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onsdag 13. november 2013

Og enda enda mer fra Facebook

  • Samtale startet i dag
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    I got your name from Dominika, (from the Forge).
    I was at the Greek party, (in around October, in 2004), at Jobling House.
    And I got to know a greek woman there.
    (I had been on Thassos, (and Ayia Napa), on holidays, so I mentioned that a bit, I think.
    Christoffer also wanted to chat with me on that party, about an island named Mors, in Denmark, (which my mothers relatives where from).
    Brusk also interduced me for Stephanie Madonna, at the Greek party, but isn't that name Italian, (she lived in New England, in USA)?
    I sometimes met a group of Greek students, when I went to and from the Millfield Metro-station.
    And the polite Greek young woman from the Greek party always said hi, I remember.
    I'm not sure if that was you.
    Thanks anyway, for arranging the party.
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • άλκηστη ζευγώλη
    άλκηστη ζευγώλη
    Hi Eric!! I can remember that party you are talking about, and all the people you mentioned! I think it is actually me you remember! I can see you are in Liverpool now, is that right? How are you doing? How is life? I am back in Greece since 2007.
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    yes, I think you had curly hair, and was quite tall, (compared with the women I remember, from Thassos).
    I've lived mostly in the UK, since 2004.
    I have a web-shop, (, and I write books, and I have a blog, (which has been on TV, in Norway:
    But I really don't earn enough money, on the webshop and books yet, so I also go to the Jobcentre and applies for jobs.
    In 2011, I didn't get a letter, from a court, (here in Liverpool), and was thrown out, from my Liverpool City Centre-flat.
    I then went back to Sunderland, since I had sent them an e-mail about studying History.
    I then was allowed to live at Clanny House.
    But after a week or so, I was throuwn out, like if they were nazis, from Hitler-Germany.
    I then had to live at a hostel, named Azalea Lodge, where they said they where 'very though and very friendly'.
    There I started writing books, (since I had a desktop-computer), and I now write about 2004/05, when I was in Sunderland, (on my blog).
    The Forge is now owned by a private company, and they have a bar-building, between Jobling House and Marr House.
    The gate also looked like a prison, (or something), I thought.
    So it was a bit changed.
    I now live in Liverpool again, after I was also thrown out of the hostel, (in Sunderland), for some strange reason.
    The Scandinavian Church here in Liverpool helped me a bit, even if they also threw me out.
    I now have a two room-flat, close to Goodison Park, which I was lucky and got, after I was thrown out again, in Liverpool, from a hostel named MAS.
    So it has been a bit problematic for me.
    My relatives in Norway don't sent me my inheritance after my grandmother, (even if my mother is dead), and many other problems.
    But I try to think positive, and think forward.
    Even if someone tried to strangle me, in Liverpool City Centre yesterday, for some reason.
    So I sometimes miss Sunderland.
    Did you stay in Sunderland, for three years or so then?
    What did you study again?
    I miss gyros a bit, from Thassos, by the way
    And it was nice, (but warm), to walk on the path, up to the old temple there, (on a hill), I remember.
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog
    I think this was the temple, that I walked to, in 1997.
    It was on my first day there, and walked a bit around, to get to know the town.
    And I saw some other tourists, that walked around, (on some paths), that led to the ancient ruins.
    It was a bit fun, because I don't think we have that old ruins in Norway, (since we had the ice-age, etc).
    Something like that.
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog