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fredag 3. mai 2013

Jeg sendte en ny e-post til Matalan

Gmail - Our Ref: MAT285644X - RE: Complaint


Erik Ribsskog

Our Ref: MAT285644X - RE: Complaint

Erik Ribsskog


Fri, May 3, 2013 at 5:33 PM



ok, thanks very much.

Perhaps you could send me a new card, with the right name on?

Because I just threw the old one, since I didn't like it that you had spelt my first-name 'Rik', on it.

Eighter that, or you could just delete my account.

I just got the card because I didn't see that it said 'offer only for Matalan-card-holders, on the poster, by the tennis-shirts'.

Perhaps you should right that information with bigger letters, or put the poster by a big display marked with 'Matalan-card-offer', (like my old employer Rimi did, with Domino-card-offers).

Thanks for the reply anyway.

I also got a Matalan-card, right after I moved to Sunderland, (to study), in 2004.

But then it was a misunderstanding.

Because I thought I had to have a Matalan-card, to shop there.

(Since I was asked if I had a Matalan-card, before they served me there, if I remember it right.

And I don't think I got a card in the post then.

Even if bought a lot of jackets there, etc.

But I also shopped at the 'posh' clothes-shops at the Bridges there, and this is some years ago, so I could remember it wrong).

Thanks for the reply, anyway.

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 9:47 AM, <> wrote:

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Good Morning

Thank you for your email,

Your feedback regarding our Matalan card T/Cs and the promotional material
available in store  was very much appreciated, I will ensure that your
comments are passed on to the marketing team to take into consideration.

Listening to our customers is important to us, so any feedback regarding our
online products and services will always be welcome.

In response to your request to change your details on your Matalan card I do
apologise for admistration error in the spelling of your name, our records have
now been updated accordingly and a replacement card ordered for you

Kind Regards

Marilyn Quagliano

Matalan Customer Services
Tel: 0845 330 3330

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