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torsdag 17. september 2020

Jeg sendte en e-post til the Post Office

Erik Ribsskog <>

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Erik Ribsskog <> 17. september 2020 kl. 21:59

Til: CustomerCare <>

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Hi there,

I used to live in England earlier, (from 2004 til 2014).

And I lived in Keith Court, in Walton, from 2012 to 2014.

And at my local post-office, (the one closest to Goodison Park, in Winslow Street).

There I spoke with a woman, (not the one with missing fingers, but a quite old woman, who once told me, that she had been to Stavanger/Norway, on a cruise), about what to do, with letters, that I received, at my address, and which where sent, to the people, who had lived in my flat before me.

And she said I should just write: 'No longer at this address. Return to sender', on the letters, and then put them in a red post-box.

And when I then a while later received 'troll-post', (some trolls ordered junk in my name from companies with poor routines), then I just sent it back the same way.

And I never got any invoices, (even if I lived in the UK, for many years).

So I was wondering what the post-office-womans name was.

I later lived for a few months in Tuebrook, (also in Liverpool), in 2017.

And I then went to buy leccy, (like they say), at a store in Walton, (since I was used to top up electricity there).

And then I noticed that that post-office had closed down.

(I looked on Google Maps now.

And it's now a tatto-shop, it seems).

I was wondering what that Post Office womans name was.

(I used to run a small web-shop back then.

And I remember that she had a colleague named Mary, who worked there on Fridays.

Mary gave me a hard time there.

She refused to write the addresses on the receipts.

Something which was needed for the insurance to be valid, (as I understood it).

So I stopped going there on Fridays).

After I moved back to Norway, in 2014.

I soon started receiving more troll-post/mail, (a website named Encyclopedia Dramatica encourage people to troll me).

And I sent it back, the same way as in the UK.

And a few months ago, the trolling escalated, and I also started receiving a lot of invoices from Posten, (the Norwegian Post Office).

And they pretend that this is post I'm send, and that I've forgot to put stamps on.

They ignore what I write on the letters/parcels.

(I write: 'I haven't ordered this. Return to sender', in Norwegian).

I know that England made the first stamp, and that Norway, (and other countries), started copying England, and started using stamps.

So I think that one should be able to do 'post-stuff', in an English way, in Norway, since England invented stamps, etc.

(And I know from Upper Secondary school, that our mercantile-laws etc., are also more or less copies of British laws).

So it would be fine, if you could inform me, about the name, of the Post Office woman, (in the Post Office in Winslow Street in Liverpool), who once told me, how to return the letters/parcels, back in 2012, (I think it must have been).

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Best regards,

Erik Ribsskog

fre. 21. aug. 2020 kl. 09:40 skrev CustomerCare <>:

Dear Erik, 

Thank you for getting in touch with us. If I may advise we are a UK based Customer Service Centre dealing with UK enquiries, you will need to contact your own local postal services to assist you further.

I'm sorry my response is not more favorable.

If we can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to get back in touch with us again by replying to this email or emailing us at directly.


Kind Regards,




Customer Service Advisor   


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det var vel bare en kopi, som dere hos Posten fikk.

Dere tar jo bilder, av alle forsendelsene, som jeg sender i retur.

Så da kan jo dere forklarte om, Club Creo, angående når de fikk 'dritten' sin, i retur, tenkte jeg.


Erik Ribsskog

man. 3. aug. 2020 kl. 13:48 skrev EK Kristiansand kundeservice <>:


Denne e-posten tror jeg du skulle ha sendt til :

Med vennlig hilsen

Kari Lill Skuland | Kunderådgiver | Posten og Bring Kundeservice

Tlf. privat: 22 03 00 00. Tlf. bedrift: 04045


jeg viser til Deres faktura fra 21. juli.

(Se vedlegg).

Jeg har ikke bestilt noe fra deres firma.

Det er noen troll/jævler, som bestiller masse dritt, i mitt navn, (på nettet), fra firmaer, med dårlige rutiner.

Jeg sender all troll-posten i retur.

Jeg ønsker at dere informerer meg, om hvem det er, som har bestilt, denne dritten, i mitt navn.

Og jeg ønsker også å bli informert om, hvilke bedre rutiner, som dere skal få dere, for å unngå, at noen lignende skjer, med andre borgere/folk.


Erik Ribsskog


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