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mandag 28. juli 2014

Jeg sendte en e-post til ICE

Erik Ribsskog
Your letter of 25 July, ICE Ref: DWP00088/14

Erik Ribsskog Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 1:39 PM
To: DWP ICE gateway team
Cc: Contact-Us , CONTACT-US
Bcc:,, "" , admin , she , post ,, findasolicitor , amnestyis , Akademikerforbundet , "anne-kathrine.skodvin"

I'm refering to your letter from 25/7, which I received today, (and
which I attach a scanned copy of).

There are five cases regarding missing jobseekers-allowance going on
now, (since January).

And I use the dates as a reference, to keep them apart.

The first case, is from 31/1 to 21/2.

This case is with ICE, I think.

So have you got any news about this case, I was wondering.

Regarding the other cases, the dates are:

8/3 to 30/3.

This case has been with JCP for a long time now.

I think a reply to my complaint, from the Jobcentre, is overdue, to do
with this case.

Pershaps ICE should have a look at this case as well?

Then the next cases, are:

23/5 to 9/6.

20/6 to 3/7.

And 4/7 to 17/7.

I send a copy, of this e-mail, to the Jobcentre.

So that they can investigate the last cases.

(But I've also complained to them, about these cases, from before).

It's a bit like the TV-programme Candid Camera, that there are so many
cases, to do with missing 'wages', I think.

I worked for twelve years, in the company Rimi/ICA, in Norway.

And the first year, I worked at several branches.

And I wrote down the hours I worked, at each branch, in a book.

And when the Store Manager, (Elisabeth Falkenberg), at Rimi
Lambertseter, had calcultated my wage wrong, one month.

Then I just showed her my hours, (that I had calculated myself), and
we went through my wage-form.

And then she got imbarresed, when it turned out, she had forgotten to
add, like five hours, or something.

(Because the Assistant Manager Hilde was also there).

But then it wouldn't drag out, for months.

Falkenberg would then tell me, when I would get the money.

And that would be like some weeks later, or so.

So I wonder why all these cases drag out.

There were never this many cases, in ICA.

Even if I worked there, in twelve years.

So is it something funny going on, I was wondering.


Erik Ribsskog



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