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onsdag 13. november 2013

Enda mer fra Facebook

  • Samtale startet 14. juli 2010
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    is it you from the sports-center, and the parties at the Forge?
    And the trip to Sunderland Museum?
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • 14. juli 2010
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    Hi again,
    I remembered you dissapeared from the American party, in the flat where Stephanie (Madonna) lived, or at least was a hostess at the party.
    Because I met you, and you got back to the Forge in a taxi.
    Even if I spotted you at the party, earlier that night.
    I heard some girls talked to you about that you should have a shag, but not with me, because I was to drunk.
    Something like this.
    Where were you that night, if it's ok to ask?
    I then got a bit bored, and got some vodka, and went back to the party.
    Something like that.
    And then some strange people turned up there, and the Stephanie girl dragged me to another party.
    Something like that.
    Do I remember it right you think?
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • 11. oktober
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    Hi Dominika,
    Magnar sent me Friend Request-suggestion, for you.
    Was you on the Sunday-trip, to Sunderland Museum, (organised by Brusk I think), in September/October, in 2004?
    Just wondering.
    What was the name of the German Computing-woman who moved with Nelufer to Marr House.
    Was it Malene?
    Magnar say that you work as a sports-comentator for a TV-station in Poland.
    I remember seing you at the Sports Centre, at the City Campus, in Sunderland, (if I'm not mistaking).
    Also, at the American party, I saw you, (in the middle of the night, when I left the party), in a taxi, returning to the Forge.
    Had you been having an 'adventure'
    Just wondering.
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • I dag
  • Dominika Teske
    Dominika Teske
    One is certain, we could met only in 2004 (I was in Sunderland only to January 2005), but I’m not able to tell exactly when and where. It was too many years ago. Nowadays, I can only say that it was a really good time.
    It’s true, I’m working in a TV-station in Poland, now in a sports department as a reporter and coordinator. How about you? Best regards, Dominika
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    Hi Dominika,
    thanks for the reply!
    I still live in the UK, now in Liverpool.
    Close to Goodison Park, (I don't know if you remember that I support Everton, in English football).
    I try to build up a web-shop, named and I also write books.
    But I don't earn that much at moment, so I also go to the Jobcentre and apply for jobs.
    I don't have any pictures from Sunderland.
    If you by coincident find any pictures of the people from 'my' flat, (or the neighbour-flat, where Brusk lived), then please tell me.
    I'm also trying to remeber what Iwo, Julian and Gabriella's last-names where, (because I can't find them on Facebook).
    Neighter Nelufer.
    And was it Katrin Fischer who moved with Nelufer from 'my' flat, to Marr House?
    Do you remember?
    I remember meeting you at the Sports Centre.
    You where always polite and nice and sometimes smiling.
    Not bad.
    What was the Spanish brunette's name who also went to the Sports Centre.
    Do you remember?
    Did you use to play volleyball, (I think I saw on the internet).
    I've been swiming a bit and have been working out in a nice gym in Liverpool named Adelphi, (in a hotel).
    But I have a football-injury, in my knee, so I have to take it a bit easy.
    Also, Liverpool is a bit dangerous place to live sometimes, compared to Norway.
    Yesterday someone tried to strangle me, in Liverpool City Centre, when I was going to buy a new pair of jeans, etc.
    So I miss Sunderland a bit sometimes.
    Weren't you also at the Sunderland Museum and Winter-garden, with Brusk & Co, in 2004?
    I was thrown out of my flat in Liverpool City Centre, in 2011, (due to that I didn't get a letter, from a court, in the post).
    Then I had asked the University of Sunderland if I could study history there, some weeks earlier.
    So I went to Sunderland, and I was allowed to live in Clanny House, (not far from the Forge), for some days.
    But then they threw me out like they were nazis, from Hitler-Germany, (after about a week, or so).
    So I had to live in a hostel, in Sunderland, named Azalea Lodge, which was 'very though and very friendly', like they said.
    I then started writing books, about my life in Norway, etc.
    When I'm finished writing them, I'll perhaps translate them to English.
    (I also write about the Forge, etc).
    In 2011, the Forge had gotten new owners.
    And a bar-house, inbetween Jobling House and Marr House.
    And the gate was like a prison, (or something), I think it looked like a bit.
    Thanks for the messages!
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    I noticed that you came back in a taxi, at the 'American Party', in Marr House.
