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søndag 13. september 2020

Og enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda enda mer om nettmobbing

Erik Ribsskog
Klage/Fwd: GatherContent Best Practices : Collaboration
Erik Ribsskog 13. september 2020 kl. 20:03
Til: Paul Duffy
Kopi: juridisk ,,, fmovpost , "Post (Medietilsynet)"
Hi there,

I was also wondering who the trolls are who has registered an account in my name.

And I was also wondering which better routines that you are going to start with, so that this doesn't happen again, to other people.

Erik Ribsskog


Also this first-name-stuff is a bit clammy, I think.

What's wrong with just 'hi'.

fre. 14. aug. 2020 kl. 09:38 skrev Paul Duffy :
Hi Erik,

I have checked our records and a free trial account was set up with GatherContent under this email address on the 22nd July, from your email it would seem that you believe that someone signed up on your behalf with your email address?

I will ask our technical team to delete your data from our systems



On Fri, 14 Aug 2020 at 07:16, Erik Ribsskog wrote:

dette er trakassering som følge av identitetstyveri, (virker det som).

(Jeg har ikke kontaktet disse).

Vennligst rydd opp!

Med hilsen

Erik Ribsskog


Jeg sender fortsatt om identitetstyveri til Datatilsynet, (siden at det ikke
virker helt klart, hvem andre jeg burde sende om dette til, synes

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Fra: Paul from GatherContent
Date: ons. 5. aug. 2020 kl. 23:10
Subject: GatherContent Best Practices : Collaboration

Hi Erik,

Do you ever find yourself asking "How will I get all stakeholders involved in content creation?" This is a common challenge among Higher Education institutes, especially when you factor in the sheer volume of individuals who would be involved in creating course guides

GatherContent commenting & shareable links are designed to make this process as easy as possible


Assign individuals to content items and have live commenting providing a feedback process for your content creation.

Shareable Links

If you require a more frictionless approach you can use a shareable link, allow individuals to view. comment, edit and approve without the need for them to sign up for a GatherContent account

Invite some people into your GatherContent account and test out our collaboration features!


GatherContent Team

"Because of GatherContent, we rarely have trouble getting content from clients on time now. To me, this is amazing. In 15+ years, that’s always been a problem (in fact, the main problem). All of a sudden, only 10% of our projects get delayed because of content. Before, it was 90%."

Don Elliott, Director of Production at Gravitate

  intercomavatar Paul from GatherContent
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