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tirsdag 12. november 2013

Jeg sendte en e-post til Merseyside-politiet

Gmail - Update/Fwd: LOG 1507 02/11/13.......Harassment from Hungry House - 17991 - [Not Protectively Marked]


Erik Ribsskog

Update/Fwd: LOG 1507 02/11/13.......Harassment from Hungry House - 17991 - [Not Protectively Marked]

Erik Ribsskog


Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 7:25 PM


!enquiries <>


I was at Walton Lane police-station right now regarding four cases.

I spoke with constable 3174.

He ridiculed me and said the reason I had gotten 70 dodgy phone-calls
and a lot of e-mails and 14 fast food-delivery guys on my door was
because I had ticked a box on the internet.

But I have a degree in IT and don't think there is a box like that.

I think some criminals are terrorising me.

Regarding the strangler today at around 3PM at Heymarket.

I attach a photograph of him.

But the photo wasn't that fine, due to that I wasn't myself after the attack.

Regarding the neighbour, (in 9 Keith Court), I think he's a criminal.

Since I overheard him treateing a guy in his 20's some months ago that
he would scrape up his car, (with his house-key), after they'd had an
argument, (since the young Keith Court-guy said he would have hit the
old guy in number nine if he had done a thing like that on the

Also the guy in number 9 walks around in his underwear.

He has been going on my door, with two, (and sometimes three), clocks,
which he has asked me if were set right, (and sometimes he did this in
his under-wear).

He started the community care system, (since these are converted flats
for the elderly), this spring, and I went out to see what was wrong
with him.

He said he needed to go to hospital, but really the problem was his
door that had been smashed in the day before, it seemed.

So I called the police, and a lock-smith fixed the door, later that day.

Just to sumarise a bit.

I've told this neighbour I want him to leave me alone.

(Since he's a criminal and I noticed his flat smelt very bad, when I
called the police for him, when he had started the alarm for the

But yesteday he stood outside my door and said 'Good Morning' when I
was going to Tesco.

I don't think thats to leave me alone.

So I told him, (loudly, to warn the neighbours etc.), to leave me alone.

So I hope he leaves me alone now.

And stops going on my door, and stops standing outside my door.

And stops talking to me.

He dosn't need to hang in the court all the time, I think.

He should go to the park or something, I think.

In stead of harassing his neighbours all the time when they go to buy
groceries, etc.

Also, the constable asked me why I waited from 3PM to 6PM with
reporting the strangeling.

That's because I have a bit low confidence in the police, to be honest.

This problem started in Norway years ago.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the city centre to get out a bit, and
go to a club and try to meet people, etc.

And then a police car almost crushed my foot.

I had my foot just outside the pavement when I walked past three women
dressed in shorts.

And the moment I put my foot on the pavement again, a police-car drove
where my foot had just been.

I don't understand why they drove that close to the pavement.

So I send a copy-email to the IPCC so they can hopefully investigate
the ridicule from constable 3174 and perhaps also that the police
tried to run over my foot, (it seemed to me).

Erik Ribsskog

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: COMMCEN <>
Date: Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Subject: RE: LOG 1507 02/11/13.......Harassment from Hungry House -
17991  - [Not Protectively Marked]
To: Erik Ribsskog <>

Hi Mr Ribsskog,

Thank you for your e mail.

Merseyside Police are unable to assist at this time, we would need
contact numbers/details of the bogus callers to the Online takeaway
service "Hungry House". Without this information we unfortunately have
no lines of enquiry.

Kind regards

-----Original Message-----
From: Erik Ribsskog []
Sent: 02 November 2013 21:31
Cc: Liverpool Direct
Subject: LOG 1507 02/11/13.......Harassment from Hungry House - 17991


I got a phone-call on my mobile now at 20.51 from 0773 826 4224.

A woman said she worked for a company named Hungry House and accused
me of having placed a 'bogus' order.

I'm an economist, and I've worked for fifteen years in retail and I've
also worked with delivering fast-food, as an extra-job, in Norway.

So I know that food like that are sometimes up to ten times more
expensive, than buying from a grocery-store.

So I 'never' order fast food, (at least not when I'm unemployed, like now).

And I certainly don't place bogus orders.

Last weekend I had forteen bogus pizza-delivery-guys on my door.

I called the police, since one of them started to act treatening.

And the reference-number is: 1578 - 28 October 2013.

(This was a call-centre in Liverpool One, that was the Police
Department, that I spoke with).

The Police-woman said she would inform the neighbourhood-police about this.

And didn't investigate who placed the bogus orders in my name.

This is like terror to me.

It's not fun to know that any moment someone could knock on my door
wanting money for food I haven't ordered.

And fourteen times in two times.

It's like terror.

And now this.

(Terror from the Hungry House-woman).

Even if someone had placed an order in my name, it doesn't mean I placed it.

My wifi-dongle wasn't working, the other day, and I went to the
library, here in Spellow, to do my job-search.

I tried to delete my CV from the library-computer, after using it, but
this wasn't possible, it seemed.

Also, the library-computer was lying on the floor, and not in its box.

So the electriciy-wire suddently fell out, and I had to put it back,
to get to log on again.

This is poor data-sequrity, I think.

Someone could have gotten access to my e-mail, if I hadn't been able
to put the electricity-wire back in.

I therefore also send this as a complaint to the Council.

And to the Norwegian Embassy in London, (since I'm from Norway).

Erik Ribsskog


The Hungry House-woman said she would call the Police.

And accused me of placing bogus orders.

This is harassment and insults, (and lies), which are probably some
type of crime, I guess.

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended
solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.

If you have received this email in error please notify the sender as soon
as possible.

This footnote confirms that all reasonable steps have been taken to
ensure that this email message has been swept for the presence of
computer viruses.

The views expressed in this communication may not necessarily be the
views of Merseyside Police.

All communications, including telephone calls and electronic messages to
and from Merseyside Police may be subject to monitoring and recording.



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