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mandag 19. mai 2014

Jeg sendte en e-post til Liverpool City Council

Gmail - Record a case of Anti-Social Behaviour (ref: 317844)


Erik Ribsskog

Record a case of Anti-Social Behaviour (ref: 317844)

Erik Ribsskog


Mon, May 19, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Gosia McKane <>

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I don't want the Police on my door.

They are on my door all the time, and make a hell of a noise.

(So it's like they try to traumatise me, or something.

And I get shell-shocked, (more or less), I think it's called.

Since the hammer/knock on my door, very loud.

And my solicitor has adviced me not to open, because they just fish

for me really.

If they had had reason to arrest me, they would have gotten a

court-order, he's explained.

So the Merseyside Police are being like hostile bullies towards me, I

think I have to say.

They are just like hustlers, I think it's called.

Criminals one sometimes meet on the street, in big cities like London, etc.

Something like that).

They're sometimes on my door three or four times a day, so I have to

run to the Wirral etc., to get away.

(To get some peace of mind, I think it's called).

If I open the door, then they just go straight in, without an invitation.

And they go on my door if I've stayed up late and only slept for an

hour or so, so it's like someone call them, and they go on my door,

when I'm tired.

They accuse me of having sent sex-emails to female employment-advisors.

That I haven't done.

I don't like to mix business and pleasure.

And wouldn't have harassed anyone.

But that doesn't mean I'm gay.

That's also harassment, I think, when someone call me gay.

I'm just single and heterosexual.

The Merseyside  Police called me 'Miss Erik Ribsskog' in a letter, in 2007.

So they are part of the terror-problem, for me.

So I don't want these 'goons', (I think they're called), on my door.

But thanks for trying!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


I have reported the pizza-guys-attack, to Walton Police, last year.

(Together with a murder-attempt against me in Whitechapel the same day.

And also harassment from the neigbhour in number 9 Keith Court, (who I

overheard said whould scrape up another neighbours car, with a key, so

I think the guy in number 9 is a criminal, and I don't want him on my

door, (he used to go on my dorr, to get help setting some funny clocks

he sometimes carries around, etc, so he freaks me out a bit).

And also someone are doing tele-pest against me, (so I have to change

my mobile-number all the time).

And someone are doing so much internet-bullying against me.

That the IPCC blocked my e-mail address because they didn't like it

that I sent them so many copies of crime reports.

So that's like the most degenerated thing I've heard all my life.

Ignore the people who are the victims of a lot of crime.

That's what the IPCC says.

One can only be a victim of a few crimes, it seems.

The IPCC says I can still send them letters.

But I'm being drowned here, (the Jobcentre mess with me, and don't get

e.g. my inheritance and other rights in Norway).

So I also send a copy of this e-mail to the High Court, as an update

on a complaint about the IPCC).

Thanks again for the e-mail!

PS 2.

Also I have to go to court now, (Liverpool Magistrates Court), because

someone have framed me, and say I've sent sex mails to


But the police-man who says this, (Lester), is a lier, (I remember

hearing him lie three times.

He said he had a court-order last month when he arrested me, but he didn't.

He said he wouldn't go in to my flat, but he did.

He forgot a door-code on St. Anne st. Police-station, and told a

woman, (who was working there it seemed), that it was something wrong

with the door.

And he, (and his younger collegue, who put on the handcoughs to

thight, so I got bruises), wondered if the police in Norway had guns

etc., in the car to the police-station.

So this is like some street-theater, (like I've read about on the

internet), it almost seems like, to me.

And all of this could be part of a big organised attack, for all that I know.

(I could seem that way at least).

On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 12:39 PM, Gosia McKane

<> wrote:

> To Mr Erik Ribsskog

> Hi

> From the additional e-mails that you submitted it looks as it's a Hate Crime

> - homophobic attack - and it will be dealt by our Hate Crime team.

> I wanted to check if you would agree for the Police to contact you - as

> that's the procedure in such incidents - to be able to identify who is

> sending you the messages and the orders.

> Kind regards

> G McKane

> Safer Stronger Communities Officer


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