the shares to stop falling.

But I guess it's no use trying to speak to deaf ears, like a Norwegian saying says.

Erik Ribsskog

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 11:32 AM, <> wrote:

Ref 13546692

Dear Mr Ribsskog,

Many thanks for your further emails regarding the Tesco County Road Metro store.

I am sorry you feel Elizabeth has not addressed your issues in full in her email of 20th August. Please be assured, Elizabeth has taken all necessary steps to ensure the points you have raised in your emails have been passed to Colin Richardson, the Manager at the store. If you would like to discuss any of the issues, Colin will be happy to meet with you when you are next in the store.

On checking your previous correspondence, I can see my colleague Yvonne Edmonds, sent you a £10 Tesco Moneycard to
Flat 3, 5
Leather Lane, Liverpool.L2 2AE. This was sent on 12th May 2011.

As a company committed to delivering the very best in terms
of customer service it is very disappointing when any of our customers are
unhappy with us and I do hope you will accept my apologies for any
inconvenience or upset that these matters may have caused.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more we can add to what has already been said, and I do not feel that continuing this correspondence will bring any further benefit to either of us. Therefore we will not be entering into any further contact with regards to these issues.

Many thanks once again for contacting the Chief Executive's Office.

Kind regards,

Shaun Wheeldon
Executive Response Team Leader

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.................. Original Message ..................

Received: 20/08/2012

Subject: Re: Email to Chief Executive's Office


I'm not happy with your reply about the bike-boys.

Because the security-guard didn't even try to get the bike boys to move,
even if he was standing just a couple of meters away from the
enterance-door, which the bike-boys blocked.

It was like he didn't care, I think.

Also, like I wrote in my earlier e-mail I think it's very unpractical,
(bordering idiocracy), to have two types of baskets, which don't mix.

This is so dum, I think, that I want to escalate this please.

These baskets doesn't cost much.

And you haven't replied about the dirt and grease in the baskets eighter.

Rotten fruit etc., have been laying in the baskets, and made a kind of oil,
that is tacky and sticky at the bottom of many of the baskets.

This is unhygenic, I think.

Please escalate to your line-manager.

Erik Ribsskog

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 4:14 PM, <> wrote:

> **
> Ref 13546692
> Dear Mr Ribsskog,
> Thank you for your email addressed to the Chief Executive’s Office, to
> which I have been asked to reply.
> I was very sorry to learn of the problems you encountered when trying to
> enter the Tesco Metro store in County Road, Liverpool recently. I can
> appreciate how intimidating this must have been.
> Unfortunately, our security staff are on duty to protect the staff and
> stock in the store, and while we do watch the boys when they come in to the
> car park, it is very hard for the security staff and Managers to move them
> on. I have spoken to the new store Manager, Colin Richardson and he is
> aware of the problem. The police are also aware of the youths congregating
> at the store, and hopefully any disruptions are kept to a minimum.
> I have also spoken to Colin with regards to the baskets, and while some of
> the baskets were inherited with the store, they are all in good condition
> and maintained on a daily basis. Colin has asked me to pass on his
> apologies for any inconvenience caused with regards to the different size
> of baskets and he will speak with the Checkout Manager to see that they are
> regularly tidied up.
> Unfortunately, there are no plans at present to have the store extended,
> however I have passed your comments on to the store Director for future
> reference.
> Many thanks for bringing these issues to the attention of the Chief
> Executive's Office, and allowing us the opportunity to address these with
> the store.
> Kind regards,
> Elizabeth Johnston
> Customer Service Executive
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> To:
> From:
> Received: 19/08/2012
> Subject: Complaint
> Hi,
> I've earlier complained about your shops in Liverpool City Centre,
> Sunderland and Fairfield, and I've now moved back to Walton, and the
> Summerfield-shop has become a Tesco Metro.
> I don't really like your custommer-support who doesn't let me escalate,
> etc., so I have waited very long, before I've sent a complaint, but now I
> think I have to complain anyway.
> Today, (18/8), at around 9 PM, I went to Tesco Walton.
> Five or six boys on bikes obstructed my way, when I went in to the shop.
> The security-guard just stood there, a few meters away, and he didn't tell
> the boys-crowd to make passage for the custommers.
> So I had to kick some cartoon laying on the ground, to make a noise, to try
> to make the boys move their bikes.
> Why does the security-guard get his pay?
> To just stand there looking at boys-crowds obstructing the custommers, like
> an idiot?
> There was even a boy looking at me through the window when I picked up a
> basket there.
> Tesco was invaded by bike-boys, and the security-guard just stood there
> like an idiot, and didn't try to break up the congestion.
> Also, this shop has two types of baskets.
> Half of the baskets are Sommerfield-baskets, and half of them are
> Tesco-baskets.
> So there's always a caos, in the check-out, since these baskets don't mix.
> So always untidy basket-piles at the check-out.
> I've worked as a Shop Manager, and know these baskets aren't that
> expensive.
> In the chain I worked in, a company came once a year or so, to wash
> baskets.
> Something unheard of in Tesco, I think, because some of these baskets are
> really dirty and greasy etc.
> Also, the ailes in this Tesco are to long and to narrow.
> It's always a congestion everywhere.
> I wish this shop could have been more like the Sainsbury's-shop, in Rice
> Lane.
> It's really a much better shop in almost every way.
> Except for that the prices are a bit lower at Tesco for nudles, etc.
> Also, no self-service check-outs, in this shop, which other Tesco Metro
> has.
> It's fine with a Tesco Metro, but here you have put a Tesco Metro into an
> ordinary Sommerfields-shop, I think, and it doesn't really fit in.
> So custommers get stressed shopping in this shop, I think.
> How about making it bigger?
> Erik Ribsskog
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