    Had you been having an 'adventure'
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • Dominika Teske
    Dominika Teske
    As I mentioned, I don’t remember so many details and unfortunately names of our friends. Maybe because I lived only three weeks in The Forge. I have some photos on CDs. In the free time I will try to send you some of them. Now, I am at work. I think it’s great idea to build the web-shop, it looks nice.
  • Dominika Teske
    Dominika Teske
    I know that some people are on a fb
    Maybe you know them
    Szvacsek Gabriella
    Irini Spyropoulou
    Marten Kollakowski
    άλκηστη ζευγώλη - this is greek girl Alkisti
    Steph M Adonna
    (stephani )
    Juan Murillo
    Hauke Bestmann
    Matt Bik
    Aurélie Petitet
    Paulina Nassalska
    Glory Benacka
    Christoforos Syranidis
    Johannes Preuß
    Kamal Suave
    thats all
    Marlene Wieland
    Brûsk Kurdo
    You wrote me: "I noticed that you came back in a taxi, at the 'American Party', in Marr House. Had you been having an 'adventure' " - but I dont know what are you talking about, maybe it wasnt me.
    Erik I have to come back to my work, I'll write to you soon
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    ok, I'll try to work more with the design of the web-shop, (I have to take courses, since in IT it's always something new).
    And I want to fill the web-shop up with more goods.
    And then I can start to market it a bit on Facebook, etc.
    And I also have an English version, (, that I have to change the design for, like the Norwegian one.
    But I have some work with my books, untill Christmas.
    I know Gabriella.
    And I met a Greek girl at the Greek party.
    The Spanish woman from the Sports Centre had a name with 'X' in, I think.
    Also Leyla, (her last-name started on K), was often in 'our' flat.
    Dörte Gensow is on Facebook.
    So is Federica Mauro.
    And Rosario is on my friend-list.
    I can send you friend-request-suggestion for her, (like I sent to Magnar).
    Also my sister Pia Ribsskog.
    And her friend Siv.
    And their young sons Daniel Ribsskog and Dennis.
    They visited me, for Christmas and New Year, at the Forge.
    So I didn't get to do any work on my research topics, on the Final Year Project, (in Java-programming etc).
    Since the boys only wanted to sit in my room, in front on my desktop computer, and play online games and paint drawings in the Microsoft-programme 'Paint'.
    It's fun that you work in TV I think.
    I don't think I know anyone else who works in TV.
    Not bad.
    And sports-programmes are my favorite, on TV.
    But I don't understand Polish.
    I reported Brusk to Facebook since he sent me some political messages, (in a message like this), about the war in Kurdistan, I think.
    I'm not interested in propaganda in messages.
    Maybe on the Wall, but not in messages, like private messages are a wall.
    I don't have contact with my sister now, but she is on Facebook, if you want to chat with someone in Norway.
    Gabriella gave me some cakes, before she went back to Bulgaria?, (her mother was there, and made the pita-breads, I think).
    For some reason.
    Did you live in Clanny House?
    I remember you were on Federica and Rosarios party, in 'our' flat.
    I was at a party, in Iwo's room.
    But I thought I couldn't sit there, all night, when Federica and Rosario, (from my flat), had a party.
    So I went from Iwos small party to Federicas big party, I remember.
    And I kissed with a German blonde girl, (Dagmar?), at my room.
    Do you remember her?
    I saw a taxi in the middle of the night, and you, as I remember it.
    I also remember seing you on that party, (American Party, in Marr House), and that you talked with some other women about having sex.
    (But not with me because I was to drunk).
    Something like that
    I took a photograph outside my kitchen window now, where one can see Goodison Park.
    (In case you are interested in football).
    I can hear the roar from the stadium when Everton scores.
    And I sometimes goes to games, (when I can afford to).
    And they sometimes have free games, and I've also been at a 'sight-seeing' at Goodison, two times, and I have a fotball-blogg, where I have some pictures from Goodison, etc:
    I want to go more to night-clubs, football-games and Burger King, etc.
    But I have to sell more, from my web-shop and Amazon-page.
    So I can almost only afford to go to free games and buy food at the supermarket now.
    Thanks again for sending all the messages!
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    Hi again,
    I've been on TV in Norway actually, (a couple of years ago), with my books, blog and web-shop:
    But the programme-leaders were 'idiots' and told a lot of lies, (I have to say), about my books and my blog and my web-shop.
    This was in a so called humour-programme, that noone understood, I think.
    I have complained to NRK, but they don't want to tell the throught.
    They don't even reply now.
    (Just something I thought about since Magnar told me you worked in TV
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog