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mandag 17. mars 2014

Mer om jobbsøking i England

Gmail - To Leona


Erik Ribsskog

To Leona

Erik Ribsskog


Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 3:10 PM



I'm refering to your phone-call right now.

What do you really mean.

You want me to 'register', in Altrincham, next week?

What's this register, I wonder?

Is it a job-interview?


Erik Ribsskog


You mentioned a 'passport'.

I don't have my passport, at the moment.

(I've been in contact with the Norwegian embassy in London, regarding

a new passport, but I haven't gotten it yet).

Is it ok if I bring my driving-licence?

PS 2.

Also, you want me to call you, if I haven't gotten your e-mail, (with

directions), by Monday.

But I've had some problems with the Jobcentre lately, so I haven't got

any credit on my mobil.

But I expect to get my jobseekers allowance, on Tuesday, next week.

So I'll call you on Tuesday morning, if I haven't gotten your e-mail.

Hope this is alright!