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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Mer fra Facebook

  • Samtale startet 11. juli 2016
  • Erik Ribsskog
    11.07.2016 01:03
    Erik Ribsskog

    Hi Elena,

    is it you, from Arvato, (in 2005)?

    Do you remember telling me that I shouldn't work any extra shifts in the Christmas-holiday, in 2005, even if it wasn't cover, on some of the shifts/days?

    (And that the whole campaign was going to be moved to Germany shortly, anyway).

    What I did, (after you also went on holiday, I think it was).
    Was that I called the Carphone Warehouse-manager that us on MSPA had got to 'borrow'.
    And I agreed with her, (I don't remember her name now), what to do, with the shifts, that didn't have cover.
    And the second time I called her, she was just sour, (since I called her in her holiday, I guess), so after that, I decided, I would just try to run the campaign, through the holiday, untill the Team Leaders were back.
    And then I worked a lot of extra hours, untill Michael O'Shaugnessy was back, on New Years Eve.
    And then it was a misunderstanding, between Michael O'Shaugnessy and me.
    (It was a bit chaotical there, since it was only Michael O'Shaugnessy and me, at work, (on MSPA), on New Years Ewe).
    So it wasn't cover, (on the lines), for the first two or three hours, on New Years Day.
    And when the Team Leaders got back, (from their holidays in Scandinavia), then Marianne Høksaas told me that Team Leader Jill Hjälte, from Sweden, had just deleted, like half my hours, from this holiday.
    But this was my first job in the UK, so I didn't want to have a reputation of being a trouble-maker etc., so I just calmed it down and didn't do anything, (even if Høksaas told me this).
    I remember you told me you were from Russia, but have lived in Finland.
    And you answered calls on the Finish line, (as I remember it).
    I remember you also told a couple of African-Danish guys, on MSPA, not to work any extra, this holiday.
    But I'm from Norway, so I'm used with not listening to much to Russians, (so to speak).
    And I didn't want to let myself be 'programmed', (so to speak).
    So I tried to talk about this problematic time-periode, on Arvato MSPA, with the British Arvato Carphone Warehouse-manager.
    Do you remember Judith Godwin being sick, and just laying there, (in her chair, next to me), as if she was going to die?
    What were the names of the two young Carphone Warehouse-women, (from Liverpool, I guess), that I trained, (if I remember it right), to answer Microsoft-calls?
    Just wondered it you remembered.
    Thanks in advance for any reply!
    Hope this was the right Elena Kotchetkova.
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • I dag

  • 05:38Elena Hughes Kotchetkova har godtatt forespørselen din.
  • Elena Hughes Kotchetkova
  • Elena Hughes Kotchetkova
    Elena Hughes Kotchetkova

    i just noticed your message, sorry... this is me, indeed... no, I do not remember this very well but I think one lady was called Vivian, the one on Israeli/English line... that's all.

    ha ha, Judith was epic!!!
  • I dag
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog


    thanks for the reply!

    That would be Vivian Morris and Judith Godwin, (I think their names are).

    I think you had quit when Judith explained to all the other Arvato MSPA-women about how she used sex-toys.

    (So that I also heard, when I sat at the table next to them).
    I was at a park, (Frederiksberg have), that is next to the Zoo, in Copenhagen, in 2015.
    (It's a long story to do with that Norway are copying your old homeland Russia/Soviet Union, and I was therefore taken to mental hospital, in Norway, and threatened with lobotomation, more or less, earlier that year, so I ran to Denmark, where I have relatives).
    And I sensed a smell, that reminded me of Judith, (when she was having her examns, in spring 2006, I think it was).
    And then it was the elephants, that hadn't been cleaned properly, (to judge by the smell).
    But Judith is/was perhaps 200-300 kilos, (or something like that), so she should maybe have a zoo/elephant-worker with her, to help her, with washing etc.
    Just to joke a bit.
    I read on the internet, that you have been working, i Wales.
    I was in Wrexham, in 2007 or 2008, (I think it must have been), to do, with an employement-case, against Arvato.
    The lawyer, just started bossing me around.
    (And I think he also had an office in the Cunard Building, if I'm not mistaking).
    They used negative reinforcement there, (at Arvato), a new Team Leader named Vivian Steinsland told me.
    Why did you quit, at Arvato, if it's ok to ask.
    (I worked as self-employed a bit in the UK, after Arvato, but had to move back to Norway, in 2014, after I was terroristed by the police a lot, and they tried to get me killed, it seemed, and I never got my jobseekers allowance, (only like half the times), the last years, so I had to go and look for coins, on the street and telephone-boxes, to get enought money for a 20 pence pack of spagetti, from Tesco, each day, and that went on for weeks/months, since the jobcentre messed with me).
    I don't have much contact with Arvato-staff any longer, but I wrote a bit on the Arvato-wall, some years ago, when there was a group like that, on Facebook.
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog
  • Erik Ribsskog
    Erik Ribsskog

    Hi again,

    I have thought more about this.

    Vivian Morris was on maternal leave, I think it was.

    And then she came back, around the time, when you quit, (I think).

    (Which must have been, in December 2005, if I'm not mistaking).
    But I started there, in August 2005.
    And then you were working there already.
    So it could be, that you worked there, together with Vivian Morris, before her maternal leave, (I guess it was), in 2004, or something.
    I kept quite many Arvato-files, from when I worked there, (I wasn't that good at cleaning my sports-bag), and I have published them, on my blog, so I guess I could look more at this, to try to find out more, about when Vivian Morris worked there.
    Danielle Morris also worked there, (and took calls in Hebrew and English).
    And think someone said that Danielle Morris was Vivian Morris' daugter.
    But that seems strange, that Danielle got a sibling, that was about 18-20 years younger.
    So the 'Morris-stuff' was a bit strange perhaps.
    Perhaps it was really Mossad, or something.
    Who knows.
    Best regards,
    Erik Ribsskog


Her kan man se, at i september 2005, så jobba Danielle Morris og Elena der, (men ikke Vivian Morris):

i september danielle og elena

PS 2.

Mens i april 2006 så jobba både Danielle og Vivian Morris der, (men ikke Elena):

morris ganger to men ikke elena

(Samme link som ovenfor).

PS 3.

Jeg la også merke til nå, at den svenske Team Leader-en Jill, het Nilsson, til etternavn, på den tida, (og ikke Hjälte, som hu seinere, har kalt seg, på Facebook):

jill het nilsson

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