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søndag 5. april 2009

Erik met Illuminati(?)-girl Diana from Lithuania, on town, in Liverpool. It seems to be to do with the hair-colour

I met Diana from Lithuania and her two friends, one boy and one girl, right after Krazy House closed.

They asked me if I were from Scottland, but I said I was from Oslo in Norway.

And I asked them if they were form Scottland, but she said they were from England, except her, who was from Lithuania.

Then she didn't want to speak with me, since I was from Norway, I think it must have been.

That she reacted on this, and said bye Mr. Oslo.

I went down to the Krazy House again, since I had been there.

And there I chatted with some people.

And then those three were there as well.

I was going the same way since I had been at the Krazy House, just before, I was just taking a 'leak' so to speak.

And then she shoke hands with me and a guy called Alex.

The girl, who said her name was Diana, had blond hair, covered by a hat.

She said to my face, after we had shook hands, Alex, her and me, that Alex was better than me since he had darker hair.

I asked her, what hair-colour would you say that this is.

(Refering to my hair).

Then she asked me if I was the guy from Oslo.

Before this we had discussed if Lituania was in the EU, which the girl, who said her name was Diana, said it was.

Lituania was in the EU.

But I remember clearly, even if I've been drinking, that she said, Alex was better since he had darker hair.

And she made fun of me, when we shook hands, and wanted to interduce herself twice, with Alex.

And she didn't like me, since I was from Norway, and Oslo, like I said, I got the impression of.

So Norway seems to be a bit surrounded, I'd say, by Illuminati EU(?)-countries.

That have a war against the people who don't have dark hair.

And the blonde-haired women, like the Lituanian girl, Diana, are also involved in this war.

So it's the men in Norway, who haven't got dark hair, against the rest of the world almost, I'd say, that it can seem like sometimes.

We'll see.


I think this must be the Lithuanian (Illuminati?) girl, Diana, (and Alex(?):

PS 2.

When the Lithuanian girl found out that I was the guy from Oslo.

Right after that.

Then this girl appeared and started touching me on the arm etc., even if I hadn't seen her before.

As if to distract me or something, almost.

I said that she looked 'fruitful', or something, and then she didn't say anything more:

What happened next was that the Lithuanian girl, and her two English friends, went to these girls.

They supported Everton, they said.

And the guy on the picture, I think he was the Liverpool-supporter, and he started going on about how much he hated Everton etc.

I said I was from Norway.

Then the girls said something, (that I was queer?), and they went away.

I was really speaking to the girls, about the Lithuanian girl etc., if they had been rude, because I saw them talking with these girls.

I started mentioning the FA-cup, since he was so rude, later on.

I explained that I was from Norway.

And then he said I should have supported Liverpool since most Norwegians do.

I didn't want to explain about why I started to support Everton etc.

(It was to do with football-games being shown on Norwegian television when I was about seven years old.

So it isn't that special really, to explain about.

But my mother agreed that Everton were good, that they were a good/fine team to support, and that I could support them.

(My mother was at the first floor in our house in Mellomhagen, where the TV was, and also my sister.

Even if they usually weren't close to the TV on Saturday afternoons.

So this was maybe a bit strange, that they hang around, when the football was on the telly.

Because they never used to care much about sports).

And Everton beat Coventry 6-0 in that game, in 1977/78, I think, and at that time, some people.

The nephew of the guy who ownes Grans brewery, I think he was, a guy at my age then, living with his mother in Stavern.

They asked me if I supported Manchester or Nottingham, I think it was.

But I was mostly supporting Norway, in skiing, fotball, ice-skayting, etc., that was on TV.

I wasn't that into English football.

But, after the nephew of the brewery owner asked.

Then I though I also had to have a favourite team, in English football.

I didn't want to have the same favorite team, as the guys in Stavern.

So, when the football was on NRK, on Saturdays, at 4. pm in Norway.

Then I was really looking for a team to support, that shouldn't be Manchester or Nottingham.

And then Everton beat Coventry 6-0, that day, so then I started to support Everton.

Really from about the first goal, or I liked Everton best, since the game was on Goodison etc., and I remember the commentator on NRK explaining that it was a good day for football at Goodison etc.

So I didn't go in to that.

And I left the group alone, it was the three people on the picture, and a mate of them, with blond hair.

I just thought I had to mention something about the FA-cup, since I thought the Liverpool-supporter was a bit inpolite, when he explained about his hate of Everton, and he went a bit close, when he wanted me to explain about why I supported Everton.

And he made a point of that Liverpool did it well in Premiere League, so then I thought I could make a point of that Everton did it quite well at least, in the FA-cup.

But usually I never discuss fotball, when I'm out.

Because it's a bit dumb, I think almost, for me, from Norway, to discus English football.

But the girls started talking about football, and the guy followed up on that, so it just escalated.

So that's how that was.

PS 3.

I think what went on in Dale St.

I heard what the guys who had a meeting or something, in Dale St., by the ambulance said.

They said he started it.

Were they a muslim mob or something?

I went around the block, because I'm a bit restless sometimes, from being unemployed etc.

And then a taxi showed up.

And a guy shouted at me, through the right window, I think it must have been.

'Hey you', or something.

Several times.

But I didn't really understand why they wanted to speak with me.

I couldn't see anyone that I knew there.

But I think the person shouting looked like he was from a muslim country etc., like Pakistan, or something.

Something like that.

But I didn't go to the taxi, since I didn't know what it was about.

And I hadn't ordered a taxi, so I didn't really understand what it was about.

The police-men there, they haven't got the regular uniforms, that the British Police use, which are yellow.

I wonder if these could be Special Force?

Beat's me.

These have the same uniforms that Sgt. Camel and his collegue had, back in 2007, when I went to the Merseyside police, with the Arvato-case, and when the police lied and said that the CAB were government etc.

So that's how this is.