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tirsdag 16. februar 2021

Og enda enda mer om nettmobbing

Erik Ribsskog <>
Klage/Fwd: What is the highest density solid in the world?
Erik Ribsskog <> 16. februar 2021 kl. 19:11
Til: juridisk <>
Kopi:,,, fmovpost <>, post <>,, amnestyis <>, HRW UK <>

dette er trakassering som følge av identitetstyveri, (virker det som).

(Jeg har ikke kontaktet disse).

Vennligst rydd opp!

Med hilsen

Erik Ribsskog


Jeg sender fortsatt om identitetstyveri til Datatilsynet, (siden at det ikke
virker helt klart, hvem andre jeg burde sende om dette til, synes

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Date: ons. 16. des. 2020 kl. 07:25
Subject: What is the highest density solid in the world?
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Erik's Digest
What is the highest density solid in the world?
Jim Tocco
Jim Tocco, Owner at TKO Trivia (2014-present)
Updated Jul 27, 2018

It seems like you’re asking about solids found on Earth, which rules out interstellar objects like black holes or neutron stars.So the honor goes to this rare, beautiful, b... Read More »
The earth rotates at approximately 1000 mph. If a full rotation takes 24 hours, the earth should then be 24000 miles in diameter, however, the earth is only 7917.5 miles in diameter. How is this possible?
Michael Bird
Michael Bird
Written Oct 26
It's possible because you are using the wrong geometry term. In order for the Earth to rotate at a surface speed of about 1000 mph and for it to take 24 hours to complete o... Read More »

Mike Tyson seemed so invincible in his prime. On the occasions he was defeated was it because he had an off-day, was it that he was out boxed or was it something else?
Alan Deeolo
Alan Deeolo
Written Feb 11
George Foreman had a good take on this in ’95 when Mike was getting out of prison and they were trying to arrange a fight. He effectively said that Mike’s style relied on s... Read More »
Why did it take 6 months for Trump to stop fighting the science on masks?
Mike Burch
Mike Burch
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Trump doesn’t really think. But he does worry incessantly about how he is perceived.For instance, Trump is always going on about his hair and how it is actually his, as if ... Read More »
In the movie Midway, Japanese officers take an American POW, tie rope around his hands that has an anchor attached to the other end, and toss the heavy weight into the Pacific Ocean, is this historically correct?
Tom Fish
Tom Fish
Written Oct 11
My Dad was captured by the Japanese on Wake Island, just as the war began. He and his fellow Wake Islanders were taken to Japan in the hold of a freighter. When the ship ar... Read More »
What flaws did Muhammad Ali have in his boxing career or was he just perfect?
Carl Jacobson
Carl Jacobson
Written Nov 28, 2018
Muhammad Ali, while a great boxer, did have his flaws.Ali's boxing style was a tribute to Sugar Ray Robinson. They both used speed and rhythmic, dancing movements.But Ali's... Read More »
If one atom of iron was shot at my head at a speed of 28,000 km/h, would it affect me?
Doug Hensley
Doug Hensley
Written Aug 23
One atom of iron (at rest) masses 9.296*10^-26 kg (1.66*10^(-27) kg per nucleon), 56 nucleons.Now we’re going at 28000 km per hour, or 28000000 meters per hour, which works... Read More »
How would you rank Turkish cuisine?
Shayn McCallum (שלמה בן אפרים)
Shayn McCallum (שלמה בן אפרים), lives in Turkey (2000-present)
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10/10. Turkish cuisine is second-to-none.Of course, the thing about “Turkish cuisine” is, it is really “Turkish cuisines” plural. My favorite dishes tend to be from the Sou... Read More »
What has shocked you the most about Tesla?
Todd R. Lockwood
Todd R. Lockwood, Tesla Community Organizer In Vermont
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When my 2013 Tesla Model S was about three years old, I received a call from the nearest Tesla service center. The service advisor told me that they were sending a mobile t... Read More »
President Trump feels he should be given a Nobel Prize. He criticized Obama for being given a Nobel Prize immediately after becoming President. What is your take? Why?
James Seaborn
James Seaborn, Public Speaker for success in all areas of life at Gasp Design (1986-present)
Updated Jun 1
Former President Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize for; "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people". (Something that is t... Read More »
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