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søndag 16. februar 2020

Jeg sendte en e-post til National Education Union i England

Erik Ribsskog

Summer-school in Brighton 1985

Erik Ribsskog 16. februar 2020 kl. 20:25

I went to Brighton, on summer-school, (from Norway), in the summer of
1985, (with STS).

And I lived with a host-family in Lancaster Road, in Brighton.

And I now wonder if that could have been the Nicol-family.

Because I found on the web, (see attachment), about a Chris Nicol, who
lived in 3 Lancaster Road, in Brighton.

And he was a member of Brighton Teacher Association, (it says).

And I wonder if they are part of your organisation now?

I've later lived many years in the UK, (from 2004 til 2014), and I
would have thought it was found to track up my old host-family.

The wife in the family was from India, (she had a red dot on her
forehead, when I went back there to try to find some clothes that had
disappeared, after I'd changed host-family).

Thanks in advance for any reply!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

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